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TI2012: Mouz replaces MUFC

Juno Reyes

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August 25 - Less than a day before The International 2012 - Group Stages commences, it was revealed that
Malaysia's MUFC would not be able to participate in the million dollar event due to roster issues brought about by
not having transit visas through Vancouver and captain Sharky seemingly losing his passport at Hong Kong.

In order to complete the 16 teams, VALVE has decided to have Mousesports and World Elite, the runner-ups in the
Western and Eastern TI2 Qualifiers respectively, go up against each other in a best-of-five, with the winner getting
MUFC's spot.

It would be apparent though, that Mouz, who had issue rosters within themselves, was bound to get that 16th spot.
Despite comewithme's inability to fly over to seattle with SingSing and company, stand-in and longtime DotA
veteran Kuroky would be more than enough to replace him, as Mouz would easily race to a 3-0 drubbing of WE.

Game 1 saw SexyBamboe rushing a blink dagger on his Enigma to score several crucial blackholes, which not only won them early team fights, but provided enough space for their Anti-Mage to get a 15-minute battlefury AND have power threads.

The second game started fast on the get go, with WE's unorthodox pick of Wisp participating in ganks with their Dark Seer all over the map. However, they would not be able to give their Weaver sufficient room to farm, as Mouz's Clinkz would later have its way with WE.

To seal the deal, Mouz opted for a Kuroky's pudge to carry them through the third and final game, despite the massive amounts of cash flowing into WE's AM with the help of their Bounty Hunter's track.

With this, Mouz has now a chance at the 1 million dollars. The group stages begin an hour before midnight here in the Philippines.


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