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Cebu City Gov. Gwen Garcia Pioneers Gov't Support for eSports

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Richardson Jacinto

The late Neil Armstrong once said  "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind" when he landed on the moon. It was pretty historic for all. And that's exactly how you would describe what happened last August 25-26. Philippine eSports Organization (or PeSO) held the biggest gaming event in Cebu in the last four years.

Our friends from Cebu and other cities gathered at SM City Cebu North Atrium to join the eSports Festival Philippine National Qualifier. It was a fun-filled and action-packed weekend not only for the players, but even more so for the spectators. So let's take a look on what happened last weekend;


Exellon overcomes TBU

32 teams competed for the Dota tournament's P30,000 prize pool. Local teams as well as from other cities fought their way to be the first ever eSports Festival Philippines DotA champion. Two days of grueling matches awaited the teams but fatigue or hunger didn't stop their thirst for glory.

Cebu fans really showed Tryq and Hide what they're made of as fans gathered on the middle of the venue to watch the livestream of the DotA tournament. It was a shock to see the crowd favorite and local superstar team, Loseless, eliminated but that only meant one thing; A new star was about to be born.

As the dust settled, Team Exellon defeated Team Back Up in a roller coaster final thus claiming the title and the grand prize.


1st Place - Exellon (PhP 15,000)
2nd Place - Team Back Up (PhP 10,000)
3rd Place - Smackdown, The Mecca (PhP 5,000)

Exellon Roster:

  • Ceasar Lopez
  • Romeo Arsua
  • Shane Acompañado
  • Donald Aliwanag
  • Ray Martin Betia


Ninjaboogie leads Fishtea to claim Dota 2 title

Cebu City Governor, Gwendolyn Garcia, was at the awarding ceremonies

The lack of beta keys didn't stop Cebu from showcasing their Dota 2 scene. Even though some of the teams were just first-timers it was still fun watching their matches against seasoned veterans.

But what was amazing was the Cebuanos' love for Dota. Fans really shook the ground with their cheers as the finals between FishTea and Tay-An commenced. Duskbin's Ninjaboogie wowed the crowd with his pro-moves uplifting his team, FishTea, to sweep Tay-An in the finals with 2-0. FishTea took home the P8000 grand prize and the title.


1st Place - Fishtea (PhP 8,000)
2nd Place - Tay-An (PhP 4,000)
3rd Place - Point Blank (PhP 2,000)

Fistea Roster:

  • Michael 'ninjaboogie' Ross
  • Jr 'Chibiby!' Tan
  • James 'peng' Mendoza
  • Rito 'r2' Niere III
  • Jade Diendo


Dethrone the Tyrants proves to become AVA PH IeSF Team

AVA is the official FPS title of the IeSF. Though AVA is new to the Philippine gaming community, teams all over the country joined the event for a chance to represent us in the IeSF world championship in Korea.

Dethrone the Tyrants from Manila sweeped their way to the finals to claim the slot and the cash prize as they've scored a perfect game on the tournament. Dethrone the Tyrants is our official IeSF representative for AVA in South Korea.


1st Place - Dethrone The Tyrants (IeSF Seed)


Alexander Lim to represent PH Tekken at IeSF

Tekken is the official fighting game of the IeSF. 32 players all over the country joined us at the event to have their shot in becoming the first ever Tekken champion and the country's representative. Tekken players really showed their support and force as they screamed and cheered for the players they're rooting on. At the end of the day, one champion emerged. It's Alexander Lim, a Jack-6 player, stood against the crowd as he was crowned the Tekken champion and the Philippine representative.


1st Place - Alexander Lim (PhP 5,000 + IeSF Seed)
2nd Place - John Jamayo (PhP 2,500)
3rd Place - Francis Steven (PhP 1,250)


BenQ-Mski.Stellar is still the Filipino Bonjwa

The biggest eSports game in the world and the official Real-Time Strategy title of IeSF. StarCraft 2 players all over Cebu got their hands and eyes all focused signifying that the tournament was not just a walk in the park for our friends from the south. Four top players from Manila flew to Cebu to have their chance on the slot for the world championship.

Yet Cebu players showed that they have what it takes to claim the victory as they took out one of the big four in the first round.

On the Winner's Bracket, Cebu's superstar CubeBy sent BenQMskiJaBi into the Loser's Bracket by defeating him 2-1  in their series.

On the semi-finals, CubeDione defeated MSIEvoGT's Dane with an epic match that really caught everybody's attention.

But the Manila players proved that they're there to win the crown. BenQMskiStellar dropped CubeBy into the Loser's Bracket and claimed the slot into the Grand Finals.

On the other hand, Stellar's long-time rival, JaBiTo clawed his way up into the Loser's Bracket Finals to meet CubeBy once again. JaBiTo knew By's strategies already and thus eliminated Cebu's finest with a 2-0 score.

Eventually, Cebu fans got a taste of what the Manila scene usually gets as the Stellar-JaBiTo episodes continue. The rivals once again faced each other at the finals but Stellar indeed proved that he's still the Filipino Bonjwa, defeating JaBiTo 2-0 to claim the crown and the chance to represent our country in Korea.


1st Place - Caviar 'BenQ-Mski.Stellar' Acampado (PhP 5,000 + IeSF Seed)
2nd Place - Paolo 'BenQ-Mski.JaBiTo' Javier (PhP 2,500)
3rd Place - Byron 'Cube.By' Bongon (PhP 1,250)


Governor Gwen Garcia supports eSports

We at Mineski salute all the people who support eSports and want to give our warmest thanks and commendation to Cebu's Governor, Honorable Gwen Garcia for supporting the Philippine eSports Federation for making this event come to reality. The World Cyber Games (WCG) bloomed when the Ministry of Korea saw the potential of eSports as a sport and now Korea is the eSports capital of the world. Kudos to Governor Gwen Garcia, We hope that people in the government will follow what you've done.


The eSports Festival Philippine National Qualifier is one event that all the people from Cebu will remember. This is just a small step from the Philippine eSports Organization yet a giant leap for Philippine eSports.