Wild Card to continue this Friday

Juno Reyes

Call time for participating teams is 9am.

Venue: MI. Taft

For the first day of the GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League DotA Wild Cards, which transpired last Sunday, 21st of October, upstart local teams came in, wave after wave, as if legion, in hopes that they had what it takes for them to qualify for the second day of the wild cards in order to keep their dreams of competing in this year’s Pinoy Gaming Festival Alive.

With the eleven Mineski cyber cafes in Luzon being joined by two Ledion shops, the amount of competitive DotA the took place was paralleled only by the passion of the teams as they battled each other for the limited number of seeds for day 2; the 19 slots were distributed that MI Taft, Las Piñas, and Dasmariñas would all get three a piece, while only the champions in the other branches would receive a ticket to advance.

Las Piñas

Mineski Infinity Las Piñas went full slate last Sunday, as the 120+ teams that were present were divided into four brackets of 32 each. To make things more heated, only the truly best would be able to advance, as each bracket would be single-eliminations only, with the champions of each going to the top four playoffs. These four teams were TeaSpot, SS, Tipsy, and Jompak2k9. Both TeaSpot and SS would easily get their seeds by defeating Tipsy and Jompak2k9, respectively. Tipsy would then get the third and final slot by edging out Jompak in the bronze match.


In Taft, almost the same number of teams showed up. Because of this, the same format had to be implemented, and at the end of the day, three teams stood victorious. VEMO and old name ROG both secured their day 2 spots by going undefeated straight into the finals, while Olypians[Rage] had to fight until the very end just to be able to grab the bronze spot.


The newest Mineski Infinity shop was the final branch which had three trips to the second phase of the Wild Cards up for grabs. Because of this, MI Dasma was also visited by a huge number of teams that could almost compare to the turnout in LP and Taft. Of the 50+ teams that were divided into seven brackets of eight, only three managed to go almost undefeated, to prove themselves worthy to go to the second day: Badboys.Reborn, Champion.Reborn, and Simplicity.

Legarda - Infinity

Meanwhile, in MI Legarda, two teams went undefeated through their 32-team brackets in order to make their way to the finals: Brand X and Oppa NH4. Unfortunately, despite getting this far, only one of them could go on to Friday’s event, and it would turn out that this would be Oppa NH4, after defeating the former in one last match.

Legarda - Portal

MP Legarda featured four teams meeting at the final four playoffs after breezing through their respective brackets, yet again: Kedz Alcatraz, Generalsz 2, MP Leg, and Pride. Alcatraz would first defeat Generalsz 2 before beating Pride (which had defeated MP Leg) in the very finals to earn themselves a trip to Taft a few days from now.


Last Sunday, Morayta was once again flooded, but this time, it was not by water, but rather by teams that had not yet given up. It was this determination that helped team DLC-PsQ stay afloat over the rest of the competition, on their way to taking the top place, and making sure to say that this was just the beginning for them.


Of the 32 teams that competed in MI Shaw, four teams found themselves in the final brackets: Exotic and Chibi, which had placed 1st and 2nd in the morning brackets, and AFK Gaming and Orbds.Prosty, the former edging out the latter in the finals of the afternoon brackets. Despite the initial loss Orbds suffered at the hands of AFK Gaming, they would emerge victorious once and for all, as these two teams would meet again in the grand finals, with the outcome, this time, going the way of Orbds.Prosty


Surprisingly, 80 teams flocked to the relatively small (compared to the other shops) Mineski Portal Cubao. With these teams being divided into 10 brackets of eight each, we had ourselves going into a 10-team playoffs. Due to PC restrictions, it was not until 2 am in the morning until a victor was proclaimed, with team PNX1, which came all the way from Cogeo, surviving local favorites team nG’s DR-wielding Dragon Knight.

Sta. Mesa

Despite the small number of participating teams (11) in MP Sta. Mesa, it could not be said that Team Error had an easy way to the top, as the quality of the games do not necessarily diminishes along with quantity. True to this point, Error had to fight tooth and nail for four straight matches in order to keep their PGF-hope alive.


48 teams saw action in MI Katipunan: 32 in the morning brackets, and 16 in the afternoon. Team Pwet, which topped the morning group, eventually met Team DakilaBots, which in turn had conquered the afternoon brackets, in the final fight for the spot in day 2 of the Wild Cards. Of these two, it was Team Pwet that emerged victorious.


The final Mineski Infinity shop that opened its doors for those that remain hopeful that they’ll be able to get to PGF was MI Tuguegarao. Of the teams that participated here last Sunday, it was Team VClan University that might be making its way all the way to Taft this Friday to prove that they have what it takes to exchange blows with the bad boys of NCR.


In one of the two Ledion shops that worked in cooperation with Mineski, an old team looked to make its way back to the upper rungs of the local competitive scene. Jai Ho, a team that surely rings a bell to those who have been here long enough to witness the beginning of eSports in the country, showed everyone that they still have the enough “galawan” to at least secure them a tilt this Friday.


Lastly, Ledion-Caloocan saw its home team LedionCaloocan take the final ticket to day 2 of the qualifiers, edging out teams such as Jarheaded, Undercute, and Dokensir in that particular order in the top eight playoffs.

These 19 teams will be joined by the twelve seeded teams on Friday, October 26, for the final leg of the GMPGL DotA WIld Cards. These teams are: Pacific Palit, Ledion Turboratz, Trojan TnC, TsongXP-Alcatraz, Neolution E-Sports PH, Tei, Olympians, SmackDown, The Mecca, Demigodz^ARW, Icefrog, Kwan, and Project P (formelry Apple Park).  Of these 31 groups, only those  that finish at the top will earn themselves a trip to SMX for the PGF on Saturday.


GMPGL Dota Wild Card Day 2 Brackets

Seeding Process:

Seeded to Round 4:
Class S #7 Pcfc Palit
Class S #8 Ldn Trz
Class S #9 Trjn TnC
Class S #10 TXP Alctrz

Seeded to Round 3:
Class S #11 NeoES
Class S #12 Tei
Class S #13 Olympians
Class S #14 Demigodz ARW

Seeded to Round 2:
Class S #15 SD, Mecca
Class S #16 Icefrog
Class S #17 kwan
Class S #18 Project P

Teams that advanced from Day 1 were shuffled.

Watch out, things are just getting heated!