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SKT.Rain sweeps WCS Asia 12-1, takes home $24k

Juno Reyes

Last October 13 to 14, 32 of the hottest StarCraft pros in Asia met in Shanghai, China, to battle it out for six spots in this November’s WCS: Battle.net World Championship. With 10 Chinese, nine Taiwanese, 10 South Koreans, and three South-East Asia representatives (The last group including our very own BenQ-Mski.Enderr) slugging it out in the battlefields of the Koprulu Sector for two days, with six seeds, $60,000, and pride on the line, only the greatest made it all the way to the end, while the rest of the opposition crumbled before him.

As expected, it was the Koreans who racked up the wins, with their delegation collectively going 23-1, wihile the lone non-Korean victory coming from Taiwanese Zerg superstar Sen. Towards the end of the second day, it had been decided that all 6 tickets to the world championships would be awarded to Koreans. In addition to this, while the fifth and sixth place finishers, Startale’s Curious, and Samsung KHAN’s RorO, were both Zerg players, the top four finalists were all Protoss, paving the way for a brief discourse on the latest state of PvP.

With 2 GSL Protoss (Startale’s Parting and TL’s HerO) being joined by 2 KeSPA stars (SKT T1’s Rain and CJ Entus’ herO), the bracket for the final four had enough storylines: Would this finally be the first major tournament win for the elephants? Or can the old guards keep them from doing so? Who was the closes to becoming the new Protoss President?

At the end of the day, it was SKT T1’s Rain, GLS semi-finalist and current OSL-finalist, who would crush everyone else, going 12-1 on his way to first place, giving KeSPA it’s very first major SC2 championship. PartinG, who ended up on second place, would falter 0-2 against our eventual champion in the grand finals. Liquid’s HerO and CJ’s herO would finish 3rd and 4th, respectively.

These 4 Protoss and the 2 Zergs mentioned above would be joined by Sen, China’s Comm, and another Korean Protoss in Prime’s Creator, in representing Asia in the upcoming global battle.

Meanwhile, our very own Enderr seemed to fall into his own prophecy from his pre-flight interview, as he would drop two straight bo3s against China’s Infi and Taiwan’s AK, ending with a 25th-32nd place finish.


Top 6 Finishers 

Place Team - Player
1st $24,000 SKT T1 
2nd $9,000 StarTale 
3rd $3,600

Team Liquid

4th $1,800 CJ Entus
5th $1,300 StarTale
6th $1,300 Samsung KHAN