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Ever wondered what it's like inside the lives of one of the Mineski? Well, wonder no more! After months of intense (and secret) research, we present to you Dexter "Zendex" Ancheta, The Chairman of the NCCL, and one of the most integral figures behind Philippine eSports!


(Zendex during the opening ceremonies of NCCL season 1)

Before anything else, could you tell some basic details about your personal background?

I'm Zendex, Vice Director of Events for Mineski Events Team, Director of the National Cyber Collegiate League, and has a passion for uplifting E-Sports in the Philippines, I'm currently studying at San Beda College Mendiola, currently at my 3rd year in BS IT.

So you're a busy man in and out of Mineski. But how did you end up with Mineski?

It all started when someone messaged me regarding Mineski's search for an events handler for MPGL's Starcraft tournament way back in 2010. It was the official debut of GMPGL because Mineski only handled DotA tournaments (MSDT, MIOT Taft, Mineski 101) before it. The person who messaged me said that I can greatly contribute in the upliftment of E-Sports in the country, if I would join the organization. From then on, I didn't hesitate any further and immediately accepted the challenge.

(Zendex with the first batch of MET)

Wow! I didn't know that story. Anyway, who were the first person/s you've become friends with after joining the organization?

January 2010 was the date when Gab Laroya and I first met Lon and Rho at Mineski Grounds. There was no Mineski Office back then so our meetings were held there frequently. I can still remember the white board, table, and the couch at the stage-like area at MG. There was an immediate event the following month and I was working alongside with Nattefrost Lu, MC Uy, Mike Dwan, and Eya Zobel. They were the first group of people that became my immediate friends in the organization.

(Zendex with MPGL SC2 participants)

So you’re considered as a core member, but were there any struggle/s you've experienced when you became part of Mineski?

To be honest, I don't recall any specific scenario/s since the problem/s that I /we encounter at any given event is always the same. How to attract participants, new gigs to implement to make an event unique from the previous one, and on how to improve the events organized by Mineski so that it could reach the "professional level" are the things that I/we encounter on a daily basis.

What was your first accomplishment with Mineski?

When I made my first ever GMPGL Starcraft Broodwar tournament as a member of the organization was my first ever accomplishment when I became part of it. It was my first ever event outside San Beda because I've organized some DotA and Counter-Strike events back in 4th year high school at San Beda Taytay. I was nervous at first for my first MPGL event because people have high expectations when it comes to professionalism on events handling. In fact, MPGL events can't be compared to any projects of any school organizations out there.

(Zendex with MET after a successful NCCL during PGF summer assembly)

Amen. And since you're handling the NCCL, what are your thought in terms of handling that division event MET?

After it was given to me, I want to back out during its planning stage because the concept of NCCL is very complicated when it comes to its logistics and other important aspects. But Lon and Rho encouraged me to pursue the event because they told me that "If I would do the event, it would give a drastic change to the E-Sports map in our country."

Problems eventually arise during its planning stage, but I thought that it would make numerous gamers that don't belong to the professional level, who are currently studying excited and happy if NCCL would push through. I also realized that events like the NCCL couldn't happen all the time and it would be a waste if I would just back-out and leave the plan behind. In the end, NCCL pushed through and it became a rewarding experience for me when I saw the smile of every student-gamer that became part of it.

And all of us can see the fruits of the hard work that was put in for NCCL. But what lessons did you learn after joining, and continuously contributing to the vision and mission of the organization?

A lot! Some include the company secrets [laughs]. Always remember that time is very important for one to succeed. Some things don’t happen every time. So it would be a waste if you wouldn't be able to do it because of some delays. There are no short-cuts to take because everything starts from scratch. Slowly but surely, you would be able to go further from that point afterwards.

Don't be afraid when problems occur. It’s better to encounter those things because those would help you to be stronger and better. Just like our saying in Filipino, "Okay lang magpabugbog lagi sa simula kasi sa bandang huli, malalaman mo ang mga mali, matututunan mo ang mga dapat gawin, at reresbak ka nang malupit."

(Zendex with his high school friends)

By the way, who is Zendex whenever he has free time?

I hang out in Cainta and Taytay along with my friends [laughs]. I'm just a simple student of San Beda that sleeps during Math classes because math is very basic for me [laughs]. I also play DotA and Starcraft at computer shops near our campus, Garena rooms, and Battle.net. But before I do those things, I always finish my school works and MET related stuffs first. Like Rho always says, "Responsible Gaming must be instilled". [Laughs]

Any achievements so far with Mineski?

Every time that I help out during events is already an achievement for me. There's no equivalent prize to that feeling whenever I put sheer dedication in every event that I / we do, which can be considered to those who participate on it.

(Zendex with the Mineski organization during the Baguio Darkrift)

Great words indeed! Thank you for your time Zendex. Anyway, do you have any shout-outs and final message/s for the readers?

Hi to all those people that I know from San Beda since first year High School up until now. All of us are going to graduate.

I would also like to greet the Starcraft community; Buddy, Clive, Orbs, Nikhe, Wawa, MaGi, imba JV, Caviar, Jabi, Dustin, Pobbes, Dane, Jendron, Fate, Morvin, Keith, Hyp, Sonny, Psychatog Kel. The former founders of MSH and eXo, the whole Cube / WoT family, and to all the supporters who were there since the SC1 era up until now, thank you!

I would also like to greet my Mineski Family; Sir Rho, Ma'am Sha, Sir Dix, Sir Dar, Sir Tan, Lon, TryQ, Duane, Banoobs, Dunoo, Jobons, Chiro, Bloody, Hide, Oye, Cry, El Jon Pancho, Auron, Jomz, Amelton, Vinni, Wiltime Bigtime, Jay Sapito, Jtan, Gab, Michaelz, Jaime The Explorer, Natte, Justin Chua, Jumbz, Vermi, MC, Coy, Vinayz, Wootz, Bimbo, RR, Owa, Jojero, Julz, Tots, Dae, Nur, Taky, Adel, Prince, Tony, Bong, Vash, Kenchi, Afai, Flower, RJ, Ark, Daru Ng, Dkz, Ronn, Sadam, 9001/Juno, Nevz, Sven, Shanks, Kael, Bucz, Vy, Jah, Angel, Miele, Rea, Gee, Kai, Miss Love, at Miss Ging. Thank you to all of you!

Lastly, I would like to greet those who belong to the Hennessy group, especially Rye, Homie, Best, Heland, Gino, PK, Ken, James, Mavz, Dave, Seki, Justin, Pat, Procopio, Julie, Nixx, Topher, TJ, Nyong at Mikhail Harik. Solid until the very end guys!

And to those people that I forgot to mention and greet, I’m very sorry. I'm just a person. [laughs]
See you at the NCCL Season 2 grand finals next October! :)

Being part of the Mineski Organization is not just something to be proud of because of the name. Just like Zendex ,and to those that were beside him along the way, their passion for the upliftment of E-Sports in our country has taken them to new heights they never thought would happen to them. Here in Mineski, every struggle and achievements that we expeience is a continuous learning process, to improve the quality of service we provide for all of you beloved E-Sports fans.

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