GMPGL Season 4 Year-End Awards

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Once again we have reached the time of the Year where we have to give credit to those who have worked their backs to the bone to attain what they currently have today. The hardships and struggles will not be put to waste as we at Mineski shall give the spotlight to the Players and the people behind their success. In a span of 10-months there had been lots and lots of epic moments behind the curtains of the grandest stage that we call GMPGL, and starting today you can be able to show your support and appreciation to those who you think are deserving enough for their respective awards. Without further ado, we proudly bring you, MINESKI YEAR-END GAMING AWARDS.

For this year, 2 game categories will be given credit. DotA and SC2

DotA Year-End Awards

    • Support Tandem of the Year
    • Carry of the Year
    • Semi-Carry of the Year
    • Captain of the Year
    • Manager of the Year
    • Break-out team of the Year

SC2 Year-End Awards

    • Terran of the Year
    • Protoss of the Year
    • Zerg of the Year
    • Rookie of the Year

Criteria for Judging

Same as last year the following criteria will be applied:

    • 70% - Class S Performance 

Class S apperances matters! More apperances more points

    • 15% - Facebook Likes

1 like = 1 vote. People's vote matters! Players not only need skill but also charisma

    • 15% - Expert Opinion from Organizers

Special panel from MET will also grade the nominees 


Voting will be start today for the following categories! Stay tuned for the other awards



Official Facebook Voting will end on October 26, 2012 @ 12:00 pm

If you want to catch who will get the awards. Watch them on live in action join us at the Pinoy Gaming Festival  on October 27-28 at the SMX Convention Hall at the Mall of Asia. See you there!


Pinoy Gaming Festival 2012

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