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SC2 WCS Asia Finals this weekend

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Richardson Jacinto

The crowded city of Shanghai will witness the most epic battles in StarCraft II history as the World Championship Series (WCS) Asian Finals commence this weekend. The top six winners of this tournament will be the Asian representatives at the Battle.net World Championships (BWC) which will be held on the same venue on November 17-18, 2012.

Let's take a quick look at the players of the tournament.

Race Breakdown (with the players)

Protoss (15) Terran (4) Zerg (13)
 Ash (Wayi Spiders)  Infi (Tyloo)  Comm (Wayi Spiders)
 Jim (Tyloo)  XY (Invictus Gaming)  F91 (Phoenix)
 MacSed (Invictus Gaming)  Nilon (Yoe Ironmen)  TooDming 
 Top (PhoenixTeam)  RedArchon (Neolution/MiTH)  Stellar (BenQ Mineski)
 XluoS ((Invictus Gaming)    Revenant (Flash)
 Creator (Prime)    Curious (StarTale)
 herO (CJ entus)    Miya (SlayerS)
 HerO (Team Liquid)    RorO (Samsung KHAN)
 PartinG (StarTale)    AK (Tt Apolos)
 Rain (SK Telecom T1)    FLY (Wayi Spiders)
 Seed (Incredible Miracle)    Ian (Yoe Ironmen)
 Squirtle (StarTale)    Sen (Gama Bears)
 Apro (Gama Bears)    Slam (Gama Bears)
 Hui (Yoe Ironmen)    
 SKTB (Tt Apolos)    


(this list is made and based upon the personal view of the author)

Creator.Prime  - Creator is arguably one of the best players in the whole tournament. From bringing the glory to Prime on the GSTL season 1 against TSL where Prime was behind with 1-4; but Creator pulled off a miracle and sweeped the next four matches for Prime letting him advance to the finals. He is also the winner of the WCS South Korea Nationals, and is one of the favorites to win this tournament.

ST.PartinG  - Parting is a consistent Code S player. Though he may not have any title under his belt. Parting is one of the best Protoss players in the world.

SKT_T1.Rain - My personal bet to win the whole tournament. Rain was a professional Broodwar player (StarCraft 1) but has switched to StarCraft II when the Proleague made the game transition. On the list of Professional BW players that switched, Rain is the one showing the best performance of them all defeating proplayers of SCII such as Leenock, TaeJa, MKP and others. He's also the first Kespa player to made it through the RO16, Ro8 and Ro4 at GSL.

Liquid`Hero  - The Korean protoss who's known for his warp prism drops and mothership usage. aslo known as the best player of TeamLiquid (only contended by Taeja). He's also one of the favorites to win the whole tournament based on the international community poll.

ST.Squirtle  - The korean representative for IeSF and the 2nd placer of the WCS South Korea Nationals. He's the first player who scored an "all-kill" on the GSTL and one of the PentaToss (the protoss players who made it to the GSL finals).

iG.MacSed  - Invictus Gaming's star Protoss player has participated in several tournaments ever since StarCraft II servers opened up for China. MacSed's skill is not to be doubted upon as his Starswar 7 win against Sen speaks for it.

LG_IM.Seed  - GSL Season 3 champion. That title in itself is a warning sign to his opponents that he is not to be taken lightly.

MiTH.RedArchon SEA's number two representative hailing from Thailand, RedArchon comes into this elimination chamber with decent international experience. Though lacking the actual medals from those tournaments, one can never dismiss the fact that he is one of the few Southeast Asians who have gone around the world representing his home country.

Tyloo.Infi - He's the current Number 1 ranker on the Chinese Ladder. If he can bring his game in the ladder to this tournament, then he's one of the players too look out for.

Gamania.Sen  - One of the best Zerg foreigners. Sen is one of the few Asian players who made an impact on the global StarCraft II scene. He's a former Broodwar proplayer and he just recently went undefeated on the WCS Taiwan Nationals where he didn't drop a single game on his opponents.

BenQ_Mski.Stellar - The filipino Bonjwa. The current undefeated champion of the MPGL and still the number 1 player in the Philippines. He's also the WCS South East Asian Qualifier champion making an epic comeback win against RedArchon.

CM_Flash.Revenant  - The singaporean superstar. The one who all-killed the top Australian clan "Terror Australis" in the SEACC semi-finals and has countless Asian tournaments under his name. Revenant also spent a month training in Korea at the Fnatic House. He's also the WCS Singaporean Champion.

WayiSpider.Comm  - He's a very well known Chinese Zerg player. He's the WCS China Champion and one of the Zergs to look out for in this tournament.

Samsung_Khan.RorO  - First played at South Korea's hybrid 2011-2012 Proleague Season 2, Samsung Khan's RorO has developed his skills with StarCraft II ever since. His only milestone so far is his top 4 finish in WCS South Korea where he lost 2-1 to Creator. In addition, he also managed to take out GSL Season 3 champ, Seed. This guy is not to be confused with the father of Philippine Dota.

Phoenix.F91  - Simply put F91 is a living Chinese StarCraft legend. Recently coming off with two StarCraft II championship golds from NetEase StarLeague and WCG 2011 Shanghai, F91 is looking to add another medal into his collection which he has been building upon since 2004.

TooDming  - This Zerg player has proven time and time again that he can put up a fight against fellow Chinese StarCraft professionals. His third place win against F91 in NEO Star League Season 1 is considered no small feat in the Chinese scene.

Blizzard interviews BenQ-Mski.EnDerr

Where are you from and how did you get into StarCraft II?
Philippines. I joined StarCraft II because of my friend "BLaZeR" and my older brother "Sonnet".

How was your experience at your National Tournament?
Everything was well prepared: the venue, time, computers and everything else. I never thought that I could win that tournament. Luckily, I did.

How do you think you’ll finish in the Asia Finals?
A Korean will win the tournament. I think I'll be eliminated in the first round.

Is there anything you’d like to say to people in your home country cheering you on?
Thank you for always supporting every player that represents our country. I promise to do my best! GG GLHF!

Full Interview Article -- us.battle.net

This looks like a very exciting line up indeed! We wish all the players goodluck and we hope that the best players will represent Asia at BWC! Who's your pick to win? Tell us on the comments section below! And don't forget to stay tuned to Mineski.net for more awesome updates!