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The Dark Horses of NCCL

Wilson Astorga

This team also made a three-peat during the Las Piñas leg. But before grabbing three championships in a row, they've faced teams that are worthy indeed to replace them at the top. But they've managed to overcome them; not only once, but three consecutive times. This team is MiLP.Perps of the University of Perpetual System Dalta of Las Piñas.

Hi guys! Can you give us a quick background about yourselves?

Paul Millan -  2nd yr. BSIT , SemiCarry
Patricia "Cake" Ramirez -  3rd yr. Masscom
Matt Ligtas -  1st yr. BSBA-HRDM
Von Juan -  1st yr. BSHRM
Norwyn Aranda -  1st yr. BSIT
A rose among the thorns. I remember a team last season that had a girl as well. But what's the reason behind your team name?
We chose MiLP.Perps because we want to represent our School in behalf of Mineski Infinity Las Piñas.
How was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?
Norwynn and I (paul) had other teammates during the tournament's first season. But the others transferred to another school so we've decided to make a new one. 

I see. But were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?
No. We've played as a team, and we've worked as a team. In short we've trusted each other. [smiles]

What was your feeling after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the
NCCL finals in SMX?
Of course we're excited and happy because it is our first time to be part of a tournament with this caliber. I think we're going to be famous after this one. [laughs] Dreaming is free right?

Funny indeed. Any preparations do you guys have in mind for the NCCL finals?
We'll just practice after we finish our obligations in school. Probably three weeks before the finals.

And since you guys pointed out your school obligations, what are your thoughts about "responsible gaming" ?
Paul: Double time in studying, single time in playing. Studies should always be ahead among other obligations.
Cake:Responsible gaming? Buy 2 couriers then 2 flying couriers after 3-5mins. Then buy tp for your noob teammates who gets killed always [laughs]. Just set studies as your main priority.
Wyn: 60% Studies and 40% in playing so you can have a hundred percent satisfaction. [laughs]
Von: Like they've said, Studies first before anything else.
Matt: Studies first!
Thank you for inserting interview amidst your busy schedule. But before we end, would you guys like to greet anyone?
I would like to greet the players at M.I.L.P especially TonyMazzini. Team Rematch; Qaz, Kiel, Harvey, Gelo, Nastimo, Taka, Carl, Khenzz, Jasper, Joshua Mangilaya, RJ a.k.a Gorbu. To my three apprentice; Kevin Binaohan, David Baul, and Carl Miranda a.k.a Manny Takol. To my idol Michael Jiao, my classmates (Rick, Doms, Warren, James, Frank, Paolo, Arvin, Marvin, AL, Billy, German, Francois, Dexter. Support our team! And most of all, to the most important woman in my life Cake, do your best in your support role. [laughs]

Cake: I would like to greet every insecure people at Rematch... Just kidding! [laughs]. Support us guys! Shoutouts to my adorable fans; Takahiro Tamura, Jasper Rigor, Carl Nopinam, Mikmik Aristorenas, Kiel dela Cruz, Gorbu, Takol, Isiah. I would also like to greet the Masscom students at Perps even if they don't know anything about DotA.  Special mention to Drenet, Ruchiel, Pearl, Grace, Lara, Chie, Monica, Char ,Mads, Sheena, Lady, Tine, Rubi, Rowena, Joyce, my friends at Pilar and Cavite! I just hope that you would be able to read this so that my efforts wouldn't be put into waste. Promise I'll never forget you when I get famous [laughs].  Goodluck to me and my teammates at the NCCL finals especially to my ever-loving Papa Paul.

Norwyn:Hi to my friends at HP; Marin Kim Chua, Pangy The Great, Vincetot (and to his sister) Jelo, Miko, Jtuz, Nedy, Huck, Sai, Kulot, Boyong Rick TUP, etc. To Tropang Baliw; Love, Roxan, Ecal, and to the whole 4b-kudyapi. Hi to my mom, Neil, Ynah, and Nico. Team A-mon; Austin, Abu, Apog, Matt, Manager JE and Oline. To manager Blackpants and to Dream Team. To Team Vigilantes at DragonNest. To my teammates, and to all of my friends... Hello.

Matt: First of all, I would like to greet Nahida, Yna, Che, and to my friends at Casimiro! Also to Lor(blackpants), Taka, Vitamins, Carl, Patzkie, Bono, Rustan, Caloy, Emar, Kev "squid", idolPATY, Nucs, Vincetot (and her sister), Insomniacz and Rematch family. And to my classmates at M.I.L.P [laughs]. And lastly, to Austin, Norwyn, Apog, Boss JE. Goodluck to our team.
Von: Shoutouts to Team Rematch and Team Inzo. Also to Kev, Taka, Austin , Khenz, Carl, Tackle, Bono, Blackpants, Ronz, Mark, and Kristian. And also to Matt (I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him).

Can MiLP.Perps surprise everyone with their gaming style and strategies? Can their team, despite being first timers in a tournamnet such as NCCL, be able to perform well? 



This next team is one that flawlessly dominated the Shaw leg of the NCCL as they also made a three-peat title defense to secure their NCCL finals spot. A team that came from the four corners of Rizal Technological University- Team ScaryTobyCute.

First question, what are you guys taking up at RTU?

Christian M. Vidal - 1st yr. BSICT

Kevin Cruz - 2nd yr. CEIT

Ralph Ronald Nobela - 3rd yr. CEIT

Renz Jefferson Vidal - 3rd yr. BSBA-Mktg

Toby Kier Selbijan - 3rd yr.BSBA-Mktg

Mixed courses... Interesting indeed. But why choose ScaryTobyCute as a name?

Renz our captain is very famous in our school because he is very cute. And when you see him in our school, you'll get the feeling that you want to cuddle him. That's why we agreed that we are going to use Renz Cute as our team name at first. But renz changed our name to ScaryTobyCute because he just wanted to without any valid reason. [laughs]

At first, I thought that you were just having fun of your teammate’s name [toby]. Anyway, how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

Renz and I [Toby] were classmates before. And when we are out of possible players for our team, I called pep. We've played with kevin once and saw his potential in pro gaming. So I said to myself "this boy has a future in this field". I then asked him if he wants to join in our team and he said yes. And Christian is the younger brother of Renz. MI shaw was our first take as a team. We lost during our top 8 match against Kembular back then.

Were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

There's always a struggle. We lack practice that to some errors and mistakes during the tournament. We just go to the point that we trust on each other's game. And eventually, luck favored our side.

What was your feeling after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

Christian: At first I can't believe that our team will represent our school and MI shaw. Our road for NCCL is not that easy because all of the participating teams then are hungry for the title. We're just lucky and proud on what we've achieved.

Kevin: Very happy because all of our hard work and practice paid off. It is my first time to win a tournament of that kind. I'm very happy for my team.

Renz: During our semi-finals game with team Greene during leg 3, I've felt that we're going to lose because of their strong line-up. But we gave our best to win the match. 

Pep: All the teams are very strong especially team greenet, but we were just lucky then. Shoutouts to their team. [greenet]

Toby: Happy, but on the other side nervous. Its not an easy job to represent our school because pressure is on our side. But like we always say "palag palag lang!" because this is not the UAAP or the NCAA after all. In this battle RTU, is the one who will reach the top.

Strong from you guys. I like it! But what preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We'll just formulate new tactics and strategies as a team. Each of us will try to learn new strategies, improve older ones, studying the picks and bans of the other participating teams, and improve our individual roles in the team to help us win. Most importantly, we need to play as natural as we can, and always trust our instincts.

Well said! Next question, what are your thoughts and opinions about "responsible gaming"?

It’s very hard to give time for playing and studying. But "proper" time management is all that we have. It’s still important to finish our academic obligations before we play. And just to rub it in, DotA is not the only field for you to be on top... It should be in school also. Shoutouts to the entire student body of RTU… Play hard Study harder!

Thank you for your honest answer guys. And on to the last part of the interview, the "pabati portion"!

Christian: Hi to my friends at giggles wiggles, IV-Diamond, Vidal Family, to Nelia my girlfriend. Also to CEIT-15-101P, Mark Melasan Rakker, Nikko Baccay, my friends (Paul, Raven, Hanzel, Anselmo), etc.

Renz: I would like to greet my girlfriend Cecile, Kelvin Cruz my master [laughs], and to einstein DotA boys as well. And to my classmates at RTU. I just wish that we can have a tarpaulin like the varsity team... Even if it’s only located at the gate. We're way good looking than them. [laughs]

Kevin: I would like to greet all the DotA players at Cainta and CXG, all those at Marck, to Jayson to all those at the computer shop. Master Kev, my teammates, Binson, Janiman, Jerick, and Aloy... Always be humble guys. And lastly to Mark, ROn, Riki, and Ramil.

Toby: I would like to greet all of my Zombie friends (just a term): Kief, Chino, Joshua, Nico, Pat, our driver JetJet, my manager Harvey. Shout-outs to Bigmouse family especially to TheVin, Eg-Greenet. And to all YFC members in the sector that I belong to that plays DotA. To the RTU community, have faith in us. [Smiles] And by the way, I'm already here in manila mom.

Pep: Hi to my SOTD family at Buayang Bato, EET Gaming, Benjo G, Eman, Pesico, Borjal, Mendez, Spider Dugacan, BigMouse. And to those at Reindrew shop in Angono; especially Manong, Kief, Billy, Pat, James, Kerko, Nico Batla, and Mr. Michael "The Cute" Fernandez. [laughs]

Can this team truly fulfill their promise to be the team on top? Or will their dream of making RTU pround end in an instant?


This next team can be considered as an underdog in terms of their participation in the National Cyber Collegiate League. Rookie team as they may seem, but they've dominated the Katipunan B conference by having a three-peat, to  lock their slot the NCCL finals. One of the two teams hailing from the northern side of the metro, this team is none other than team Wilson (not related to me of some sort) of Trinity University of Asia.

Hi guys! Can you give a brief background about yourselves?

Michael Hernandez - 3rd yr. BSIT
Alfred Chua - 3rd yr. BSIT
John Louie Ubag - 3rd yr. BSIT
Iann Catahan - 3rd yr. BSIT
Vince Oliver Leonardo - 3rd Year, BS IT
Anthony Adeva - 3rd yr. BSIT

And I'm guessing that you guys have been best buds since 1st year college. Right? But why choose Wilson as a team name?

It all started as a joke. One of our members said that we should choose Wilson for a change. We lacked in time to choose a name so we've used Wilson. Sounds cute right? [laughs]

Well, if your pointing at me... Thanks! Just kidding. Is this the team's first tournament? How was your team formed?

We're a team already at our campus and we've used "Baog J" as our team name before. We're on the same section since 1st year. We've been playing DotA together for a long time now. And sometimes we play with others teams if we have the chance. This is our first major tournament as a team, and hopefully not the last one.

So you guys treat each other as brothers. Cool! But were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

I think it’s those moments when we need to practice as a team. Of course all of us have our personal lives to take care of. There's this time when we needed to have a temporary replace to one of our members because he was sick. But still, here we are! Happy, complete, and still a team.

Good to hear that. What are your thoughts after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

We're nervous because we don't know what to expect from the other participants at the NCCL finals. But we're also happy to be part of the finals. Just like the other teams, we want to win. But whether we win or lose, our friendship will prevail among us even if we have different hairstyles. [laughs]

Any preparations that you guys are doing for the NCCL finals?

Of course we're practicing to improve our team play for the NCCL finals.

Now on to the important part of the NCCL, “responsible gaming” and your thoughts about it?

In terms of playing and studies, it is a must to balance them well. There should be times allotted for playing, studying, and other priorities. Not to brag, but we don't fail at our subjects even if we play often. DotA is the time for us to enjoy after studying hard, and having quality time with our families. Always remember to set your priorities well.

Thanks for your time guys! But before we end our conversation, would like to greet some people in particular?

Vince: I would like to greet Revilyn J. Obedoza my girlfriend, to my parents that I truly love, and supports me in every endeavor that I encounter. To my siblings, my 97 year old grandmother, my studious classmates, my professors, those who we play with at Anonas Complex hi! Good luck to all participants.

Makingz: First of all, hi to my girlfriend Dee Espino. hi also to my friends at Anonas Complex especially to Nonoy. To my TUA friends, team baog, and Kieffer.

Anthony: I would like to greet all those who study at Trinity University of Asia especially to those who belong to 3rd year IT Section 1. To my friends at TUA, and to all of my friends at Anonas Complex.

Can this team make a historic win by being the champion of this season, despite being underdogs? Or will their journey end in an instant?


The next team to be presented is another one that came from the north side of the metro. This rookie team dominated the Katipunan A leg by grabbing a total of 93 points during the conference 1 leg. They've also managed to grab a three-peat championship to secure their spot at the upcoming NCCL finals. This team is no other than IIC of Informatics International College.

Good day guys! Kindly give us some brief information about yourselves.

Ralph Gonzales - 3rd yr. BSIT
Jayvee Santos - 3rd yr. BSIT
Rafael Tongol - 1st yr. BSIT
Roberto Galupo - 2nd yr. BSIT
Angelo Perito - 2nd yr. BSIT
Keith Palermo - 3rd yr. BSIT

IT guys like those of team Wilson... very interesting. Why choose IIC as a team name?

It's our school's initials- Informatics International College. [laughs]

Well that's simple. But how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

I just told them that we can try to showcase our talent, and represent our school by joining NCCL... That's where it all began. And yes, it is our first tournament as a team.

So you're like the teams main locomotive to participate. Any struggles that you guys encountered during the NCCL tourney?

We didn't experience any struggles because all of us are on the same page during the tournament.

I like your answers... It is very simple. But what did you guys felt after getting a three-peat and a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX at the same time?

Actually all of us felt mixed emotions. But after the three-peat, we're proud, happy, and excited.

What preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

Practice... Practice... And more practice! [laughs] Right now, we are practicing new combos and creating new tactics. So watch out. [smiles]

So on to the important part of the NCCL which is "responsible gaming", what are your thoughts about it?

Ralph: Studies is still my main priority. Don't leave your studies behind just because of gaming. We should all be responsible enough.

Jayvee: Never let gaming be your reason to get distracted on your studies.

Bert: A good gamer should know how to be a responsible student.

Angelo: Set gaming as one of your inspirations in studying. Don't focus yourself too mucho on gaming.

Raf: Time-management and discipline. We must show to the other people that gaming is not a burden when it comes to studying.

Keith: For me, Responsible Gaming is all about self-discipline. You should know how to prioritize your time between gaming and studies.

Well said guys. Anyway, would you guys like to greet any people in particular before ending our conversation?

Ralph: I would like to greet all those at Tierra Nova Royale Ph.2, especially Tenoy, to my beloved girlfriend, to the ever great staff of Vicente's computer shop, and to all those people at Informatics. Thank You for your support.

Roberto: I would like to greet everyone at Dolmar and Jape, Charlyn my girlfriend, and Jo Gamo. Thank you for the support.

Jayvee: To all the players at Circles: Alvin, Allan, Mykel, Luwe, Telo, Spy, Caloy, Pute, Meyor, Jeh, Chris, Mark, and to all those at Dolmar especially Dhey Lo.

Rafael: I would like to greet everyone at Luzon, my team quitters family [laughs]. And to Ispopobitch who is the strongest at Luzon.

Angelo: I would like to greet all those people at Novaliches, team Lola, team RBoys, team Villaflor, team Basecamp, and team Apo. Also, I would like to greet Hannah, Krizza, Angue, Yads, Kier, Roxanne, Pao, Fishae, Abrielle, Pat, Keith, Rean, Dhey Lo, Mikka, Edjee, Rodel, Leoneal, Lendel, Nonie, Ronald, Jay2, Ryan, Zax, Bokbok, Bolang, Tute, Edgar, Alvin, Jim, and Joel. Thank you for your support guys!

Can the northern side of the Metro secure a championship because the two teams (IIC and Wilson) that will represent their area? Can IIC change the history books of the competitive gaming scene?


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