iZONE to defend GEST title this weekend

Juno Reyes

Photo credit: iZONE

This coming weekend, 15th-16th of September, tension will skyrocket anew as the biggest, baddest, and hottest WC3 DotA League in South-East Asia goes live for its latest iteration: the September leg of the GIGABYTE E-Sports Tournament - International DotA Cup (GEST-IDC)! 

In a preamble to this coming weekend's surefire excitement, Mineski is here to provide you brief discussions on all groups, so read on below!

Group A

 Mineski PowerColor
 MSI Evolution GT
 Alive Alacrity
 Neolution E-Sports TH

The three teams expected to come out of this group are definitely MI PColor, MSI, and last month's own runner-up, Thailand's Neolution. The order, though, becomes a bit more difficult to predict, as all three teams can take games off of each other, so everything's probably gonna come down on who has the better form on that day. It'll be very surprising if either Skynet or Alive.Alacrity manage to overtake any of the three favored teams in the stand-ins. Then again, this is SEA DotA. If anything, never count anyone.

Group B


Defending champion iZone.GIGABYTE is definitely poised to take this group, but expect their co-GIGABYTE team iDeal from Thailand and Myanmar's own rising power G7 to lead the resistance. Though both IGT and BBDota (from Indonesia and Thailand, respectively) may not be that known now, they still have good chances of qualifying into the playoffs, as both iDeal and G7 aren't really the most  consistent of teams. It'd be a major upset if iZone fails to qualify into the top 12 brackets.

Group C

 Ledion Dreamz SteelSeries
 Pacific eMaxx
 Orange E-Sports  NeolutionPH

This month's group of death features not only the two highest ranking teams in the GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League (Dreamz and Pacifc.eMaxx), but also Orange E-Sports, which had just recently been crowned as Dota2 champs in the World Cyber Games Asian Championships '12 last weekend. Closing off the group will be PokerStar and eNcy from Vietnam and Indonesia respectively. Expect the two Pinoy teams and Orange to come out on top here. Like in group A, it's difficult to predict who'd be on top. Orange may have the most stacked roster, but this is WC3 DotA. Anything can and will happen.

UPDATE: It looks like Orange's return to WC3 DotA would have to wait, as their support player Ice is suffering from a cold, while some of their other players are taking extended breaks from the game. Don't fret though, as they would be replaced by Neolution's newly acquired team from the Philippines: NeolutionPH, formerly Apple Park B. Whether they'll be able to contend against the 4 other teams in the group, you'll find out this weekend!

Group D

 Pacific Palit
 Invasion ReD

Rounding of the September GEST is group D, where Pacific.Palit is grouped with Invasion Red. Expect that whoever wins in their clash will win the group as well, though don't be too surprised if either deperruku or SVR_Es manage to pull some upsets here and there, as both teams have been playing in the GEST quite a lot as well, Lastly, there's BauCat, the least known of the three Vietnamese teams joining the tournament. But this can turn into their advantage, as most teams won't know what to expect from them.

With all four groups ready roll, make sure to catch David "GoDz" Parker this Saturday and Sunday for top-notch high-level SEA DotA action!