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Enderr to Stellar: A Story of a Progamer

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Richardson Jacinto

Starimage-- it may be just a small community here in our country, but globally, StarCraft is very much known and loved by many competitive players. After its release on 1998, StarCraft rapidly grew in popularity in South Korea, establishing a successful pro-gaming scene. Professional gamers in South Korea are media celebrities, and StarCraft games are broadcasted over three television channels dedicated to the professional gaming scene.Professional gamers in South Korea have gained television contracts, sponsorships, and tournament prizes.

Here in the Philippines, when you say StarCraft there's a name that will follow; He's the current number one StarCraft player in the Philippines and has dominated the scene for the past three years. Let's look at the legend of the Filipino Bonjwa:

Caviar "BenQMskiStellar" Acampado.

Stellar said that when he was in Grade 6, he would always see his brother, Carl (eXoSonnet) playing this game in their computer (his brother is a competitive player too). He got curious of why his brother was so into the game so he tried playing it and instantly fell in love. As Carl's brother, He was recruited by Team Exorbitants, one of the best StarCraft teams. During his stay he was coached by Mark Rapisuras (eXoBLaZeR), the captain of eXo. EnDerr asked his brother Carl to accompany him to the 2005 WCG Qualifiers but Carl thought he was still too young. That didn't stop him from joining up on other tournaments, though.

eXoEnDerr marked his name on the competitive scene at the 2009 StarCraft Brawl Philippines Season 3. A 17-Year old Zerg player defeating his mentor, the known terran, eXoBLaZeR. This is the start where eXoEnDerr is known to be one of the best players of Broodwar.

But there was one big hindrance to his goal to become a progamer: his parents. Caviar told me that his parents weren't supportive on his career. He was forbidden to attend tournaments which resulted to him rebelling by refusing to tell them his whereabouts. It was a roller coaster ride for our young champion.

But this all changed at the  2009 Pinoy StarCraft League Season 1. According to EnDerr this was the most dramatic and most memorable tournament for him. On this tournament, EnDerr faced the 2007 WCG Representative and one of the best (if not) player of Broodwar, the Ace of Cebu, SteelHeart (or now known as CubeBy). At the finals EnDerr was down 2-0 and SteelHeart is just 1 win away from victory. But EnDerr's concentration and fighting spirit didn't break instead it went on full throttle. Just like that, the Philippine StarCraft scene witnessed the biggest comeback of P
hilippine StarCraft history: EnDerr's epic 3-2 against SteelHeart.

He won P15,000 that time, a trophy and his legendary Razer Diamondback mouse. When he came home he was afraid yet happy. Happy because he won the tournament, but afraid of what his parents might say. He saw his dad that time which made him really nervous. As soon as he stepped inside the house, he just said "Pa, Champion ako" and his father smiled. A smile of acceptance. A smile that allowed EnDerr's legacy to continue.

Blizzard launched StarCraft II on 2010. This also marked the transition of StarCraft: Broodwar scene to StarCraft II.

According to a story told by MskiZenDeX, During the first season of Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League StarCraft 2 Tournament, Caviar never played a single StarCraft II game since he didn't have an account nor a computer that can run StarCraft II. With that, ZenDex trained EnDerr for a single day. He played non-stop until 5am that tournament day. The tournament started early, but despite being tired, EnDerr's thirst for championship made him alert. In the end, EnDerr managed to grab the title.

From that day forward, EnDerr, now known as Stellar, dominates the Philippine scene 'til this day. He is also a well-known player internationally as he's now known as the Zerg Prince of the SEA and currently the reigning champion of SEA for the World Championship Series. He also managed to grab the gold medal of the TGX 2011 in where all the major titles were grabbed by Filipinos. He's also a Brand Ambassador for BenQ, one of the biggest monitor manufacturer in the world. 

But despite the honor and glory he's giving to our country, It seems that something is preventing him to get to mecca of eSports, Korea. His visa was twiced denied by the Korean embassy: First was when he won a spot at the World Cyber Games 2011 and just recently, when he earned a spot at the International eSports Federation World Championship. Despite all the efforts put to secure it, The Korean Embassy still denied all the request for the visa. 

BenQMskiStellar is still the country's pride for the biggest RTS eSports in the world, StarCraft. But with the coming of the PGF, his skills will be tested once more. Has the country finally caught up to his astonishing skill level, or will Stellar remain seated on his golden throne?

BenQMskiStellar's Achievements:


2009 1st place StarCraft Brawl Philippines Season 3
2009 3rd place ICCUP Philippines National Tournament Season 13
2009 1st place Pinoy StarCraft League Season 1
2010 2nd Place Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League StarCraft Online Tournament Season 1
2010 3rd Place Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League StarCraft Online Tournament Season 2


2010 1st Place Alienware Mineski Pro-Gaming League StarCraft 2 Tournament Season
2010 1st place Pinoy StarCraft 2 League Season 1 
2011 1st place OSG Grad Prix StarCraft 2 Tournament
2011 1st Place Quickie Tourney Season 1
2011 1st Place SEA Masters Cup 2
2011 1st Place Team AZK StarCraft 2 Tournament
2001 1st Place Mineski Infinity StarCraft 2 Open
2011 1st Place ZenCraft Battle Conference 2
2011 1st Place NVIDIA INNO3D Starcraft 2 tournament
2011 1st Place TGX StarCraft II Philippines
2011 1st Place TGX StarCraft II International

A list of his other achievements can be found on his Liquipedia page

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Mineski would like to thank Gamespot, Rapture Gaming Network, and Christian Canave for their awesome content featured in this article.And also Ark for bashing his head for a few hours coding this. RJ for writing this. And Dex Ancheta for hair and makeup!