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Neolution E-Sports to build up PH Team

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Richardson Jacinto

NeoES|PH Dota Team (former Apple Park B)

Filipino gaming prowess has caught foreign sponsors' eyes. Thailand's biggest professional gaming team, Neolution, has expanded their turf and is now signing Pinoy gamers as their talents.

Neolution just signed in former Apple Park B as their newest Dota team. In a post last August 30, Apple Park B stated that they didn't have a sponsor and were looking for a new manager. Neolution's manager, Mr. Satean Boonmanant, offered the team to be part of Neolution and play as  NeoES PH.

Apple Park B was not a known team util they ravaged their way to the finals of MSI Overdrive. The team defeated top teams left and right, earned a spot in the finals, and faced MSI's Evolution GT Dota. They continued their showcase of talent in the GMPGL where they have earned a spot in Class S division.

But the expansion isn't stopping there. Neolution also wants to build up a Dota Girls division and a StarCraft II division. Currently, they are scouting for the potential addition to their team.