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TPA defeats AZF in $1M LoL Championship

Juno Reyes

As software problems hampered the culmination of the League of Legends Season 2 World Championships over a week ago, the crowning of a new champion had to be postponed until last Saturday, 13th of October.

With the 12 hottest teams from all over the world battling it out for glory and a million dollars, things heated up from the get-go. First to be eliminated were the teams CLG Prime, SK Gaming, Saigon Jokers, and Dignitas, who all fell in the group stages. 

The four teams that survived the group stages, Invictus Gaming, Najin Sword, CLG EU, and Azubu Frost, would then be met by MoscowFive, Team SoloMid, World Elite, and the Taipei Assassins in the single-elimination championship brackets. Despite the software malunctions and alleged attempts at comsating, it were two asian teams that eventually  met in the best-of-five finals to determine the champions. 

On one side, there was the favorite to win it all, Korea's Azubu Frost, while their opposition was none other than the Taipei Assassins, who were looking to give Taiwan it's very first major eSports title. 

It would be the underdogs who'd prevail  though, as after Azubu and the Assassins split the first two hotly contested games, the latter would prevail by taking the next two, forcing the Koreans to GG early in both games. 

With that, the Taipei Assassins are not only your Season 2 champions, but they would also take home a whopping $1,000,000 and Taiwan's very first international title. 


Final Standings

Place Prize (USD) Team Name
1st $1,000,000  Taipei Assassins
2nd $250,000  Azubu Frost
3rd/4th $150,000  MoscowFive
3rd/4th $150,000  CLG EU
5th-8th $75,000  Invictus Gaming
5th-8th $75,000  Najin Sword
5th-8th $75,000  Team SoloMid
5th-8th $75,000  Team WE
9th - 10th $50,000  CLG Primes
9th - 10th $50,000  Saigon Jokers
11th - 12th $25,000  SK Gaming
11th - 12th $25,000  Team Dignitas