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DK's Super on TI 2012

Dexter Ancheta

The biggest Dota clash in history will hit Seattle next week and the strongest teams from around the world prepare to make their biggest push towards being the next million Dollar team in The International 2012.

One of these teams expected to do big in this huge event by Valve is none other than China's reigning World Dota Champions, DK.

Mski.Nattefrost taking a seat from DK like a boss.

Our friends at Gosugamers.net, got the chance to translate an interview with Super to know more about DK's stance towards the multi-million dollar tournament.


Hello Super, let's go back to the start. DK was the first team to get invited to The International but we did not get to hear from you about it. How did you feel then and did you see it coming? What did Valve's decision to invite a Chinese team (and DK in particular) as the first team for The International mean to you?

When I found out that DK was the first team to receive an invite to The International, the whole team was ecstatic and extremely excited.

The fact that we got the first ticket was probably because of our achievements in 2011 I guess (plus I heard Icefrog is a loyal fan of ours *grins*).


In Dota 2, which member of your team would you say is performing the best right now in your opinion? What are some of the plans your team has lined up in the next week to get everything in order before you fly off? 

That would definitely be Burning. He’s our main carry player and he’s performing extremely well right now and leading us to victories. I would say that we’ll just try our best in the upcoming week, and hope for the best.


Well, being one of China's top solo mid players yourself, are there any European or South East Asian players that you respect?

I would say Dendi is the European solo mid player I’m really looking out for, while I am not really familiar with any American players.

Why? Well, I played against his Pudge at mid lane twice already last year (WDC). *smiles*


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