NCCL Season 2 Finals on PGF 2012

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The steady beat of the drums of war, the passionate cheer of the crowd, the intese split-second moment to moment decisions, and the pressure of not making any mistakes. These were just some of the things that Team Pacific (FEU) had to endure to reach the finals. And in that moment their victory was sealed. They rose up, screamed their hearts out and claimed their title as the first ever NCCL Champion.

Question is... can they do it again?


Will your school win? Or will FEU claim the aegis cup for the second time?

To further clarify what will happen on the event, here are some of the statements of NCCL Commisioner Dexter 'ZenDeX' Ancheta:

 What are the schools included in this league? How many teams joined the league?

The National Cyber Collegiate League, or simply the NCCL, has invited over one hundred schools over the nation to participate. As of this moment, the NCCL has received 380 collegiate Dota teams from across the plethora of invited schools.

How many teams will be included in the PGF event?

The NCCL Grand Final Playoffs event will be part of the much-awaited Pinoy Gaming Festival 2012 this coming October. Only 16 collegiate teams will make the grand stage finish representing their respective schools with full pride and glory.

What should they expect in the season 2 finals?

NCCL Season 2 Playoffs will be your chance to witness the highest form of competition among schools and between gamers who value responsible gaming - living a well-balanced life while still being active in eSports events. Since the beginning, Mineski has always believed that responsible gaming is essential in becoming a well-respected professional gamer of international caliber.

The second NCCL is upon us! Bigger, Better and a lot harder than the previous year in regards to competition! New names, new teams, and maybe even new hero combinations!

What fate will the teams meet? Only time will tell! So stay tuned to for more updates in this ground breaking eSport event!


Pinoy Gaming Festival - NCCL Joins PGF 2012

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