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PPC Dota 2 conclusion sparks controversy

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Pacific Pro Circuit concluded with a victor. However as the champ was crowned, protests were lashed out from the gaming community as it was pointed out that only two actual Pacific Gaming Team players were legitimately registered.

The names of the three other players who played for Pacific during the final match does not show up in the registration entry nor did they play for Day 1, leading the Pacific Pro Circuit Dota 2 event to a controversy.

Jeff Bercasio, manager of PPC Dota 2 finalist, Pagibig TheNetCom, has released the following statement regarding the PPC organization:

Sa tingin ko, medyo nagkaroon ng konting mali sa rules ng tournament. And especially sa screening ng players. The registered team was Pacific eMaxx, and of course we know those players are. I’m not really sure on how they process the screening of players but one thing I am sure of is that two of their players are not from Pacific eMaxx and those names are not on the registered rosters. The two players are Owa and Bimbo from Mineski. And we all know that these players are not supposed to play in any team without any consent from its management. 

They should be strict on implementing their rules. Kasi kami as managers we will take a stand for our team. Kung ano yung makikita naming butas, ipaglalaban talaga namin. That’s part of our job and they should do theirs.

Organization behind PPC not the first time to violate

Another party has voiced out that this is not the Pacific event-organizing team’s first time to make a completely unfair decision. Several community members cite another incident wherein the gaming community was cheated upon by the same event-organizing team when they have allowed with full knowledge certain participating teams to play slots that supposedly belongs to other teams (also called as ghosting).

In light of this, Justin "Big Dog J" Alm, manager of Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries, has this to say towards the organizers:

It's really hard to host a tournament and have your own teams participate in those tournaments. It's understandable to want your teams to do well. 

There is always a thin line that organizers should never cross because it will destroy the purity of the game. Whoever hosts these tournaments should be honorable and have really good morals especially online tournaments. Everyone knows that they do ghosting which is actually disgusting and immoral.

There are [also] reports from a lot of people that players are seated beside observers which give a team a really big advantage.

I just hope that a combined effort from all teams and sponsors can stop these acts.

LAN tournaments are easy to run because everyone is right in front of you. When it comes to online tourneys that's where it gets complicated. First the host as I said before should have really good morals and there should be unbiased marshals that are allowed to police these events.

These marshals should have no affiliation with the players. That's the only way to have a just tournament.

More skeletons in the closet

Another case was reported by a tournament participant of eSports Republic Open Series Grand Finals, another event that seems to have been ran by the events department of Pacific.

"Kasi yung format same as GEST. Every month may qualifier. Ang laki ng tuwa namin kasi wala masyadong nakakaalam nung tournament kaya sa madaling sabi malaki chance namin. So we owned the second qualifier at kami ang champ.

So natapos yung five months of qualifiers. Supposedly kailangan eight teams nasa grand finals: five from champions of each qualifier tapos three from wild card. Malinaw na sinabi yun ng organizer.

Sobrang nagulat kami nang biglang may dalawang Pacific teams e wala naman naganap na wildcard (hindi natuloy).

Naka-add kami sa facebook group ng PlayCyberGames. Doon lahat ng announcement. Nung nagreklamo kami ito yung hinirit sa amin: "Organizers reserve the right to modify or revise the content at anytime withouth prior notice - this is applicable on all events, be it offline/LAN or online.

Sobrang unfair kasi on the spot."

The story does not end there as the complain continued into a longer one:

"Ito pa nangyari. The whole time may schedule na nakalagay na Saturday. I had to off from work para doon.

Saturday naganap yung unang bracket kaya pasok kami at naglaro din yung dalawang Pacific teams. Tapos hindi nila pinagsasama sa isang bracket yung dalawang Pacific teams para sila magharap sa finals.

Sunday na dapat yung labanan ng top 8, pero iniba ulit nila bigla yung schedule kasi yung dalawang Pacific teams hindi makakalaro dahil meron daw silang ibang tourney. They moved the date para lang sa dalawang team nila kahit matagal nang nakaset na yung date.

Tapos supposedly magstart yung tournament ng 12pm. Nagstart yung unang game ng 1:30pm. Kasi yung dalawang Pacific teams hindi pa online. Pero napakastrict nila sa time nung una. Puro disqualification yung mga team na wala pa. By 1pm nag-online na yung isang player ng Pacific pero wala pa yung teammates niya. Nagstart yung tournament mga 2pm na at ayaw nila idisqualify yung Pacific."

The Father of Philippine Esports, Ronald Robins, releases a statement

When I heard of these complaints from the community i felt like it was my responsibility to release the truth to the community so they will not get confused on which is right and wrong. PH E-Sports now is growing rapidly and the first thing it would need to sustain its growth is credible leaders that show through example with principles and even just basic ethics.

When I asked the managers involved, they were hesitant at first to publish this kind of information because they themselves are uncomfortable to voice out.. -- But when I knew all these are happening, it cannot be ignored. The long term effect of doing such things would cripple the community’s drive and defeat the purpose of competing, thus diminishing the growth and purity of E-sports.

Mineski Events was made because of same acts done by the former industry leader in e-sports organization (WCG organizer 2002-2008) and when myself and a lot more others were victims of his wrong deeds, I promised to make an event team someday that would be standing under one main principle:


...and make events FAIR and FUN for everybody.

...thats why gaming team and events team are totally different departments and the rules apply to all as even sponsored gaming teams also get disqualified if they violate the said rules.

I can cite examples:

What will happen if the team that they were against while ghosting was just a new aspiring team who wants to participate in competitions ?

  1. Demoralized
  2. Feel Cheated
  3. Quit
  4. Cannot Voice Out

A lot of StarCraft players way back in 2008 know what this would mean

As some may not know, Pacific is also now one of the Key organizations in making E-sports events in the Manila as well. But what will happen to aspiring organizations that are based in the provinces when they see that even key industry players are doing these kinds of acts?

Follow what they do as if nothing is wrong. Create a spark in their own community following the wrong principles.

These are just basic examples or probabilities of what might happen. These are not the right principles to begin with when you ask anybody who really wants esports to grow,.

Honestly I have nothing against Pacific organization, as Vange is a very kind-hearted person and supports a lot of gamers as well. The only problem is, she is not a gamer herself and does not see if what her “EVENTS TEAM” are doing is right or wrong and what an actual gamer feels when these things happen to them.

This message is directly to inform PACIFIC EVENTS TEAM HEAD to change your acts as these kind of acts will not be tolerated by Mineski and the community. And if Pacific organization keeps their head of events in position, then that is a sign that you agree of what he is doing.

As much as I don’t want to say these things to another organization, there are always things you must do for the greater good of Philippine E-sports.

Note: While we do regret the actions of the Pacific Events Team, please remember that this is limited to the actions of their organizing body and not Pacific as a whole.  The management and the teams themselves have nothing to do with this as far as we know and we are continously grateful for their contribution to eSports as a whole in the Philippines. We only want to keep the field as fair and as honest as possible so that the industry will be continue to be all about passion and skill, not favors.

Credibility is a very important aspect of any industry. Including eSports.