A School tour like no other

Get ready student-gamers! This event is something you should not miss! The #1 computer magazine in the country together with MSI and Steelseries in cooperation with Mineski presents a school tour for all e-sports gamers.

You read it right! Nvidia's NCCL is coming to your schools! The first stop of this IMBA event will happen on the Manila campus of Lyceum of the Phillipines University. 

The first school has been announced. Watch out for the others!

Activities + Freebies + VIP's

20 PGF tickets will be given out! BUS YAN!

The event will feature e-sports seminars and an exclusive campus DotA Exhibition winner-take-all Php 2,000.00 cash prize. Aside from the mentioned activities, freebies from all the sponsors will be given out and as an added bonus, 20 Pinoy Gaming Festival tickets will be given away.  Just visit the booth for more information on how to win. Lastly it has been confirmed that Mineski casters will be coming to facilitate the event. TryQ, Lon and Dunoo will be coming down for the kick-off of the school tour.

Your favorite Mineski casters will be hosting the event.

The school tour is kicking off with a very big bang! Lyceum peeps are you ready? Watch out for more information for the next school tour.

Want us to visit your school? Let your student council contact NCCL's commisioner Dexter Ancheta on this email. zendex@mineski.net






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