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Ex-HoA players on CS:GO

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Richardson Jacinto

Horsemen of the Apocalypse, a legendary name for FPS fans. HoA had been dominating the local FPS scene for a long time and represented our country for countless international tournaments.

But HoA's era ended when the Counter-Strike scene here in the country went to sleep. Former members went their seperate ways; some quit, some played other FPS games. But now, with the advent of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, some of the players have decided to play once again. They'll be competing on the CS:GO tournament that will happen at the grandest stage this year: the Pinoy Gaming Festival.

I've sat with 2 of the former Horsemen and asked their thoughts about these things:


Clive "ITSCLIVEMAN" Canlas, One of the founding members of Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

MskiLight: You've been out for quite a while on the FPS scene, what made you decide to stage a comeback?


Clive:  I also know that playing competitively has always been in my blood, hence, the comeback. At first, I thought I would have never have a team in Counter-Strike because I have no idea how I'm going to get teammates, then I contacted my old friends/rivals and we decided to form a team. 

Also, I was one of the lucky few to have a CS:GO beta key (thank you Trigg of Dota 2) so I had a headstart from other CS 1.6 and CS:S players. I got inspiration to comeback when I felt that my skill level was still at par with other players who has been playing for quiet some time. So, instead of thinking that I'm an old man past his prime. I had this rejuvenated feeling that old players can still play with the new guns.


L: Counter-Strike had been on hiatus for a while now, why do you think that happened?

C: I think that Counter-Strike never had a low time, it just went back to it's roots as being the underground game that people used to play. I still hear of news that there's still a few tournaments in CS 1.3 and lately, the FGW organized a tournament for Gainward promoting CS 1.6. It's just not mainstream enough like it was back in 1999 to 2002. *Puts on hipster glasses*


L: Now that CS:GO is taking the gaming scene by storm, do you think it's time for CS to take over the FPS scene once more? 

C: Yeah I hope so, we just need the old school players to come back and new blood to step up to show that CS is the roots of competitive team gaming. Without CS, there will be no MW1,2 and 3, No Crossfire, No KOS, No PB. Arvin from FG and Elgee of MSI have the same sentiments that I have. CS is the father of multiplayer FPS team games, there's no doubt about it.


L: CS was out and made a comeback on the grandest stage in the country, any thoughts about how the CS scene will go from now?

C: I'm really excited, this is going to be huge. If you checked how many players came to play in the CS 1.6 Gainward tournament, it was huge. People from different parts of luzon or maybe even from Visayas and Mindanao came to play in that tournament showing how much love they have for the game. It felt nostalgic seeing my old and new friends battle it out, too bad I sucked at 1.6 since I wasn't able to play it hardcore like these imba players.


L: You'll be facing a familiar face in the tournament, (Elgee and other former players of CS) How do you feel about this?

C: Elgee is like brother to me, just a little late when I met him. It would be weird to face him because I never had played against him. It's going to be a tough job since we've been practicing with the other teams and the skill level is pretty high from almost all of the players. It's more of who will have the right confidence, better aim and right decisions that's going to factor who's going to come on top. For me, I want to at least get to their level of skill so that games isn't going to be one-sided. If my team is going to get beaten, it's going to be a hell of a fight.


L: Fans may ask, why dont you guys just revive HoA and dominate the FPS scene again?

C: I feel that HoA isn't a team anymore but an entity that blesses itself from one team to another. If we're going to use it that's just saying "can you really live up to the name?". I mean yes I might be part of the old 2001 team but If you see who's the real ones on top of the ladder, It would be FG.CMSTORM. Those guys are the last incarnation of the current horsemen so they deserve the right to keep the name.


L: What do you think would happen if Mineski adopts CS and brings back the CS scene in the country?

C: Probably as many tournaments as possible. All of the CS players just like a bit of competition here and there. If there's as much tournaments as possible, then CS:GO is here to stay just like SC 2, DotA and the other games.


L: Message for the fans and other players?

C: I don't have fans but my message to the other players is just keep on playing, the only one stopping you is yourself. Don't let people judge what we do, ask them first at what they're good at before they let them judge you. Players are easily judged that they are wasting their times playing video games, but these people who judge us think they're any better than us? I think not. So that's it. Just a little bit of inspiration for player's who are struggling socially.

CURRENT TEAM: 1st Generation Alliance

Real Name IGN
Megs Luganob Megsyo
Michael Jordan Tiu mJ
John Limpangan Mr. Rai
Francis Catangay Tank
Sonny Tam SonnyTam!!



Jupiter "Elgee" Gaboy, 2008 WCG Representative under HoA, Current captain of MSIEvoGT.Crossfire.

MskiLight: You've been playing a lot of FPS on your career (Crossfire, Counter-strike etc.) What's the difference between all of those to CS:GO

Elgee: Counter-Strike is pretty similar to CrossFire like DotA is to HoN and LoL. There are slight differences but the format is the same.
CS-GO is using the Source Engine so the gameplay and movement of the characters are cartoonish but we will see as patches will be released and how it will affect the metagame.


L: Your team are one of (if not) the best team in the Philippines in terms of Crossfire, do you think you'll be the best in CS:GO?

E: *Laughs* I think you have to rephrase that question, we are not the best team in crossfire, so I cant possibly say we are the best in CS:GO, but the game is still new and lots of players (old and new) are playing it, lets wait for the result of the 1st CS:GO tournament.


L: Now that CS:GO is taking the gaming scene by storm, do you think it's time for CS to take over the FPS scene again?

E: I am positively sure that this will be a big boost to the fps scene community here in the philippines, If the community, government & e-sports organizations will support it, I see no problem CS taking over other fps games.


L: CS has been out and is going to make a comeback on the grandest stage in the country, any thoughts about how the CS scene will go from now?

E: It's too early to say but we will see.


L: you'll be facing a familiar face on the tournament (Clive and other former players of CS) what do you think about them?

E: Of course it's fun playing with the people you know, I haven't played against them in CS:GO so i don't know how good they are now , so I'll just say IT'S ON! *laughs*


L: Do you think HoA will reunite and take over the scene again?

E: It may happen but as of now no.


L: Message for the fans and other players?

E: Shout outs to our sponsors, MSI and SteelSeries, for the fans, please keep on supporting us, and to other players, Good Luck & Have Fun!



Name IGN
Jupiter Gaboy MSIEvoGT.ELGEE
Judan Cruz MSIEvoGT.Kart
James Doron MSIEvoGT.Nasmi
Royce Omaga MSIEvoGT.rpge
Pao Nancho MSIEvoGT.paosup
Dhale Duque MSIEvoGT.Dhale
Jason Sison MSIEvoGT.Son



So there you go. From two players who had complete feel of FPS glory. If you want to witness the action between their teams, you have to go to the Pinoy Gaming Festival at SMX Convention Hall 3 on October 27-28 and witness the biggest FPS game on the biggest gaming event in the country.

Pinoy Gaming Festival 2012

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