First four NCCL teams decided in Conference I

Wilson Astorga

41 teams, 5 Mineski Infinity and 2 Mineski Portal branches, 7 champions per branch, One day-- You know what it is: The National Cyber Collegiate League! Want to know about the teams on each branch? Here's a quick rundown of what happened during the only inter-collegiate DotA tournament in the Philippines!

Boombastik took their first ever championship in Legarda.

After prevailing during their respective group matches, Atoymic Bomb, Boombastik, Lucky and Friends, and Scorpions all went straight to the semis for a shot at the title. But Atoymic Bomb (CEU) and Boombastik (TIP-M) showed during the semis that their much more determined to be at the top after winning against Lucky and Friends and Scorpions. Finals came and Boombastik showed their bombastic skill and eventually claiming their first ever NCCL title.

Pino reclaimed title, the top Taft team again.

When Pino lost against Hangover 2 during the second leg, it paved way to ignite their will to win during the third leg. And with that, Pino (CSB) cruised their way to the top spot and claiming the title again by winning against hybrid during their semis match, and to alphaqhigh (CSB) during the finals match.

Bleach grabs back-to-back title in Morayta.

Despite the suprisingly high amount of entries who participated in the Morayta Leg, thanks to the sheer amount of talent in the area, Teams Bleach and TSW, both from FEU, still managed to retain their rivalry and managed to give it another chapter in this leg. So much so, that both teams performed to the top of their ability which gave the crowd an intense game to watch, resulting in a do-or-die tie breaker third game. Ultimately, Bleached was the one who grabbed the victory against TSW, making them the back-to-back champion in this leg.

MiLP.Perps (LP), FBX-TJ (PortalCubao), IIC (Katipunan), MI.Crusaders (CDO) made history; three-peat champions!

During the Las Piñas Leg, the MiLP.Perps (UPHR) proved their championship level discipline by having a spotless record during their group stage matches and even in the semis. Subsequently, SBCA-DotA (SBCA), a new team joining the mix, was the team that eventually faced MiLP.Perps in the finals due to their magnificent display of executions. But MiLP.Perps had their thoughts fixed, and set their eyes at the three-peat title, causing SBCA-DotA to eventually fall against them during their finals match.

FBX-TJ (TIP-QC), the team that dominated the Cubao leg, also proved they don't want to let go of the title by winning against Stardust (TIP-QC) during their best-of-three finals match. Showing to the other teams that they're hungry to come back for more at the culminating event of the NCCL.

While on the Katipunan leg, IIC (Informatics) also showed that they don't want to let go of the title by dominating their group stage matches. And when they won against Rabee Sexy during their best-of-three finals, without having any defeat at all, they've proved their point that they are eager to retain their top spot among all the others.

Lastly, MI.Crusaders (XU) also instilled within themselves championship composure after winning against POP (XU) during their best-of-three finals match, making their mark as the "team to beat" in the NCCL leg at Mineski Infinity CDO.

Congratulations to all the teams that made history, showed their will to win, and proved that being a reponsible student gamer is something that can be enhanced and mastered. And as the team standings are getting clearer and clearer in Conference 1, will there be a historic 4-peat by the consitent teams? Or will there be an upset waiting amidst the shadows?