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SMART launches 4G LTE with StarCraft and Diablo event

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Jhudiel Lopez

A rare event happened last August 25. The usual high-end populace was augmented by eager crowds in Resorts World as they watched with anticipation while Smart unveiled their newest product, the 4G LTE Technology. Boasting a 42mbps download and 8mbps upload speed this kind of connections is what we gamers need to truly change the battlefield… which is what Smart did last Saturday.

Testing the SMART LTE

In cooperation with E-Games, They showed us exactly HOW its going to change the playing field. And our very own Shoutcaster, Mski.Arkanthiel was there to provide commentary on this milestone for eSports!

Two points in the Philippines, simultaneously broadcasting with each other in two separate events. Manila and Cebu was in a blazing pitch of competition in both Starcraft and Diablo 3. The best players in Manila were invited out to play while Smart sent our very own Mski.Pobbes to Cebu to test the waters.






Gino Quillamor bravely took on Classic.Prime and sacrificed himself to give our heroes insight to his place. While ultimately defeated he fought to the bitter end with honor as befits warriors. The four horsemen of the Apocalypse for Smart's LTE fought against each other to prove their worth but only one name emerged victorious. Pacific.Nuks was the one to face Korea's Might.


Game 1:
The Champion of the selection bravely stood up against Classic Prime in this classic ZvP. First game Classic went for 1gate pressure utilizing a warp prism drop in NUKS' base. NUKS was able to defend it long enough, however Classic wasn't being lazy with his macro and went for a third base behind the pressure. Eventually, exhausted with constant attacks and unable to get an expansion without it being sniped, Nuks folded from Classic's push.

Game 2:
Classic went for a very risky build, going for 1Gate Double Expand for the income, NUKS identified an opportunity and decided to go for a similarly risky play; a doom-drop semi-all in. It was going well for our Filipino Zerg and for a minute it looked like Classic would lose, however the Korean's micro and decision making still gave him the clean 2-0.


An unexpected match between clanmates, Jabito showed up in the Cebu location and challenged Pobbes to a match! This was a notable setup as they were both in Cebu, but the casters were in Manila. It tested Smart's connection to their consistent limits.

Game 1:
Pobbes tries to go for a 3 Nexus build and Jabito goes for drops. There was a good exchange of units, but Pobbes managed to fend off the drops well enough, however Jabito had excellent map control and managed to constantly snipe Pobbes' Collosi when he can. Eventually they ended up clashing forces, but Pobbes' army ultimately folded from not having enough Collosi support.

Game 2:
Pobbes went on planning for a Collosus 6gate, however, Jabito managed to run into his base to snipe off workers and more importantly, scout the base. Seeing the Robotics facility, he decides to try a drop to try and cripple Pobbes' production. Pobbes retaliated by pushing into Jabito's third which forced him to lift his base off since the Terran army was out of position. Pobbes tried to push farther into Terran territory, but ultimately was beaten due to superior upgrades.



Classic opened with a Stargate play and Pobbes with a quick Robotics with Blink. Classic's early advances forced Pobbes to cancel his expansion, Pobbes managed to defend his position from the Immortal Sentry Zealot push and tried to counter attack to try and take out Classic's already running second base, however Classic was able to fend off Pobbes' attack long enough to warp in some reinforcement Colossi and even a Void Ray. With his forces failing, Pobbes was forced to declare GG.

Surprisingly, both players ended up going for Canon Rush. An intense battle of micro ensued with both players trying to out canon each other, however, Classic decided to try and focus more on defense which ultimately gave Pobbes the upper hand and eventually the much needed first victory for the Philippines in the series.

Nervous from the last match, Classic decided to go all out and do another canon rush for an all-or-nothing attack against Pobbes. Having spotted the forge a bit late due to the map size, Pobbes was not able to react quickly enough and by the time he realized it Classic was already in a great position. Pobbes defended for as long as possible, even sending out counter zealots to try and take out Classic's base, however, the Korean ultimately claimed victory against Pobbes in this intense set of games.



The representatives of Manila went up against Cebu in an epic time attack which was simultaneously broadcasted in both events. Belial, the lord of lies, was the hidden boss for this challenge, in the city of Caldeum. Cristal BB and Ipawn (Manila and Cebu, respectively) both loaded up their characters and entered the room at the same time, and after showing the Manila crowd how awesome their teamwork and equipment were, CristalBB was the clear favorite. However, due to a surprising turnabout, Team Ipawn revved up their performance and actually managed to beat the Lord of Lies five seconds faster than Cristal BB. 

With all the awesome games concluded, the event proceeded to award the winners with their prizes and goodie bags. And just when they thought the day was over, Smart brought out a DJ to start of the real party! What a night for eSports indeed! And who knows, maybe we'll have more of these things in the future. Fingers crossed! Stay tuned to Mineski.net for more awesome gaming news and updates!

Pictures from the event can be found at Smart's Fanpage by clicking this link.



www1.smart.com.ph/bro/lte - Smart 4G LTE Website