GMPGL Luzon DotA: Pacific eMaxx first to three

Juno Reyes


As this season of the GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League continues to near its end, DotA teams all over Luzon continue to go into overdrive, some in search for their first championship break, while others look to solidify their rankings atop the rungs in time for the Pinoy Gaming Festival.

With the 8th leg wrapping up just this weekend, from August 25, up to the early hours of August 27, three champions were crowned. Who are these? read on to find out!

Class A - MI Pcolor back on top

Even before the brackets were drawn, most fans had two teams they thought would definitely make it back to Class S: Mineski Infinity Powercolor and Pacific Palit. This was, however, not the case, as Team Olympians, featuring former Mineski Player Fernando 'Nando' Mendoza, would eliminate Pacific in the Losers Bracket finals to assure themselves of a Class S stint for the next leg. They met MI Pcolor in the finals, as the latter easily secured their Class S ticket by not dropping a single game in the WB.

In an action-packed finals, MI's managed to get ahead by making sure they shut down Nando's SF in the middle lane, while trading their bottom lane against Olympians' Centaur Warchief for their own Naga Siren at top. After a few back-and-forth team fights, Mineski's farmed quintet would massively overpower their opponents, sealing the Class A championship. However, both teams remain qualified for Class S.

Class G - PMSki 4-7 and 4-8 champs

The women's division had PMSki and Pacific Live and Wired going at it for two straight finals in one day, the first being the rematch from last month's storm-troubled match, while the other was the product of both teams' hardwork and effort to make it back to this month's gold match.

At the end, it was PMSki that managed to eke out wins for both the 4-7 and 4-8 championships, the latter victory coming from patient, methodical play on the back of their Shadow Fiend.


Class S - Pacific eMaxx first season 4 three-time champion 

In Class S, the battlegrounds of the top 8 DotA teams in Luzon, the only two two-time champion teams Pacific eMaxx and Dreamz Ledion SSeries met each other in the Grand Finals, with the former having the twice-to-beat advantage by right of getting there via the Winners Bracket.

It would seem that this advantage was much needed by Pacific eMaxx as they would initially lose in the first game,setting up the rubber match. And in the hotly contested final match, the former BadBurn five would finally have their way, as they would defeat Drmz, securing their third championship three months afteir their last. 

Meanwhile, consistent Class S mainstay QUBE Sweetopia and Happy Chicken Tsong XP have fallen out of Class S, and into Class A.


Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Once again, remember to frequent Mineski.Net for more updates.