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SMX & 8 game titles confirmed for PGF

Juno Reyes


The country's biggest eSports event is back, and this time around, it's bigger, badder, and exponentially more competitive! That's right, the Pinoy Gaming Festival is set to take over the smestral break once again, as it is about to be unleashed in a little less than two months from now!

After its inaugural edition showcased to the awe and wonder of Pinoy gamers the crowning of last year's MPGL WC3 DotA and StarCraft II champions in SM North Edsa last year, the PGF is about to conquer SMX Hall 3 this coming October 27-28 in what is bound to be the most explosive eSports convergence in the country!

This time around, not only will it feature the championship legs of the GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League divisions such as League of Legends, Dragon Nest, StarCraft II, and the ever immortal WarCraft III DotA, but it will also cover the playoffs of the National Collegiate Cyber League's second season.

Games that will be on PGF are:


DotA 2
Starcraft 2 CS:GO
World of Tanks Crossfire
Dragon Nest League of Legends

As to be expected, the top eight teams from the GMPGL events will gather in order to finally settle who is the best of the best! This means that the bad boys of Luzon will be joined by our top ranking compatriots from Visayas and Mindanao! The same is true for NCCL as well.

Suprises Galore

What's in store for PGF 2012?

  • The most explosvie shoutcasting ever!
  • International guests
  • Freebies to everyone attending the event
  • GMPGL Year-End Awards
  • Many more...

Aside from all of these, the event is expected to even bigger as Mineski  Events Team prepares some hyped side-events, so stay tuned for the official announcement article, and make sure you keep those two days free, or you'll be missing out on history being made!