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Meet the WCG AC 2012 PH reps

Juno Reyes

This coming September, the Philippine eSports contingent goes on a journey to prove to the rest of Asia just how talented Pinoy gamers are, as they compete in the World Cyber Games Asian Championship 2012! 

The WCG AC 2012 is set take place in Malaysia, specifically in the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, this September 7-9. There, the Philippine delegation will compete against 9 other countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, China, Mongolia, and India, in games such as Dota2, FIFA '12, and Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion.

So without further ado, we present to you, the members of the Philippine Team that will be flying over to Malaysia to represent the country's massive gaming demography!

Dota2 - HyperX Mineski

HyperX Mineski is a team that hardly needs an introduction. But we'll give them one anyway! Led by their longtime commander and PH's legendary Chen user, Wootz, Mineski continues to improve really rapidly in Dota2, as they cruised to take the top spot in the PH qualifiers at the beginning of August. Aside from this, they have also defeated teams such as EHOME (which notably occurred in last year's WCG event) and LGD. Whether this would be enough for them to bring home the bacon, we shall see this weekend!

Mineski.HyperX Roster

  • James Kenneth 'Wootz' Valdez
  • Ryan Jay 'Jay/Bimbo' Qui
  • Joshua 'Owa' Dela Serna
  • Ralph Richard 'RR' Peñano 
  • John 'JoJeRo' Roxas

Tekken 6 - Mski.Jeff

Jeffrey Jordan Gonzales, also known as Mski.Jeff, is not new to the whole business of flying to other countries to represent the country in gaming events, as he once held his ground in the Armageddon Expo in Auckland New Zealand, after winning in the local Time Zone qualifiers back in 2009. He securing himself a medal in this year's WCG might be what propels him to stardom, especially since he already touts the Mineski tag.

 FIFA '12 - Adrian Jamias

Adrian Jamias is perhaps the dark horse of the Philippine WCG squad. Not so known outside select FIFA '12 circles, Adrian entered Mineski Infinity Taft back in August 5 with the aim of proving that he's the best the Philippines has when it comes to FIFA. And he did just that, as he methodically dismantled all those who stood in his way. Now, he has a greater task in front of him: to show that he's not only the best in the Philippines, but in the entirety of Asia as well.


It is on the shoulders of these seven gamers that the hopes of an entire nation rest. This weekend, they'll be fighting not just for themselves, but for PH eSports.