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Bayok: 'I’ve picked the right players'

Wilson Astorga

With only weeks away before the Pinoy Gaming Festival Season 2 - The most awaited E-Sports event in the Philippines, one game that will surely rock the house down is League of Legends. And as this game is starting become an on-line sensation all over the world (according to Garena's infographics), the Filipino gaming community isn't surely missing out on anything about LOL, and is going gaga about it.

As for the participating teams in the upcoming Gigabyte™ Mineski Progaming League: League of Legends Finals, we're going to feature a team that surely made every people who've watched their games live in awe because of their amazing display of talent and team work. This team can be considered as a team that started from the bottom pit that any team can experience, before pushing themselves hard bit by bit before reaching the top.

Mineski.net is proud to present to you MSI Evolution Gaming Team.LOL (formerly known as Wild.TNC)


GMPGL LoL Team Achievements:

GMPGL 4-3 LoL 8th Place - 1, 000 PHP
GMPGL 4-4 LoL 1st Place - 20, 000 PHP
GMPGL 4-5 LoL 1st Place - 20, 000 PHP 
GMPGL 4-7 LoL 1st Place - 20, 000 PHP
GMPGL 4-8 LoL 2nd Place - 10, 000 PHP

Team Background:

When the team only got the 8th place during the GMPGL 4-3 LoL, no one ever knew that this team was just waiting for their moment to burst out. Considering that their team was just an underdog, only low expectations was seen by other from them after Bida Gaming was the champion team during that time.

Here comes Wild.TNC during GMPGL 4-4 LoL, shocking everyone with a Cinderella story that was heard by everyone after their first stint. Defeating not only the other teams at the tournament, but also the 4-3 champions Bida Gaming during the finals match, everyone was surprised about this team. A team that only made the 8th spot during 4-3, a team that was not showing any signs of excellence at the start. It was a bumpy ride.

Then came GMPGL 4-5 LoL, and Wild.TNC still managed to hold on to their title for the second consecutive time, which made them the first ever back-to-back champions. And after 4-5, many people thought that this team would soon make the history books then on. GMPGL LoL 4-6 came and Wild.TNC fell short during the top 12, making them unable to defend their title, making the said leg as one of team's worst performance after 4-3.

GMPGL 4-7 LoL was the team's redemption leg for the mistakes that they've did during 4-6. Managing to reclaim the title that they've lost during the last leg, Wild.TNC was surely back on track. After their win, another achievement was waiting for them after winning the MSI Overdrive LoL tournmanet. The team was set to be sponsored by MSI and to take-in the name of "MSI EvoGt.LOL" due to their team achievements in the Philippine competitive LoL scene. Their map to glory was starting to get clearer and clearer afterwards.

Team Profile:

MSIEVOGT.Jrd.TNC (Jordan Jose)
Role in the team: Solo Top/Bruiser
Years of playing LOL: 2 years

Considered as one of the best Solo Top laners in the Philippine LOL scene, Jrd has truly filled in to the expectations of the fans of the team. This former DotA player truly showed that his transition in the LoL scene truly paid him well in the form of the achievements that he'd earned with the team. A Malphite user by blood, plus adding Sunfire Cape in his arsenal of items in use, Jrd is truly a benchmark in the field of Solo laning / Bruiser heroes.

MSIEVOGT.Zlk.TNC (Zherluck Tolentino)
Role in the team: Support
Years of playing LOL: 1 yr and 6 months

Like Jrd, Zlk was a former DotA player before shifting into LoL. As one of the best supports in the scene, Zlk’s role is not an easy one as he has to do everything in his powers to assists his team mates in every battle that they encounter. Don’t be deceived by this player who usually uses Taric or Leona during his free time while having a Heart of Gold at the time. Because whenever his services are needed he will go all out for the sake of the team.

MSIEVOGT.Krl.TNC (Karlo Sarmiento)
Role in the team: AP
Years of playing LOL: 1 yr and 6 months

Krl is definitely an AP hero user that will be needed surely by every LOL team out there. After leaving the DotA scene, his prowess and love for Swain and Cassiopeia during pub games have taken his AP hero usage to new heights not only for him, but also for his team. Just make sure that he doesn’t buy a Hextech item during pub games or tournaments. Or you’ll be able to see the consequences for yourself.

MSIEVOGT.Shn.TNC (Jyro Pascual)
Years of playing LOL: 1 yr
Previous games before LOL: DotA

Try to find an ADR user for your team and Shn will surely fit the resume. Applying what he’d learned from playing DotA, Shn embraced the role of a player that should be able to carry the team to victory. From Graves to Draven, Shn will surely give you your Last Whisper if you guys wouldn’t be able to let his guard down during tournaments or just pub games.
Role in the team: ADR

MSIEVOGT.GtzTNC (Stephen Doron)
Role in the team: Jungler
Years of playing LOL: 2 years

Other than his love for FPS games (Counter-Strike, Crossfire) and Dota, Gtz is indeed a one-of-a-kind jungler for his team. Just give him the time and item for him to gank every possible lane, and all your waiting will be worth it. A Leesin user he may seem, but this versatile jungler will truly deliver each and every time that he needs to. But he’s a player with a Heart of Gold during games.

But before we give you our parting message, here’s a statement from the team’s one and only manager Jeff “Bayok” Bercasio.

“Good luck to you guys! I’m very happy for all of your achievements over the past few months. In my opinion, I think I’ve picked the right players for this team [laughs].  Just continue your winning ways while enjoying the game… You guys have my full support along the way.

There’s nothing more to expect other than winning this event.  All of us will surely be happy if we win at the GMPGL LoL finals (especially Jrd) [laughs]. Because all of our hard work during the MPGL Leg paid off really well all of us in the team. We still have a long way to go on the international league, and we expect more challenging games from other teams since we know that we're not the only best League of Legends team here in the Philippines. We all hope that the PGF will be bigger and more exciting than last year's. 

Special thanks to our sponsors MSI, to Ms.Marian, Sir Tryq, and to Mr. Eric Redulfin of The Net.com, for the overwhelming support that he gave us from the start. And to all the players, fans and friends thank you so much. To my Cosplay community friends, Telly and my MDS Family, to my other teams; Dota 2 (Cast, Fox, Von, Vash, Sel) and TNC Girls (Zelle, Ema, Yey, Pj, Adi, Alech) keep it up guys!”

After their wacky ride during the first GMPGL LoL tournament as rookies, up to the team’s current state as the team to beat in the upcoming PGF finals… Can they live up to the expectations they’ve carried along the way after grabbing one opportunity to another? Or is it really just the beginning for this team? All of us should be on the look-out… Who knows, something fun and exciting might happen during the GMPGL League of Legends finals.

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