First NCCL season top 4 makes a comeback

Wilson Astorga

The months close and the date slowly approaches for the most explosive eSports event in the country, the Pinoy Gaming Festival. But before we get ahead of ourselves and become too excited, we took a moment to gather the four worthy teams that came out of the NCCL qualifying stages to see what makes them tick.

Without further ado, here are the warriors:


Congratulations on your win Rara! By the way, can you please give some short info about you and your team mates?

Hiroshi Iimura 2nd Yr BSHRM
Macky Estrada 1st year BSITWMA
Edwin Joyas 1st year BSAMIT
Jerick Abad 2nd yr, IA
Von Udarbe 1st Yr BSIT
Mikael Matias 1st yr BSTOURISM

I see some players from your previous roster gone. Why the sudden change in your team roster?

We had our roster change because two from our original players in our last NCCL appearance went to other schools. So I've decided to put Vonn, Mowtty and Cho to our ALL STAR roster. [laughs]

Oh that's why. But what's the reason behind your team name?

Our Team Name, TSW (TEAM SURE WIN), was chosen because our team consists of very talented players from different DotA teams. And we all have that similar confidence to win this tournament. [smiles]

How was the team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

Our team was formed because of the last NCCL in during the PGF Summer Assembly, but we have 3 new players for this season. This is not our first tournament as individual players. Almost all of us joined various tournaments before because we all came from different DotA teams. And since this is our second NCCL tournament, we hope that we could win again. [smiles]

So all of you are considered to be veterans in the league. But were there any struggles that the team experienced during the NCCL tournament?

YES, there were struggles in our NCCL tourney because we have the same points against Bleach (also came from FEU), and we lost couple of times to them. But during the last leg, we've taken things seriously to gain the spot for the finals in SMX. [laughs]

I've seen that match and it was very intense. But after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX, what emotions did you guys felt during that time?

We're happy to get the slot for the NCCL finals in SMX, especially Lorkan because he wanted to join this tournament no matter what. And for the rest of us, we're very happy and excited for our participation. Hope we win this tournament. GOODLUCK to US and the other teams. [laughs]

With that being said, what preparations do you guys have in mind for the NCCL finals?

We'll do our best and will not underestimate any team in the NCCL finals. We'll take every game seriously, and hoping that "WALANG MAG CHOCHOKE sa'min". Just wait for us. We'll bring home the "bacon" again. [laughs]

Now back to the serious part, what are your thoughts about "responsible gaming"?

Rara: In being a responsible gamer, you have to budget your time to both in studying and in playing the games that you want. When you're in school, be serious about it. And when you're classes are over, then you can enjoy your free time. It's all about time management. [smiles]

Mikael: I love what I'm doing. So, eventually, I'm inspired. Bottom line, I managed to study hard and be inspired of what I'm doing when I play.

Mowtty: for me it’s important to be a responsible gamer because it means that you can balance your studies while playing [smiles]

Lorkan: Its being a gamer but not neglecting other things such as studies, and family :)

Vonn: For me, a responsible gamer means that you can handle or manage your academic responsibilities while playing professionaly.

Macky: Responsible gaming for me is all about studying hard while playing. Discipline is the main secret here. We should all learn how to balance our time for studies and games.

Well said for the defending champs! And being the defending champs, what are your preparations as for the NCCL finals?

We've prepared a lot for the finals. We'll practice soon enough after this month's MPGL. We will aim for the GOLD again, and we will show no mercy to other schools so be ready. Good luck to all! [smiles]

Thank you for your time Rara! But before we end this, now is the time for you guys to greet those persons you want to.

Rara: First and formeost, I would like to greet my MSIEvoGT family, Doc, Doa, Kimo, Max. Also to my friends at M.I Morayta, Richard, Papa Pao. Lastly I would like to greet my friends in Bulacan, Monz,Slice,Mako,Bota,Lala,and Arlon.

Vonn: Shoutout to all of my friends in NV! Tropang sniwt, to those who play in M.I. Morayta, Team Pag-ibig.TnC. Thank you also to my friend Yoradyl Koh. And lastly, Lleslie Nepomuceno. <3

Lorkan: First of all, I would like to greet Charlene Tapar (my girlfriend).Then Kuya jeff, Team Spider, Team Applepark,Inso, Den2x , Pute, Henry, my sister who works outside the country, M.I Morayta family, Cube, Ambush, Chi, Jomhel,Sir Ace, Sir Michael, Papi  Ichiro, Richard, edong, Mark, Bong, Jek, Bok, Luigi, Ejhay, and King.

Macky: I would like to greet my gf Cia Rivera. Thanks for the support. Also to Kurt, Mowtty , Jyro, to those who became part of moja and to the others who plays at Chlowren and Roxas:. I would like to greet Ciis, Jim, Buknoy, Franz, my classmates in FEU, Ariel, Avel, Gerald, Vlad. My classmates in St.Jo, at my friends in M.I. Morayta and ipad 5 .

Mowtty: Hi to Jyro, Karl, Mar, Kurt, Jc, and to the whole chlowren family.

Cho: I would like to greet my girlfriend and angel Ava Dee. [smiles]


Can Rara and his "all-star cast" team from Morayta be able to defend the title that they've fought for so hard during the Summer Assembly?

Good day Al! Can you give some simple description about you and your teammates?

Al Sacar –BS-CE 5th yr
Clyde Pamarang  - BS-IT 3rd yr
Angelo Manuel – Bs – IT 3rd yr
Leo Ruidera – BS-IT 3rd yr
Kevin Jullar – BS-IT 3rd yr
Norman  Sulit – BS-IT 3rd yr

Same courses and year... interesting. What's the reason behind your team name?

Our first name was Braveƒrogs (Bƒ), then ƒirstBlooders (ƒB), then ƒudgeebars (ƒb). Then our team grew and became ƒudgeebar Xtremes (ƒbX). Then we just suddenly decided to change it into ƒaceßook Xtremes! (ƒßx~).

Fbx is the original name of our team came from the word FACEBOOK Extremes! so as this NCCL 2 we changed our team name FBX-Team to Fbx-TJ. (Meaning FBX minus my brother and our captain Timojen "TJ" Sacar because he's from TIP - Manila and not from TIP - QC)

From frogs to a website program... That's new. haha! But, were there any changes within the team for the NCCL finals?

Our initial plan is to keep our same line-up. But my brother got separated from our team because he's studying at TIP - Manila and not in TIP-QC. Our team lost a mid-laner due to my brother's absence so we've decided to invite Leo Ruidera in our team.

Were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

There were no concerns that rose for our team in terms of the tournament as far as I can remember. And since we're also students that prioritize our studies, I think that's our major concern because we need to find a perfect time to practice due to our different time availability.

I see, I see. So what were the team’s thoughts after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

We then felt excited and happy after the things that we've achieved so far. We're not that nervous for the tournament. I think we can compete well with the others. And besides, we want to win the championship this season after last season's defeat at the finals.

And after having a 1st Runner-up place last NCCL finals, will that be the teams additional motivation on becoming the champion team for this season at The NCCL finals?

Of course! It gave us an additional reason because we almost reached the top. If we didn't have any errors during the finals back then against FEU, I think we can win against them. We're much motivated than ever to win the title this time. Even if our team captain left because he's from TIP - Manila and is ineligible to play, we would still do everything within our powers to win and to be named as champions. [laughs]

So you guys really what to avenge last season’s mishap. And with that said, what preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

No preparation is necessary for the finals. Teamwork and team play are the factors that all of us consider as a team for the finals. More importantly, all of us should enjoy during the tournament.

Now to the serious part of the event, what are your thoughts about "responsible gaming"

Al: From the word itself “RESPONSIBLE”, studying is one of the priorities that shouldn't be left behind. Even if you play good but you don't perform well on your academics, it is no use. Finding time to balance one's academic, gaming, and active lifestyle is a must.

Norman: It's all about time management. If you don't balance your time, then failing grades or dropping your subjects would be the result. You can study while playing. If you have vacant time and no important things come up, then why not play?

Clyde: Responsible gaming is about balancing your time between your studies and playing computer games

Angelo:Responsible Gaming - Managing time being a student and a gamer. If you are at the school, focus on what you’re studying, listen to the instructor or professor who is teaching in theclass, take down notes, do your homework so you can get an excellent grade. When you're finish to your lesson, you can play with your friends and have fun.

Thank You for your time! But before anything else, do you guys want to greet any people in particular?

Al: Shout-outs to Kate Quiza,JM Cabarteja, to Engr. Jero Paraan, Engr.Isaac Janores, Rakiin Sacar, Nizar Sacar, to my brother Timojen Sacar that didn't became part of our team, and to all those living at Anonas Complex. Also to Pat Ambat, Vince, Dean, George, to team FBX~Jr. To Kristia, Kim, Poleng Tapic, Allaine Gamaro,Mer Sungi, to LYZA ROJO. Finally to all of my classmates at RCD, to Dominic Armada, Jerald, and to all those I forgot to mention.

Leo: First and foremost, I would like to greet my girlfriend Krista Dela Cruz. Also to Autor, Dean, Pat, Gangsta, RR, Vinz, Taba, Jansen, Kalbo, Mr. C, Boy Bazit, and Macstab. Then Koy, Jr, Tonz, and also to Makingz at Ampeng. Finally, I would like to greet Poleng, Kim, Lyza, Lira, Ema, Dana, Rhonel, Sulit, Koala, Ian, Dre, Harvey, to all of my friend at complex, and to all those who belong to gp.

Norman: Special thanks to Mimi, who gives meaning to my every day when I'm in school or not. I love you. I would like to greet my friends at Mineski Portal Tip; Wewe, Dan, Icee, Argel, Khen, Chubby, Camemo, Yoshie, Ace, Izhar, Rakz Yu, Sibayan, Dean, Jansen, to Maangas, to my friendsliving in Aurora Plaza, Fairview, and in Cainta, and many more! Belated Happy Birthday to our beloved manager Jovel. And lastly, to my Henkeysh Family at Rotonda. Special Mention to Rapza Wafuu, my manager when I'm there.

Clyde: Hi to Feb, Borbs, Jelo, Rojohn, Fajad, Michael, Lorenz, JP, and to Matt The Great. I would also like to greet Kim Peñaflor, Poleng, Aling, Awie, and my DotA 2 playmates Gearad, Marky, Dan. Lastly, to our Team Captain Timojen Sacar… Thank you! [laughs]

Angelo: Hi to my friends at Marikina. To Jc, Fancis, Gabriel, Kristian, Christian, and Philip. Also to my friends at Anonas Complex, Rhonel, Ian, Gerard, Kael, Harvey, Chavez, Jhoms, Andrew, Lyza, Myki, Mark, Marksky, James, Poleng, Kim, Krista and kay Timojen. Special Thanks to my girlfriend Liberty Tenorio for her never-ending support. I love you!

Kevin: Shout-outs to Team Utak, Jseen Boniza, Pat Ambat, Vinz Orlee Del Rosario, Dean Angelo Ramirez, Reynaldo Rala, Rowel Alveniz, Flint Cuyo, and to those at the complex. You know who you are [laughs]. To my former teammates from HGL; Aiken, AJ, Migz, Edu, Gaspe Jr., Djardel, Escala, Khen Paul, Bry Fulinara, Axl, and to all those I forgot to mention. Also to my Versus Family, my friends at UZDC, and to all of my friends living in Baclaran hi. Lastly, I would like to greet my girlfriend Michelle Andrada, and to my awesome family; Jullar Family.

Can they get their sought out win this time after being defeated by Team FEU during the tournament’s first leg last PGF Summer Assembly?


Hi! Can you please give a quick info about you and your teammates?

Brian R. Rizon BS-IT 2
Gerald V. Cuyno BS-CE 2
Marvin D. Iguchi BS-IT 3
Alwynne Batucan BS-IT 2
Jhune Niño T. Calinawan BSBA-GBM 1

So your team is a hybrid one. Just kidding! What's the reason behind your team name?

Our team was formed during the last week of June 2010 by Joseph Granz Bacalso and Romulo Getuaban Jr. We are a fun team that comprises all of our friends who supports each other no matter what. That's why we call ourselves Team Back-Up. It's more than a team. It's a family. Charbak! [laughs]

You guys literally got each other's back. haha! But how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

The team was formed mainly for us to have fun while playing. There were no intentions of competing at first. It was just for the love of the game and having fun. And until now, we stand on the foundations of our team-- fun and passion for the game but just a notch higher.

I see... But were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

Struggles are part of the game as a team like team chemistry. But we've manage to overcome it eventually. CHARBAKI! [laughs]

Charbak. haha! Anyway, what was your feeling after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

We feel much honored and greatly humbled to represent our school and to have won 3 straight championships at the same time.

Any preparations in mind for the NCCL finals?

We're just planning to do what we do best; play with heart and have fun.

And since your school will be represented again (just like last year), will that add to the teams determination on achieving a higher distinction for this year's NCCL?

Yes of course! We're hoping for the best while expecting for the worst. Team Back Up never backs out! (Laughs)

Just like your team's motto. Awesome! But on to the serious part, your thoughts about "responsible gaming" ?

Brian:As a student, my thoughts about responsible gaming is how you balanced your studies and your gaming. I believed these two should be well balance and shouldn't affect each other its easier said than done I know my co-gamer can relate to this haha. but you only need enough motivation and perseverance in order to do this which I believed I have enough of those two because I maintain my grades and gaming well enough.

Marvin: I support this one. I know that studying hard is a very important task as a student but we students also need the thing we called "leisure time". Because that's the only time where the students can relax from all the studying and educational stuffs. Studying very hard also causes us students to lose our social life and fun times with friends. So just maintain balance in studying and gaming or "responsible gaming".

Alwynne: Simple. In the morning and afternoon I actually attending classes. And at night we did more practice but if we have project / assignment in class we basically putting even with upcoming tournament.

Jhune: Responsible gaming is just like in school. In game your objective is to win. In school your goal is to pass every subject. Whether in game or school you need to employ strategies for you to win and achieve your goal. For now, school is a priority and studying hard is the strategy for one to pass and go to the next level. There must be balance between school work and gaming. School work comes first and whatever free time left can be utilized for gaming.

Gerald: We all know how our time is torn between these two. Now, seriously I don't actually play a lot of video games, but studying usually takes a back seat to anything creative for me. I was one of those kids who teachers were constantly telling not to draw in class. Even I was surprised by the number of teachers who were accepting of it. Grades are just about how well you can jump through the hoops. How true! The things you'll really need to know for a job are the social things you learn in school, and the learning you pursue for work and on your own time... Anyway, I do usually study when I need to, I'm just not always good at making time to study, however I always make it to the point that between studying and gaming there is an equivalence and even-ness and I’m pretty sure that I’m doing fine with it.

Thank You for your time guys! But before anything else, here's the best part. The "greet any people you want to greet portion." Haha!

Brian: I would like to greet Bene Lauresta A.k.a tBU.fuego at saka si Raymund Lauresta tBU.mon2x. From Japan With Love. Willie Shop, especially Inday Magda and Flavio Panday. Hi also to Romulo Getuaban Jr., The C.E.O. of ALCHOLOGY CLUB. And to all my friends and family, thank you.

Marvin: Hi to Master Chona Su, CIT-U HS IV-Unity batch'07. And most especially to my mother that works over there in Japan.

Alwynne:Hi to Bene & Raymond Lauresta, Glesh family, Pre2x, DAOT, ALjun, Chisu, Tonix, Nyxshao, Junnix, Jocam, Janlee, AJ, Fwah, Ck2, Casper, Ma'am Solis, CIT-U friends and classmates. To my DotaA Buddies, and to Team Loseless,Team Barney, Alopes Boys , Car2x Boys, Pardo Boys, Exxelon, Bogo Boya, Party People, TEam Saaarr, Viewmaze Boys,and GLESH FAMILY

Jhune: I would like to greet Paulo Bacolod, Jian Amazona, Ian Lucero, Darwen Gequillo, John Lozarita, Clyde Villarojo, Jumong ng viewmaze, Kim Salarda, Alcloyd Delossantos, Lindley Garces, Anthon Ariño, Ray Patrick Arabes, Aaron Yap. Dodong of Glesh Salamats Training. And to all Cebuano Dota Players. Handos!

Gerald:I would like to greet Wsi Chisu, Cebu Dota Prodyctions. To my sponsor GIBI'S Bbq,4s Lafang Boys, Aljun, LeejanQWE, Barney Boys, Pardo Boys, Labangon Boys, Bene Laugens, Ricardo, and to all my friends who I forgot to mention.

After their predecessors won 3rd place during the first National Cyber Collegiate League last PGF Summer Assembly, can these boys achieve a notch higher or go for the title?

Hi! Please tell something about you guys.

Christopher Arellano - 3rd year, BSCS>
Douglas Joseph Astibe - 1st year, BSCS
Zander Buenafe - 1st year, BSCS
Edmarc Marwin Morales - 1st year, BSCS
Ivan Dela Cruz - 3rd year, BSCS
Christopher Yang - 3rd year, BSCS

So your team is a mix of college freshmen and junior students. What's the reason behind your team name now?

We chose Maroon 6 because Maroon is our school color and nothing else. [laughs]

Quite interesting. But how was your team formed? Is NCCL the team's first tournament?

As a team, yes. But during the first season, we came from two different teams (Comsci 1st Year Allstar and Sesame Seed). Two of our original members left during the start of the second season. And when Topher was looking for a team, we agreed to let him in. Eventually, Topher endorsed Ivan to us and we all agreed.

Now I know why your team was named Comsci All Stars. haha! But were there any struggles as a team during the NCCL tourney?

There were few. When play we always laugh and have fun. But when we need to be serious, we take the game very seriously.

Well that's good to hear. What did you guys felt after getting a three-peat and at the same time a slot for the NCCL finals in SMX?

We were very happy after learning that we got a slot for the finals at SMX. All of us didn't expect that our team would be the representatives of MI.Portal Sta. Mesa. We had our share of struggles before going this far.

So after learning about the news, what preparations do you have in mind for the NCCL finals?

Many! Practice games, bet games, watching replays, and forming new srats to mention a few. An opportunity like the NCCL rarely happens so we'll do our best to win... Hopefully. [laughs]

You guys are really taking everything to a whole new level. And by that reason, any thoughts about "responsible gaming"?

Topher: It is the responsibility of an individual in terms of balancing his gaming career and studies at the same time. It's a given that your time is not solely focused on gaming. Just like our saying goes, "After studying to be a PROgrammer, let's enjoy our free time by being a PROgamer."

Douglas: Like Topher said, it is the responsibility of balancing both your gaming habits and studies. Student by Day, Gamer by Night in short.

Zander: A balance in your studies and gaming hobby. Studies should be a greater priority than gaming.

Edmarc: Playing your favorite on-line games without having any regrets. [laughs]

Ivan: Proper time management in terms of your study and gaming habits. Always put studies up top than gaming.

Yang: Studies first before anything else. But for me, I think I'm going to graduate on time so I just play whenever I have the time to do so. [laughs]

Thank you for your time! So before anything else, would you guys want to greet any people in particular?

Topher: Hi to all my fans and haters out there. To my friends at Vellejo especially Bryan, Dik2, Raffy, Voltaire, Timpaul, Kiko, Paulo, to Kulot who is outside the country. To my classmates and batchmates at PUP, we can do this guys! MP boys, you know who you are. To those who play at Mineski Portal Sta.Mesa and to the staff that always plays KPOP songs. To my sister in the US... I hope you'd be proud of me [laughs]. To my girlfriend Faye Dala. To my brother. And most importantly, to my parents. Thank You.

Douglas: Special Mention to Bondoc and Astibe family. To my schoolmates at JCA before and to my beloved Roces high school. My classmates at PUP, especially to my fellow ComSci students. Shout-outs also to Hawimbawe Fratatat, Mark Lester Landingin, Marc Anthony Antonio. To those who play at Mineski Portal Sta. Mesa, Cyber Guardian, Buzzlee, Genex, Boiler Shop, and Electric Ground Six. Greetings also to my Electric Ground Six, and UnaVita Family. And lastly, to Roxan Calima.

Zander: I would like to greet my classmates at PUP, our buddies at Mineski Portal Sta. Mesa especially Kirvs. To Jayson and Alex who were former CA's. My Ground Six Family outside PUP, LemMeow, BryanHead, OtepGay, LeonardPutik, AngTaba, AngLabo, Lhiza, Wendy, SandyShokoy, to our manager Christian Caber. To all Rocesians out there for their support. To my haters out there. And to the other participants for the NCCL finals, good luck to us. Also, I would like to greet queen Faye of PUP Portal.

Edmarc: To my children and wives out there. I'll visit you someday. Kidding, I don't have any [laughs]. I would like to greet all the Rocesian out there especially Oblak. Also, I would like to greet queen Faye of PUP Portal.

Ivan: First of all, I would like to greet Reschel, then to all those people who know me. To my friends at PUP, MP Boys, my classmates at PUP, my former schoolmate Ramon a.k.a Zesto/BATB. Shisha Boys, to my cousin, Miguel, Jed, Francis, Jason, Ace, Patrick. And to all those who suported us from the start up until now, thank you.

Yang: I would like to greet my friends at Gozon; Darel, Doblon, Robin Dela Cruz, Rhandel Sumampong, ALjun Li,baga, Nathan Navarro, Dylan Sabe, Brian Violata, Conrado Bulatao.To the bekis at the shop of Sir Toto; Mark Ely Munoz, Gab Camacho , Harley Resuello , Robert Cablao , Royc. And especially to my friends at ComSci especially the MP Boys. Also, I would like to greet queen Faye of PUP Portal.

Can their mix of freshmen and juniors experience in terms of collegiate competitive gaming take them to a whole new level?

The stage is almost set for the grandest finale for the first and only National Intercollegiate Cyber League. Who's your favorite? Who do you think will take the finals this time? Feel free to post it in the comments section to show your support!

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