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Tekken's Youngest Responsible Gamer, AK

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Richardson Jacinto

Just last year, Game Giant Namco released it's nth version of it's famous fighting game: Tekken. Unknown to many; The Philippines actually has a big community of Tekken players. In fact, we regularly send representatives to other countries to compete in tournaments. Moreover, World Cyber Games Asia also enlisted Tekken as their official Fighting game. This game has been there for years but the limelight has been somewhat elusive of this game. Not this time though. The gaming god's have heard their prayers; Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be part of the Pinoy Gaming Festival!

With that said, I decided to explore the Tekken community trying to find out the one with the highest ranking in our country. Much to my surprise I was led to a little kid who was playing at the mall, sporting a sando and uniform pants. If DOTA got Bimbo and Counter-Strike got Batang pro (circa 2000's), Tekken has its own child prodigy. AK.

(AK during his Death Match with A2K)

 Photo Credits to: Delbert Braceros

Alexandre or AK has been dominating tekken in the country. He is now ranked as Byakko , only 12 ranks away from True Tekken God (Rank that only top players from Japan and Korea have). I was there when AK fought against "Paul Abigan", the previous highest ranker, in a "Death Match". They are both fighting for being the highest ranker in the country. Abigan used Devil Jin/ Lars tandem while AK fought with Paul and Law. The DM started and AK took the early lead. The match stopped when AK was promoted as Byakko with the score of 4-1. Abigan asked for a rematch but still lost to AK due to his demotion.

I've had the chance to chat with AK to ask about his background on Tekken and how he felt about including Tekken being included in PGF.

(AK after winning a tournament)

Photo Credits to: Delbert Braceros


MskiLight: Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

AK: Hi! My name is Alexandre Gabrielle O. Laverez. My nickname is Ak Im a grade 6 student of St. Paul College Of Parañaque and I'm 11 years old.

L. We have a child prodigy right here! So when did you start playing tekken?

AK: I started playing Tekken 3 Years ago. It was still Tekken 6 by that time.

L: As a young gamer, did you have problems with your parents about playing computer games?

AK: Not really. My parents accompany me everytime I play.

L: Wow what a lucky kid, are your parents gamers too?

AK: No

L:But did you compromise with them? like having to do your homework first before playing? or stuff like that?

AK: Yes I always do my homework before I play. My parents told me that if i failed on my studies i won't able to play. I just balance my studies and playing.

L: I saw you play 2 times, once in Rob ermita and another in Glorietta 4. Do you really travel all the way from paranaque to these places just to play?

AK: No. Sometimes my dad will do some work near Robinson. But during Fridays my dad always go to Glorietta 4 or other malls to watch movies or eat out with me and my mom.

L: Aside from playing Tekken do you have other hobbies?

AK: I play basketball too. I'm also a varsity baskeyball player

(AK goofing around with his classmates, Responsible gamer in a small package)


L: So you're really a talented kid. Well I've asked around the community about your gaming history and according to them, you were not one of the top players way back tekken 6. But now in tekken tag 2, you're the highest ranker in the Philippines even though you're the youngest competitive player here in the country. How do you feel about that?

AK: I'm very happy with it though I know I will not always be the highest rank in the Philippines, I will always play Tekken because it makes me happy and I have a lot of friends to support me and my family too also I learned how to accept defeat.

L: When I was introduced in the community, they all said that you've been dominating Tekken Tag 2. So does Tekken have sponsored tournaments already?

AK: Sad to say but none for tekken tag 2. But there have been two casual tournaments for Tekken tag 2 before.

L: Did you win those tournaments? 

AK: Yes, the one made by Solstice and Randy. Randy's tournament is 3v3. I won together with Dance of Fury and Yso.

L: I saw your main character in Tekken 6 is Law and in Tekken Tag 2 you're a Law/Paul user. Why did you pick Paul as a tag for your law?

AK:I use all characters but my favorite character is Marshall Law. I picked Paul because they are friends in the story of tekken 6.

L:Yeah i saw you use armored king and King. and heihachi and jinpachi tandems. Why do you like law so much?

AK:Cause I like Law's moves and because hes's a chef.

L: So you like chefs?

AK: No, I like food.

L: Do you want to be a chef when you grow up?

AK:No, I just want to be happy.

L: Realistically speaking, Tekken is not that big here in the country as it was in Korea or other country. Do you wish it will be bigger? 

AK: Of course, i'll be very happy if that happens.

L:Now tekken will be a part of the biggest gaming event in the country, how do you feel about that?

AK: Happy. because we can now showcase our talents.

L: So are you ready for PGF?

AK:Of course!

L: How will you prepare for the PGF tournament?

AK: I will try to play as many times as possible 

L:Who do you think will be your toughest opponent on PGF?

AK: I can't pin point anyone specifically but i'll just come to the tournament prepared.

L: Thank you for your time and for answering my questions, you want to give some shout-outs to your friends?

AKHi to the teams of tekken tag tournament 2, SMAP,ACE,3'Tc,T'recs,ELITE,UM,Meganun,Ying yann lolis,DOA,MSGN,TNT,FOXHOUNDZ and PMS. Hi toto and mama thank you for letting me play. love you. Thank you to Mineski and MskiLight for this interview and hi to the other tekken teams that i forgot to mention. Thank you also to the maker of tekken *laughs*


Check out some videos of AK playing Tekken

If you want to catch this child wonder live in action join us at the Pinoy Gaming Festival on October 27-28 at the SMX Convention Hall at the Mall of Asia. See you there!


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