Manila's bests invade Cebu for IeSF

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Ever heard of the NBA Meme circulating around the net about Taking talents to the South?

Well, we sort of took it seriously. Get a load of this!


GMPGL 4-7 SC2 Top 4 to Cebu


The top four of the GMPGL StarCraft II 4-7 will be joining the International eSports Federation (IeSF) World Championship Philippine Qualifiers in Cebu City. Witness as BenQMskiStellar, BenQMskiJaBiTo, MSIEvoGTDane and MskiPobbes clash with the terrors of the deep south!

Want to see CubeBy settle his score with MSIEvoGTDane (who was defeated in his 1st stage match)? Or how IMBA Stellar can be in controling the swarm? Or how about seeing if the Cebuanos can take vengance on Jabito and his 25-0 score against them? Not to mention the up and coming Pobbes as he fares against a new plane of competition? Well now we can find out this Saturday!


WCG 2012 PH Tekken rep to Cebu

But it's not only StarCraft 2 talents that we're taking to the south. We're also bringing the WCG Asia 2012 Philippine Representative for Tekken 6: Blood Rebellion, Jeffrey Jordan "Mski.Jeff" R. Gonzales and one of the top women player Carleen Morgan "Mski.Moreen" Guese who will be representing the northern talents in the tournaments!


TryQ to shoutcast! 


But the most exciting of them all is we're also bringing half of the "most explosive" DOTA caster duo to the south. TryQ will also be there to cast the most action-packed DOTA and DOTA 2 matches.

When asked for a message, Tryq gave us this awesome reply:

According to Mineski Rhom, WCG 2008 was the last biggest gaming event in Cebu and I believe that it’s about time for Cebu to have one. I mean come on, Davao had their DCE, Manila had their PGF, and finally Cebu now has their E-sports Festival! Kudos to PESO for Organizing this event and for MSI and SteelSeries of course for supporting the event and the gaming community in general! E-sports Festival will surely quench the thirst of gamers in Cebu and I hope that this event could ignite the rise of E-sports in the area as well. I’m really excited about this event and I hope the gamers there feel the same way, can’t wait to hear your response when I say Cebu! Are you ready!?

And check out these prizes for the awesome winners!


DotA Starcraft 2 DotA 2
  • First Place PhP 15,000.00 + Plaque
  • Second Place PhP 10,000.00 + Plaque
  • Third Place PhP 5,000.00 + Plaque
  • First Place PhP 5,000.00+Plaque+Slot to IeSF World Championship With Board & Lodging in Korea
  • Second Place PhP 2,500.00+Plaque
  • Third Place PhP 1,250.00+Plaque
  • First Place PhP 8,000.00 + Plaque + in game item
  • Second Place PhP 4,000.00 + Plaque + in game item
  • Third Place PhP 2,000.00 + Plaque + in game item                                     
Tekken 6

Cosplay Single

Cosplay Group

  • First Place PhP 5,000.00+Plaque+Slot to IeSF World Championship With Board & Lodging in Korea
  • Second Place PhP 2,500.00+Plaque
  • Third Place PhP 1,250.00+Plaque
  • First Place P2,000 cash + P1,000 Gift Certificate
  • Second Place P1,000 pesos + P1,000 Gift Certificate
  • Third Place P1,000 (cash only)
  • First Place P4,000 + P1,000 Gift Certificate
  • Second Place P3,000 + P1,000 Gift Certificate
  • Third Place P2,000 + P1,000 Gift Certificate

What other excuse could our Cebuano brothers have to go to the IeSF World Championship Philippine Qualifiers now? I think there isn't any! See you guys on August 25-26 at SM Cebu City The Northwing Atrium!!

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