RR & Ewe to MSIEvoGT, wins MIAT LP

Wilson Astorga

After a successful year of operations and through the undying patronage of the players, Mineski Infinity Las Piñas held a 10,000 PHP prize pool DotA tournament last Sunday as a way of showing gratitude for the support it has been receving up until now from the players on the south side of the metro. And without further ado, here's a recap of the said tournament that made some noise around the vicinity.


MSI Evo GT named champs. TNC.Trojan runner-up team.

64 teams from the south showed up and participated at the said tournament. When the 64 was trimmed down to only 8 (Itchyy, Pathetic, Netskowski, Arw^Reborn, Prosty, TNC.Trojan, OPPA NH4, MSiEvoGT), things got really serious from the remaining teams during their respective matches. Teams quickly stumbled after the other and only MSIEvoGT and TNC.Trojan remained to battle it out for the championship prize.

Fans were shocked to see the former Mineski players, and a reformed line-up of MSIEvoGT, after acquiring Ewe and RR (Ewe and RR replaced the slots of Rara and Maxwell who were filled by Memel and Nivek last GMPGL) days before the tournament. MSIEvoGT faced a worthy opponent in the form of fellow Class S team of TNC.Trojan during the finals match. Their match-up was indeed something that is worth to watch as both teams showed no signs of slowing down, nor giving up the match. But during the latter part of the game, MSIEvoGT got a chance to counter the offense of TNC.Trojan, eventually paving the way for them to be proclaimed as champions of the anniversary tournament.

Just weeks ago, Mineski announced the acquisition of Ewe, who filled the spot of Jojero. RR on the other hand has been with Mineski on countless competitions, inside and outside of the country. All involved parties have no comments on the said issue.

With the dawn of this new changes, what will the fans expect on the coming Pinoy Gaming Festival?

1st Place: MSIEvoGT 5,000 PHP
2nd Place: TNC.Trojan 3,000 PHP
3rd Place: ARW^Reborn 2,000 PHP


Congratulations to all the winning teams of the 1st ever Mineski Infinity Anniversary Tournament at Las Piñas. The whole Mineski organization would like to sincerely thank the participating teams, and the gaming community of the south for continuously giving out their support and continuous appreciation for the brand.


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