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BenQ XL2420T now with DotA 2 support

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Richardson Jacinto

DOTA 2 is now one of the top games played in the scene, most people believe that DOTA 2 will eventually takeover its predecessor. Countless tournaments, and one of the Biggest Prize pools ever has strengthened this believe so much that Teams formed here and there. We can safely say that DotA 2 is not about to go anywhere.

Most of us dream of playing internationally or competing with world-class athletes. You want to practice day in and day out but sometimes you just can't do it because your eyes won't let you. It's not just about the skills. You need to take care of your self.

Players were stopped on their tracks due to fatigue and dizziness while playing. It's because the eyes are too tired of playing and it's not comfortable on what it sees.

We at Mineski along with BenQ want to help Filipino players achieve their dreams! Which is why BenQ has worked so hard to give you the most comfortable gaming environment available.

Monitor setting, unknown to a surprising amount of people, is one of the most important things to configure when playing a game. You're reacting based on what you see and thus you should make your monitor as comfortable as possible to the eye.

BenQ and Mineski proudly presents you the Best Monitor Setting for playing DOTA 2.

Calibrated by BenQ and fine-tuned by Mineski players, the DOTA 2 Mode features the best available visual display setting for boosting your gameplay, supporting your eye and giving you a winning edge against hardcore gamers like yourselves.

Having actually practiced and battled using the XL2420T, Mineski players gave their two cents on whipping together the winning formula for DOTA2 Mode:

Brightness: Adjusted to make the eye as comfortable as possible, even in a darkened room, with no detail is missed from the game.

Contrast: Fine tuned for optimal viewing on the “fog of war” so it is visible while keeping with your map awareness.

Sharpness: For texture enthusiasts or players with a unique preference on sitting position, sharpness setting of this DOTA 2 mode is just right for close-up viewing.

Black eQualizer (The best feature only available to BenQ Gaming Monitors): Mineski players finds this feature to optimize the values above even more in an intelligent manner, so with DOTA 2 Mode we’ve made sure  Roshan on both the main viewer of Dota 2 and in the mini map pop out more while maintaining the visibility of fog of war.

No need for manual settings. All you need to do is download the setting at the BenQ website here and look for the DOTA 2 settings.

Try it and have fun with the best monitor setting for your favorite game brought to you by BenQ