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Mike and Oyie on GMPGL DN Grand Final

Juno Reyes

The end of the first season of the country's premiere commercial Dragon Nest league is almost upon us! Finally, the DN GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League, which has taken place throughout the majority of the year, culminates this 27th-28th of October, at SMX Convention Hall 3, in the Pinoy Gaming Festival.

With the rest of the season now behind us, we find 8 3-man teams and 8 individual players securing their seeds in the 3v3 and 1v1 championship brackets, respectively:

3v3 Contenders 1v1 Contenders
Miwannomi - Manila Wanno Santos - Manila
Tiwala Lang - Manila Meeko Ramos - Manila
Fidelisque - Manila Michael Llorin - Manila
Pancho's Angels - Manila Ronel Tan - Manila
Dre - Manila Villaruel Olidano - Manila
IGIV X - Manila Jesson - Manila
Bahala - Cebu Galadriel - Cebu
Throne - CDO Ervin - CDO


As the showdown draws ever so closer, 9001 of the Mineski-Events team was fortunate enough to catch a few words from Michael Llorin and Norberto Ramos (more known in the scene as Oyie/Oy Ie), representatives from Miwannomi and Tiwala Lang, the first and second ranking teams in the GMPGL DN ladder, respectively, regarding what they've gone through in the past and what they feel about the incoming storm.



First off is Michael Llorin of Miwanomi. Probably the most interesting tidbit about him that I got while trying to interview him is how comfortable he is. With himself, with his team, and even with interviews such as this. It's become evident that it's this charismatic nature of his that has allowed him to switch teams and still manage to exhibit top-notch results. There is a confindence, or as we could call it, swag, in his words that you just know that he's the real deal. He's not boastful by any means, no, but he won't underplay how excellent he and his teammates really are. 

Mike (right) with Team MiWannoMi

9001: Good afternoon Mr. Mike Llorin! Before we being, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers and fans?

Mike:  I'm Mikee, and I'm from Cabanatuan City. I'm a Masscom Student fond of online games, books normally about fantasy (if you know what I mean) and Photoshop-ing of course.

9001: Most fans know you as a player from team Miwanomi, the team currently leading in the DN standings, and among the favorites to take the title at this year's PGF. Tell us, how do you feel about this? How did you prepare then, and how are you preparing now? 

Mike: I wanna sound humble as I say this... honestly, I'm confident with my current team now. I'm with the top players of my server (Westwood) or as I perceive it, in DNSEA. Preparation for us last month was just 2 days, I think, individually having conflicts in real life and all. But despite the very short time that we had to practice, there's been no moment that I didn't think that we can't win. Since I'm with them, that convinced me to play well in our games. Since we're permanent now and there's so much time for us to prepare, we're practicing every night now.

9001: From dre to pagibig to miwannomi, how did you adjust to the different playstyles? Or sila ba nag-adjust sa laro mo?

Mike: Awkward for me, but I'll just simply say, I'm the one who adjusted with the different teams that I've been with. From utilizing Acro (4v4) to Priest (3v3) everyone in the DN PH community said to me "Acro naman main mo, madali mo lang magets yan".

9001: Thanks for answering the question even though it WAS a bit awkward. Now, regarding PGF, which teams do you think will probably be the most difficult opponents for you?

Mike: You're welcome! Every team will be an obstacle for us, we don't think of having an easy opponent every time we set foot on our practice games. And since DNSEA now is using T4 system and the increase of Cap to level 50, many teams who are going to participate in this month's PGF are trying to come up with various surprise line-ups of characters in their roster.

9001: And now, before we finish off, would you like to take this time for the traditional pabati portion or final shoutouts?

Mike: Sure! I've got quite a of handful people who have supported me and been with me through this GMPGL DN season. To Team Fidelisque (Cholo, Rena, Gino), Unicorn club, which was pioneered by Jam Liwag and girlfriends of Cholo and Gino, Team DRE of course, I won't forget that! To the players of DN in Westwood server, and especially to Shane Aurtria, the person I can't live without. Oh, and shoutouts to my family and especially my teammates Wanno and Milan!

9001: Alright. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions for this short interview. We at Mineski-Events team wish you and your tean all the luck this coming PGF.


Norberto Ramos, or Oyie, on the other hand, provides us an entirely different personality relative to Mike. The most interesting thing regarding his interview has got to be the sheer difficulty for me to find a good time for me to interview him. Why was this? It's mostly due to the fact that most of the time he's offline from his social networking accounts, as when he practices with his team (and they practice a lot), he focuses solely on the game. Oyie shows a profound determination to excel at the game, and that's probably a big portion of why despite only joining towards the end of the season, they (Tiwala Lang) managed to secure the second spot. Another interesting thing, though, is the fact that when asked to introduce himself, he introduces his team instead.

Oyie (center) with Team Tiwala

9001: Good evening Mr. Oyie! Would you like to introduce yourself to the DN fans out there, as well as to the rest of the Mineski.net readers?

Oyie: We are Team TIWALA from Malolos, Bulacan. TIWALA or trust in english is the key of what we have now. The two of us are students from BSU and the other one is from UP. We do not practice everyday because of school work and it is hard for us to have practice time. To all our fans, we recommend that your priority must be your studies before anything else.

9001: How does it feel to place so high despite only joining the GMPGL late into the season? Are you proud of being ranked this high, or are you disappointed that you didn't get first in the ladder rankings?

Oyie: Honestly, we didnt expect this much. We just want to show all the dragon nest players what we got and show them the enjoyment that we experienced. Indeed it is an honor to be ranked 2nd place in DN GMPGL despite the fact that we only joined the last 3 DN GMPGLs. But we will try our best to be the number 1 here in PH!

9001: How are you preparing for this coming PGF? What do you think will be your edge against the opposing teams?

Oyie: We cant think of any strengths over the opposing teams aside from team play. We know our opponents a lot because we always play with them and they are all training very hard to win this PGF. As we said a while ago, we prioritize studying rather than playing games and we are now coming to our finals week. We are having a hard time  catching up with each other because of schedule differences, but we are trying our very best to have time for practice. We are trying different combos and etc so that we can catch up on our opponents' abilities. Thus we are determined to to win this coming PGF and do whatever it takes to be the no.1 at PH!

9001: Among the seven other teams that you'll be facing, who do you think will be the hardest opponent?

Oyie: For us, team Miwanomi is the hardest opponent that we will be facing. They are the last DN MPGL champ and we have a hard time fighting them because of elestra's incredible super armor when using skills. In addition to this, Miwanomi's elestra is girmoire, arguably one of the best Elestra of DN Sea.

9001: Alright. Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions despite being hard-pressed with time and practice. It's really obvious how dedicated you are to what you are doing. May you inspire more gamers, and good 
luck this coming PGF! Any last shoutouts and/or dedications before we wrap up?

Oyie: We would like to thank all the people believing and supporting us. Prince Caballero for making our very awesome team logo. This fight is for all of us, and to our co-PGF players good luck! Team TIWALA will never let you down.


There you have it folks, Michael Llorin and Norberto Ramos. Two individuals with varying personalities, but having the same goal: to be part of the number one Dragon Nest team in the Philippines. They shall face each other, along with 6 other teams this coming PGF, in what is expected to be an immensely climactic showdown.

Who's gonna come out on top? Be there or stay tuned at Mineski.net to find out!