Ateneo, La Salle, Uste make their presence felt in NCCL

Wilson Astorga

Ateneo, La Salle, and Uste make their presence felt in NCCL in the form of Dota teams hailing from Xavier University Ateneo de Cagayan, De La Salle University Dasmariñas, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde and University of Santo Tomas. These giants of national collegiate sports especially in the field of basketball will test their mettle in electronic sports this time around at the National Cyber Collegiate League Season 2 Finals. Last season, the four teams failed to make a podium finish as it was FEU, TIP, CIT-U and PUP that overtook the competition.

Our next featured team came from a school that made a great debut during last season's NCCL, but fell short afterwards. The representatives of Mineski Infinity Cagayan De Oro, team Crusaders of Xavier University, dominated the CDO leg of the NCCL.

Hi! Can you give some quick info about you and your teammates?

Crisanti Salde - 3rd year BSDC
Daniel Macarat - 1st year BSDC
Jude Yaranon - 1st year BSBA
Robin Ralph Payat - 1st year BSBA
Peter Estrada III - 3rd year BSCE

So your team is a mix of young guns and veterans. What's the reason behind your team name?

We were brainstorming as to what our team's name would be. And since we're representing our school, the name "Crusaders" would be the best fit. Xavier University's tag name is "The Crusaders".

It sounds like a term for knights. Interesting choice for a name. So how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

Hearing that there would be a second season for NCCL last summer, we're already scouting for top players that will enroll in Xavier University. Jude, Robin, and Peter were the best players for our team since they're the most experienced players among our choices.

So some of you guys really acted like scouts. Any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

Since my teammates are considered to be part of the pool of top players in CDO, the struggles that we've experienced were easy to solve. At first, teamplay was hard to achieve since we all belong to different teams. Some play the carry / semi-carry role for NCCL, but plays the support role on their main team. Finally, we got the adjustment that each of us needed as a team.

After getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX, what did you guys feel about the news?

We already saw it coming [laughs]. To be honest, we feel very excited for the tournament. We are so proud to represent our school. We'll try our very best to win this tournament, especially with that HUGE prize pool!

What preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We've started practicing already after the CDO-MPGL final season last September 16, for us to further enhance our teamwork.

Now to the main point of NCCL, What are your thoughts and opinions about "responsible gaming"?

Crisanti: Responsible gaming is about how one can control his desires to play over his priorities in life. School is always a priority. Finish your assignments, projects, or exams first before you play. It's a win-win situation.

Jude: Responsible gaming is being able to balance things. Aside from playing Dota or other games, it is important to maintain good grades. Discipline is also an important factor

Peter: Studying is very important to me. I always prioritize it for my family. But being a gamer while excelling in studies is also possible. That's way I always ensure that I finish my academic stuffs before playing.

Robin: I've been playing Dota for almost 7 years now. And from my experience, its very important to balance your studies and gaming habits. I just play whenever I have in-between breaks or no classes at all.

Daniel:In my opinion, balancing your studies and gaming habits is a bit hard. But studies are way more important than gaming. Budget your time always. School first before anything else.

Thank you for sharing your time with us guys. By the way, would you guys like to greet any people in particular?

Crisanti: Greetings to all CDO gamers and to Bridget Billedo.

Peter: I would like to greet all the CDO Dota players, my friends in Davao. And to all the people of Mindanao. [laughs]

Jude: I would like to greet myself.[laughs] To my best friends, my Dota buddies. And most of all, to my beloved girlfriend.

Robin: I would like to greet all of my friends that wants to be mentioned. You know who you are. [laughs]

Daniel: Shout-outs to team Ace of CDO, Kerwin, Ritchmond, Miss Minnie, Reyan Rose, and Twen2.

Can their solid mix of players from CDO be enough to grab the title away from FEU and other participating teams? Stay tuned on Mineski.net for updates! 


The next team made their appearance during the first season of NCCL last PGF Summer Assembly. Comprised of players that are familiar in the competitive gaming scene around Vito Cruz, they will now test their skills alongside the other participants at the NCCL finals at the second season of PGF. This team is no other than Pino of the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde


Before anything else, can you please give some information about you and your teammates?

Takahiro Taruguchi BS-HRIM
James Ishmael Ramos AP-MP
Benze Ang BS-HRIM
Samuel Chang BS-HRIM
Romwel Del Prado BS-HRIM

So some members were replaced after your first season appearance... Interesting. But what's the reason behind the name Pino?

Our team name actually came from my good friend Raphael "Master Juicy" Magnaye when we were playing League of Legends. It means "BATAK" /of high quality from our perspective. That's why we used it as a team name.

I see. So how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

NCCL is our first tournament as a team. Since we knew each other in the DotA community for quite sometime and came from the same school, we've decided to join NCCL merely for fun. But luckily, we qualified for the finals.

Were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

Struggles are normal for every team. What separates the good teams from the bad teams is how they would overcome these things.

What was your feeling after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

Pressured. We feel pressured since we will be representing MG and CSB. SMX would not be a "walk in the park" since there were qualifiers. Plus the fact that our opponents are champions of their respective conference.

What preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

Secret. [laughs]

What are your thoughts about "responsible gaming" ?

In reality, 'responsible gaming' is very hard to do. If you will enter school, then you need to give your full attention to your studies. If you would be playing competitively, then you should also give your full attention to gaming. But we will do our best to be a good example to others, to prove to them that we can be a student and a gamer at the same time. Time management nuffsaid.

Pabati portion.

We would like to greet Scott Mancia and Raphael Magnaye. They're our inspiration to succeed during the qualifiers. To our parents, CSB friends, professors, friends from Taft, Sam 'n Friends, to the fans of Borgas. To Isko, Jan, Drich, Mac, Quero, Steven, and Raion. Shout-outs also to our great elder Jeff "Empty" Again. To my girlfriend Girlie Policarpio, and to Elle Kuo who is the girlfriend of Benz.

To our haters, just practice this line: "Nagetlak mo akez nung bonggels pa akez. Pero gi-netlock nya ako noong chakabels na akez. But NO! K ineyeme kyeme mo ang heartlaloo ko!Kaloka ka! Maldita ka!" [laughs]


Can their revamped line-up after last season be enough to take their team to higher grounds? Or are there any need for more drastic changes?


Our next team came all the way from the far lands of Cavite. They have been playing competitive Dota for quite some time now, and can be considered as a veterans. Little do people know that all of them belong to the same university, which made their bond even stronger. They are no other than Moosegear of De La Salle University - Dasmariñas.

Good day Ronn! What courses do you guys take at DLSU-D?

Ronn Perez - 2nd yr HRM
Jeffrey Briz - 2nd yr HRM
Ronald Lim - 3rd yr IT
Van Manalaysa - 1st yr CPE
Elek Garth - 3rd yr HRD
Jericho Nunez - 1st yr CPE

HRM, IT, CPE, that's a good mix of courses. Anyway, what's the reason behind your team name?

Our team manager in a certain shop once had a pair of Moosegear™ pants, and we all know that it is a kids apparel. We saw him wearing it during our wash day in DLSU-D (washday means we can wear civilian clothing). So that's why we came up with Moosegear because it was indeed funny for us. [laughs]

I really thought that you guys were sponsored by that brand. So how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

As a team, we've been playing for quite some time now on a shop near our school. We then realized that we're competitive enough to compete against the participating schools in the NCCL final leg. And luckily, we've grabbed the championship title, and the chance to represent our school for the upcoming NCCL finals.

Any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

During our 2nd game at the finals, we had the prime hero of our team yet our opponent, LPU, made us struggle with their counter heroes for our line-up. But in the end, we've managed to overcome their line-up at some team clashes.

What preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We have daily practices during our school breaks and dismissals, to further improve our team play and skills.

How does it feel to represent DLSU once again at the NCCL finals?

Of course we're proud to represent DLSU, specifically DLSU-D at the NCCL finals. We're also happy for our team because inside and outside school, we're a team.

Very simple and precise. So, to the main goal of the NCCL, your thoughts about "responsible gaming" ?

Our team believes that through proper time management, excelling in academics and E-sports can be done at the same time. I remember what Rhom said to me before- "Pag nagmamadali, laging may mawawala." (Being in a hurry makes some things worse than before). That's why we always manage our time when it comes to our studies and gaming activities.

Thank you for your time guys! One last thing... Would you like to greet any people in particular?

Me, Jeko, Van, Elek, Rj, and Briz would like to greet ourselves [haha].To DLSU-D group of gamers, our friends at Badboys Gaming Centre: Daboy, Runin, Jing, Brazal, Brando, Pepew, Mateng, Ivan, Denver, Ching, Erap, Renzyrenz, Bieber, Ekoy, Kel, whom we practice with a lot. To the Badgirls Sacha, Janine, Aileen. Team ARW: Kuku, James, Clark, Ching, Woodz, Tomas. To our UGZ friends: Edcel, Ranma, Momon, Shiro. Thank you also to Mr. JO who owns the shop where we usully play, and MooseGear.CHX (Mika, Lovie, and Steph). ANIMO LA SALLE!

Can MooseGear make a surprising noise this season or will they lose their horns? Stay tuned and be updated through mineski.net



Our next team is a team that carries their school color of Black-Gold, Black-White. A team that will surely make a huge roar because of their comeback in the upcoming NCCL finals at PGF season 2. A team that made a close-call with their counterpart team during their respective leg. This team is none other than Team DLC of the University of Santo Tomas.


Hi Harvey! Please tell some information about you and your teammates. 

David Harvey Y. De Guzman - Civil Engineering 2nd year
Patrick Johan Tabernilla - Electronics Engineering 3rd year
James Alpaño - Accountancy 4th year
Marky De La Cruz - Electrical Engineering 4th year
Kenneth Dominic Gamilla - Electrical Engineering 4th year

So what's the reason behind your team name?

Our team name came from the shop where we usually play.

Ahhh. But how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

The team was formed last PGF Summer Assembly but we changed 2 of our members. 

So you guys are making a big comeback. Any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

Yes, we always lose during the 1st game, then we steamroll our way through the championship. But the one that was very important happened during the 2nd leg when we lost during the finals because of our hero picks.

First game jitters. I think everyone have those kinds of moments. What were your thoughts after winning three out of the 4 legs, and a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX at the same time?

We are proud and happy that we're representing our school once again. But for some of us, it will be their first time.

What preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We're going to practice after the of our finals exam. 

Wow, straight to the point. So on to the serious part. Your thoughts about "responsible gaming" ?

Gammiee: Study first before playing

Marky: Study hard, play harder. [laughs]

Alpaño: If you're going to study, then focus on it. Then if you're going to play afterwards, then play.

David: Just focus on your studies especially if an exam is up and coming. Then if you have free time, then you play. Don't cut classes.

Thank you for the quick interview. I'm sure you guys are very busy right now. But, before anything else, would you guys like to greet anyone in particular?

Taber: Hi to my family. Also, to my friends in UST: Jop, Tolin, Jerry, Stephen, Vinsz, Errol, Franz, BErd, Lance, Kate, Kherj, Zam, Anjo, Isiah, Justin, Mabs, Jordan, Martin, Nikki, TOny, Ger, Je, Cyrelle, Claudine, Trixie, Ann, Jen, Lusa, CJ, and Tricia. To my ECE family, ME family, Engineering Family, and Pacific Family. And to my number 1 fan J. [laughs] Hope things would be well again. God bless us all.

Gammiee: I would like to greet all of my friends at Tanay, at walking distance, Jemy's casino royal, Team PSQ A and B, Turbo Family, team iChill, and UST Engineering.

Marky: Hi to all of my friends at iChill, team PSQ, and to all of my friends at Masci.

David: I would like to greet all of my friends at iChill and Pacific, Tuguegarao boys, Team Smiley, Team PWN, Milan, Regi, Darren, Yong, Hazel, Keng, Juelv, and Kolai.

Alpaño: To my friends at Pacific: Cabusao, Earl, Jop, King, Max, Sepnio, and others. Then to my friends at iChill: Mark, Gami, Kherjee, Nico, Jaui, Nat, Ralph, Tara, and others. Then to my St. Jude friends: Estur, Joco, Bryan, Lucas, Jampong, Kimmy Amboy, Edmon, and others. To Team Smiley, Team Yo, Team Salestalk, Team flow,  and to those at AMV that doesn't play Dota, who plays Dota, and to those who just study there. And to all of my friends at UST.

Can these players from España be able to pounce to the top? Or will others teams be able to stop them in their goals? Stay tuned on Mineski.net



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