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Orange leads Malaysian domination in WCG:AC '12

Juno Reyes

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Last September 7-9, arguably Asia’s best professional gamers the fields of Dota2, FIFA ‘12, and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, faced off in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center in Malaysia, for the World Cyber Games 2012 Pan-Asian Championships in order to decide who would go on to Kunshan China later this year for the WCG Grand Finals.

As the event culminated last Sunday, it would be evident that none of the members of the Philippine WCG contingent would be able to grab a top 3 finish in any of the games, though Mineski.HyperX came close, losing out against Indonesia's AMPM for the bronze medal. Despite this, it is only fair that not only should we commend our brethren for doing their best to represent PH gamers in the WCG, but we should also give the teams that came out on top the credit that is due them. 

In the FIFA '12 events, it would be apparent early on that despite his valiant efforts, Adrian Jamias would not be able to get into the playoffs, as he would finish with only 1 draw and 3 losses in the group stage. Despite his early exit though, Adrian proved himself to be a great gamer, not backing down when faced with such great opponents, fighting on despite suffering several setbacks. On the other hand, it would be Malaysia's representative that would bag the FIFA top spot!

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Meanwhile, at Tekken, Mski.Jeff, despite his strong start, would not be able to enter into the top 4 playoffs, as a last-minute loss would have him just a bit behind Indonesia for the second place in their group which was, not surprisingly, dominated by Korea. The tournament would culminate with South Korea's JDCR clinching the top spot, while Indonesia's Darmawan and India's Lion-Hart would end up at the silver and bronze spots, in that order.

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Of course, last but not the least, what most Pinoys had looked forward to, was Mineski.HyperX's Dota2 campaign. Despite having a free trip into the Winners Bracket Semifinals, Mineski would fall against Thailand's MiTH-Trust, and later on to, as mentioned above, Indonesia's AMPM, to finish at fourth.

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MiTH and AMPM would finish second and third respectively, as it is Malaysia's feared all-star team Orange E-Sports that would take home the gold, securing for their selves a trip to China!

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Congratulations to all the winners of the WCG Asian Championships 2012, and good luck to your respective campaigns in China this November-December!