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TnC.GG.PH finishes 3rd in LoL SEA Regionals

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Richardson Jacinto

Saigon Jokers is the South-East Asian Representative for World Championship Season 2

The League of Legends World Championship Season 2 is fast approaching and as the grand event coming in, 5 teams from 5 different countries battled out for supremacy at the Vietnam Regionals that was held at Da Nang, Vietnam. The winner will be the representative of South East Asia to the World stage at Los Angeles California.

As the dust was settled the Hometown summoners of Vietnam, Saigon Jokers , stood tall with sweet revenge against Singapore Sentinels  who sent them at the loser's bracket during the early stage of the tournament. 

Our representatives, TNC.GG.PH (formerly known as Team WILD) faced the Sentinels at the winner's bracket finals but failed to earn a slot at the grand finals. scythe.chawy spear-headed the singaporeans on the rampage against our hometown heroes thus earning them a +1-advantage in the finals.

From the Winner's bracket finals, The filipino summoners faced the hometown warriors of Vietnam. TNC.GG.PH's strategy was dazzled by the lane switch from the vietnamese resulting for a sudden change of suits for the filipinos. TNC.GG.PH lost to the Saigon Jokers made them ranked 3rd on the tournament.

At the finals, Superstars Scythe.Chawi and StarsBoba.Archie both brought their teams on their backs but Vietnamese's strategies was too much for the singaporeans. The advantage of the winner's bracket finalist was nothing for the vietnamese as they completely dominated the singaporeans with a 2-1 win to grab the championship and the slot at the League of Legends World Championship.




Team Name Country Ranking Prize
Saigon Jokers Vietnam 1st
  • $ 5,000
  • Qualification to the World championship season 2

Singaporean Sentinels 

Singapore 2nd
  • $2,500
TNC.GG.PH Philippines 3rd
  • $1,500
Kuala Lumpur Hunters Malaysia 4th
  • $1000
Black Bean Thailand 5th  


First International Tournament for our Hometown Heroes.

The newest addition to the MSI Evolution Gaming team, MSIEvoGT.LoL managed to grab the bronze medal at the SEA Regional Qualifier at Vietnam even with their incomplete line-up. Unknown to some, MSIEvoGT.LoL's ADR, Jyro and support player, Pijpij have some passport problems and didn't met their deadlines. Manila Aguilaz' Kaigu replaced Jyro and Jay jay filled PijPij's spot.

Many would ask why are they not carrying MSI's name. Kaigu is part of the Garena-sponsored The Manila Aguilaz. Thus he needs to carry Garena's name so the management decided to carry TnC.GG.PH tag.


TnC.GG.PH complete rosters:

  • MSIEvoGT.Krl.TnC
  • MSIEvoGT.Jrd.TnC
  • MSIEvoGT.yajyaj.TnC
  • TMA.Kaigu
  • MSIEvoGT.Gtz.TnC


"I'm very happy for the team, at least they proved themeselves that they can compete with other teams abroad. 3rd place is not bad, since its their first international tourney, It's a good experience for the team. Now that we have the support of MSI and The Net.com we can improve more. I believe that this wont be their first and last. We'll just have to practice more and hope for the best for our team.

Many thanks to Sir Eric Redulfin. and to all my dota and lol friends out there,shoutouts to my dota 2 team, to Kristell Lim and the whole MDS peeps and to tei and lhavia pwns"

-Jeff Bercasio,
MSIEvoGT.LoL Manager.