5 NCCL Teams achieve three-peat status

Wilson Astorga

September 9 was the day for the student gamers of the 2nd conference to take a slice of the limelight. And it was indeed a day to remember as 6 additional teams are added in to the final list of teams for the culminating event of the most explosive student-only E-Sports tournament in the Philippines-- The National Cyber Collegiate League!

Here's a quick overview of the things that happened last Sunday:


NoHandsUp got the upper hand in Legarda B, back-to-back champs.

After their exciting win, and surprising upset against the Soaring Falcons (AdU) last second leg, NoHandsUp (TUP) succeeded in their title defense by winning against Soaring Falcons once again during their best-of-three finals match, by not giving any chance to the Falcons as they were swept with a 2-0 score by NoHandsUp


Pacific, leaders of the pack in Morayta B

When Pacific (UST), iChill (UST) led their respective brackets during the group stage matches, and winning against Hiwa and Homies during the semis, another historic face-off of the two teams was set once again. And during the finals, Pacific got the best of iChill and claimed the championship title.


ScaryTobyCute (Shaw), Vicente (Dipolog), Vargas (Tuguegarao), Wilson (KatipunanB) and TBU (CEBU) makes three-peat.

Team Back Up of Cebu (left) and Scarytobecute of Shaw (right)

At the MI-Shaw leg, ScaryTobyCute (JRU) continued their flawless performance since the first leg, by having a 0-loss record, winning against Greent (RTU) at the finals match proving to everyone who watched inside MI-Shaw that they never wanted to let go of the title.

Just like ScaryTobyCute, Vicente (SVC) also shared the same thought during the Dipolog leg. Despite having a 0-loss standing during the groupstage matches, A_I (SVC) eventually fell against Vicente when the two teams faced again at the best-of-three finals. Losing game one against A_I, Vicente came back with a vengeance during the second and third game by never letting A_I win.

Meanwhile, in Tuguegarao, Vargas (FLV) faced their archrivlas WisdomBuild (USL) during the finals once again. But then again, Vargas proved to Wisdom that winning against them is something that must be done the hard way making Vargas the 3-time champions.

Katipunan B also had the same story as Wilson (TUA) retained the top spot by winning against their old rivals, team Neutralz (NEU), during the best-of-three finals at MI Katipunan with a score of 2-1.

Lastly, TBU (CIT-U) of Cebu also proved that they are the worthy team of representing MI-Cebu at the NCCL finals. Topping everyone in their respective groupstage matches, Team Back-Up continued their winning prowess at the double elimination semifinals, and up until the finals by not having any defeat at all.

The upcoming NCCL finals on October is closing in. Which teams from all over the Philippines are willing to take the the risk to go all-out and earn their spot? And as the roller-coaster race for the National Cyber Collegiate League is almost coming to an end, which team will claim glory and pride for their beloved alma mater?

We still have the fourth and final leg of the National Cyber Collegiate League. This is something worth watching for!


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