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GEST All Star Day 1 concludes, Day 2 on Nov 3

Juno Reyes

Last Saturday, October 20, 28 of South-East Asia’s top WC3 DotA stars saw action alongside renowned shoutcaster GGnet-GoDz and PlayCyberGames’ very own CyberClasher in a string of all-star showmatches, both in the 1v1 variety, and the staple 5v5 version that has long been a staple of the competitive scene.

At the end of the first day, it was the GoDz-led Team GIGABYTE that had the upper hand in terms of points, leading 8-5 against CyberClasher’s own Team PCG, after the initial wave of battles. Here’s a brief overview of what transpired in the first stages of battle.

Team PCG's very own Jay/Bimbo’s Lone Druid would defeat Team GIGABYTE’s sD, who was using Broodmother, taking down more towers in a more convincing fashion, despite having the same 1/1/0 standing as his opponent. This would be followed by another PCG victory, as Joven’s Templar Assassin would dismantle Bayabas’ Venomancer in 12 easy minutes, after three quick kills. Pcfc.Emaxx’s Jutan would finally be the first to win for Team GIGABYTE, using Syllabear’s amazing pushing prowess to land him a 9 minute victory over Mineski’s captain, Wootz, who opted to go for Windrunner.

After the first three matches, the first 5v5 game had GoDz, Santino, Bayabas, LDDotA, and fan-favorite Julz all falling against PCG’s Bimbo, Joven, Wootz, Chin, and Kel, the highlight of the game being GoDz’s Dark Seer going 2/13.

RR would secure the second victory for GIGABYTE, with an easy 2-0 drubbing of iZone’s Kel in the WR vs WR showmatch. G7’s Vrkat would then show Pacific’s Chin how to effectively use SF in the midlane with an 18-minute 3-1 k/d victory over the latter. The third and final game before the second 5v5 match would result in a walkover for Neolution’s Intreso, after Orange’s kyxy, who was representing GIGABYTE, failed to show up.

The second 5v5 match had Team GIGABYTE securing its own team victory, as Bee, nn, sD, Vrkat, and GoDz valiantly held their ground against PCG’s Lakelz, laabBAA, Kalay, Min, and Intreso.

The final stretch for Day 1 started with iDeal’s nn securing Team GIGABYTE the win over Mith’s own wonder carry Lakelz, followed by laabBAA’s SF absolutely crushing Owey’s own SF in less than 6 minutes, giving team PCG one last 1v1 victory before we head into the final 5v5 showdown for Day 1.

The day would culminate with a  Team GIGABYTE victory, as the combined carry powers of Kimo’s Naga Siren and Owey’s Slardar, with the help of Atong’s ES, RR’s Jakiro, and Jutan’s WR, would be enough to surmount the joint efforts of Yosh’s Arc Warden, Ace’s Alchemist, Lowy’s Sand King, XL3’s Queen of Pain, and of course, CyberClasher’s Beastmaster.

With this, we close day 1 with Team GIGABYTE slightly in the lead, as we look forward to day 2, which has been postponed until November 3, because of player availability issues.