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Wild.TnC becomes MSI-EvoGT.LoL

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Richardson Jacinto

The GMPGL 3-peat champions and the MSI Overdrive League of Legends Grand Champion Wild.TNC will now join MSI Evolution Gaming Team.

Wild.TNC caught MSI's eyes when they rampaged through tournaments after tournament and now Wild.TNC is now officially playing as MSI EvoGT.LOL

The newest addition to the MSI Evolution gaming team will debut at the South East Asian qualifiers at Vietnam for the League of Legend World Championship Season 2 after qualifying at the RAMPAGE! event last week. Topping 7 other top LoL teams such as Nosreidieramus, DK and The Manila Aguilaz. Whoever wins the Vietnam leg will be sent to the World Championship stage at Los Angeles California for a shot of the $3 Million prize-pool.

With the tournament on the line MSI equipped our summoners with the best gaming gears they can give to support them.

Each players will use these items:

Headset: Siberia V1 Red
Keyboard: 6GV2
Mouse: Kinzu V2 Pro Red
Mousepad: QcK MSI Limited Edition

MSI Evolution GT.TnC's full roster


"I would like to thank MSI EvoGt for choosing our team (WILD).We are very proud to be part of your team. To the management of MSI and to Mr. Eric Redulfin of Thenet.com thank you for your support. To all our supporters and friends. and to all the LOL players on the community, keep on playing guys! Let’s continue to support MSI EvoGT LOL (former wild) and Philippine E-sports". - Jeff Bercasio Team Manager


MSI Evolution Gaming team just now marked their acquisation of their 4th game representative. Wild.TNC will bear MSI's name alongside with Execration (DOTA), Dane (StarCraft 2) and Crystal (Crossfire).