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Neolution, One of the biggest (if not) progaming team in Thailand has expanded their rosters! They scouted talents from the Philippines to join their ranks! Apple Park was already selected to be their DOTA team here in the Philippines. And now, according to Neolution, they've already scouted 2 StarCraft 2 players from the Philippines.

Please welcome NeoES.NUKS and NeoES.Xenos.

NUKS and Xenos have been on the same teams since StarCraft 2 was released. Both from Exorbitants to Pacific and now Neolution.

NUKS or Justin Santos is a current Class S player. Playing as a Zerg, Nuks is the reigning Class A champion of the GMPGL StarCraft 2.

Xenos or Cenon Mayor Jr. may not be a Class S player but he still got some titles on his belt. This Terran player is the 2nd placer of the MSI Overdrive StarCraft 2 tournament, Top 4 of the AEC Japan Philippines-New Zealand Qualifiers and once a champion of GMPGL in CDO. 

Both players were scouted as they are the winners of the Neolution tryouts last September 22. NUKS and Xenos ranked 1st and 2nd respectively among the 4 applicants, outwitting Pacific.Alice and CubeKorexx.

NUKS and Xenos will receive:

  • Monthly Salary
  • Gaming Gears
  • Practice/Training along with Neolution.RedArchon
  • Compete Internationally
  • Neolution Jacket and Tshirt

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