Hyhy retires from Progaming Scene

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Richardson Jacinto

The Singaporean Superstar Benedict Lim Han Yong, better known as hyhy confirmed that he'll be leaving the Progaming scene.

In a post on Team Zenith's fanpage, Hyhy posted that "He has decided to retire from competitive gaming. He's also happy to know that his absence will not go unnoticed, and he really appreciate all the heartfelt best wishes from his fans and friends"

Fans will remember HyHy as one of the top captains of DOTA teams in the world. He's the face of the best singaporean teams. From Micronology where he won his first tournament (a small inter-school tournament) to Team Zenith to Kingsurf to AEON to Nirvana.MY to Scythe to MYM and back to Zenith Hyhy is always a big part of their success.

Hyhy is the person who really focused and emphasized on Lane control and Last hitting when people don't care of it. We can say DOTA world has lost a great innovator.