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iG walks away with $1,000,000 as TI2 champs

Juno Reyes

More than a year after the very first The International back in 2011, this year's edition of the Million Dollar Dota2 tournament finally reached its conclusion last Sunday, September 2 (Sep. 3 in the Philippines) in the, its end punctuated by Invictus Gaming's (iG) 3-1 drubbing of defending champions Natus Vincere (Na'Vi) in the grand finals, to cement their status as this year's top Dota2 Team, and securing the hefty amount of 1,000,000 USD.

Beating 15 other teams (including Na'Vi) in this year's TI, iG's road to greatness in Seattle was anything but easy. Despite managing to top their preliminary group with a score of 13-1, iG failed to manifest that form in the Winners Bracket, having difficulty dealing with their first opponent there, USA's Evil Geniuses, losing a set before ultimately winning 2-1. They would then lose 1-2 to Na'Vi, a team which many thought would not be able to soar to the heights they reached last year. 

In fact, it was another Chinese Team, LGD Gaming, that people favored to take it all the way, as they were 18-0 in maps as they prepared to take on Na'Vi (which had just eliminated iG) in the WB finals. In what could be one of the greatest upsets of the tournament, Na'Vi would relegate LGD to the losers bracket with a 2-1 victory, securing themselves of a spot in the finals, and at the very least, a second place finish.

iG, on the other hand, was far from given up. Despite their two straight lopsided losses to Na'Vi in the WB, they would proceed to defeat fellow Chinese teams in EHOME and DK, to set-up a LB bo3 against LGD. After splitting the first two games, iG would then barrel through Sylar and company, on the back of YYF's well-laned Windrunner. This then forged a rematch between iG and Na'Vi, in a race to three victories for the lion's share of the prize pool.

But there, iG would then make short work of Na'Vi beating the boys from CIS by wide margins in all of their 3 victories, as more than 567,000 online viewers looked on in awe!  Their single loss in the finals came from a well-executed Push Strat from Puppey's pocket of special strategies.


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With the 3-1 bruising of last year's champions, iG is your new Dota2 International Champions!


Ranking Team Prize
1st   Invictus Gaming $1,000,000
2nd   Natus Vincere $250,000
3rd   LGD Gaming $150,000
4th   DK Gaming $80,000
5th/6th   EHOME $35,000
5th/6th   Team Zenith $35,000
7th/8th   TongFu  $25,000
7th/8th   Orange E-Sports $25,000