Dreamz lock the no. 1 spot

Juno Reyes

As October opened with the ninth and final leg of this season of the Luzon DotA GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League coming to a close, we realize that from here on out it’s going to be a quiet kind of smooth sailing that shall take place in the next 27 days. Why 27 days? It’s because that’s exactly how long the down time between GMPGL 4-9 and the Pinoy Gaming Festival is; and also exactly how much time the top teams from Luzon will have in order to prepare for the final campaign towards being called this year’s best DotA team, not just in Luzon, but in the entirety of the country, as the bad boys of the south are also flying in to compete.

But before we can look forward to that grand showdown, we must first accomplish a more imminent task: identifying which teams ended the last regular leg of the season in tip-top condition, and which ones look relatively out of shape, less than a month from the grand finals to be held in SMX Convention Hall.

Class A

If you asked anyone before the start of the Class A proceedings who they thought would finish in the top two spots in order to secure themselves berths in next season’s first Class S leg, almost everyone would say Pacific Palit and QUBE Sweetopia, as these two have been mainstays in the upper division for most of the season.

So you can only guess how shocked everyone was when the finals had been drawn and neither of these two teams is there. Rather, the final was an affair between two long-time veteran teams in the competitive scene who had not yet seen that much Class S action: Peralta and Team Apple Park. Though the latter was the team that forced Sweetopia out of the Winners Bracket and eventually dealt the eliminating blow against Pacific, they would falter two straight times against Peralta.


Class G

The girls’ bracket, meanwhile, saw a change in the winds, as both PMSki and Pacific LaW, the two teams that have faced each other in the gold match the last two legs, were both eliminated in the semi-finals by Pacific Ichill and the up and coming Team Aphrodite. One can say that this isn’t that surprising, as both teams managed to 3-0 their groups, before winning their ro4 matches.

At the end of the day, though, it was Pacific Ichill’s experience that proved to be the deciding factor, as they would manage to execute their Spectre-centric strategy well in order for them to take home this month’s title.


Class S

The battlegrounds of the capital’s top eight teams saw three-way ties in both elimination round groups. Group A had Pacific eMaxx, Trojan.TnC, and MSIEvoGT all tied-up at 2-1, with Olympians going last at 0-3. Unfortunately for the defending champs Pacific eMaxx, they somehow managed to close their games a tad too slowly, as it will be they who will be dropped to third, leving MSI and Trojan to both go on to the playoffs.

On the other hand, Group B saw iZONE GIGABYTE dominating, going 3-0, while Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries, Mineski PowerColor, and the newly-sponsored Noypi NeoES split the remaining games between them, giving them all 1-2 records. Fortunately for BigDogJ’s boys, they finished their games the fastest, and this would be enough for them to join iZONE into the next round.

From here on out, it would be smooth sailing for Dreamz, as they waxed hot when it mattered most, giving them this season’s last regular leg’s championships. With this, they now tie Pacific eMaxx when it comes to number of titles, but they still lead the pack in the ladder rankings by quite a huge margin. eMaxx would unfortunately be relegated to the lower league, and along with Olympians, would have to start next season at Class A.

Once again, congratulations to all those who joined, and especially to those who came out on top. Thank you for participating, and see everyone at MOA for the PGF!