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Polka the GMPGL champ before PGF

Juno Reyes

Last Sunday, October 14, the country's top StarCraft II superstar BenQMski.Enderr was away in Shanghai, China, duking it out with the Asian behemoths. But despite this, the local scene continued to move forward with no sign of slowing down whatsoever, as the final leg of this season of the StarCraft II GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League took place at Mineski Infinity Taft. 

Class A

As if to represent the PvP finals of the WCS: Asia Championships that was also taking place at that time, two of the finest sons of Aiur met in the Class A finals. Mineski.WaningMoon, who went 4-0 in the group stage, was joined by eXo.Megsyo (3-1) in the finals, where they had to battle each other in a best-of-five series in order to determine who would not only be the final Class A champion of the year, but also who would get the better seed in the StarCraft II championships, to be held during the Pinoy Gaming Festival. From this point, Mski.Waning would take three straight vicious sets to crown himself the champion.

Class S 

With the Filipino bonjwa BenQMski.Enderr unable to participate in the last Class S leg for season four of the GMPGL, it was finally time for someone else to take home the much coveted title. From the six contenders, three Terrans and a solitary Protoss hope made their way to the playoffs: Pacific.PolkaDodge, BenQMski.JaBiTo, MSIEvolutionGT.Dane comprised the human faction, while Mineski.Pobbes was the lone Protoss. 

Eventually, it would be Pacific's PolkaDodge who would get the better of JaBiTo in the TvT finals, to win himself his first Class S title. Pobbes would finish third, just slightly ahead of the fourth-placing Dane. 

With that, the last regular leg of the current season of the SC2 GMPGL draws to a close. Now, we await for the championships. Who will prevail? Stay tuned at Mineski.net to keep yourself updated!


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