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Last August 19, Sunday, the competitive DotA storm ran through the southern country anew. This time around, not just three, but four new teams came out as conquerors in their respective areas, as the usual southern triumvirate of MI Cebu, MI Dipolog, and MI CDO were joined by the recently opened and first Mineski Infinity Shop in provintial Luzon, MI Tuguegarao, in the GIGABYE Mineski Pro-Gaming League 4-7. 

Add to this the fact that the season is rapidly closing and thay each and every point a team manages to secure is vital for the season's ladder rankings, and we've got ourselves a pretty hyped up event. Who are these victorious few? Read on below to find out!


Like how their team's name swept Korean and international airwaves alike, Team Gangnam Style cruised through the Tuguegarao bracket hardly contested in order to bag MI Tuguegarao GMPGL title. Gangnam Style had to beat teams such as Side Effect and XPD in the Winners Bracket Finals and Grand Finals respectively, on their way tovictory. 

  • First Place - Gangnam Style
  • 2nd Place - XPD
  • 3rd Place - Side Effect
  • 1st: P5,000  + Gigabyte Shirts
  • 2nd: P3,000
  • 3rd: P1,000


Down in Visayas, Team Loseless continues to build its lead over arch-rival Team Cube, as they topped yet another GMPGL in Cebu. In this month's clash, Loseless dispatched Team Inverts 2-0 in the grand finals of the single elimination brackets. TBU later on took third place, after edging out Phoy's Dream team in the bronze match.

  • First Place - Loseless
  • 2nd Place - Inverts
  • 3rd Place - TBU
  • 1st: P5,000 + Gigabyte Shirts
  • 2nd: P3,000
  • 3rd: P1,000


Further down, in Cagayan De Oro, Team Awesome defeated WimaX (the very same WimaX that went up against MI.Pcolor in the finals of DCE '12) in two straight maps, in the WB finals and in the Grand Finals. With Team Awesome and WimaX finishing at 1st and 2nd place respectively, the race for the top spot in the ladder between them and KNE (Kupunan Ni Eugene) becomes even tighter!

  • First Place - Team Awesome
  • 2nd Place - WimaX
  • 3rd Place - KNE
  • 1st: P5,000 + Gigabyte Shirts
  • 2nd: P3,000
  • 3rd: P1,000


Last but not the least, Dipolog's G7, with yet another strong showing, managed to secure a second straight championship. After beating Crownsway in the finals last month, this time they beat the another feared Dipolog team, Crownsway's rival team: Noty. By defeating the two Dipolog titans, G7 is rapidly catching up in the rankings.

  • First Place - G7
  • 2nd Place - Noty
  • 3rd Place - Wires2
  • 1st: P5,000 + Gigabyte Shirts
  • 2nd: P3,000
  • 3rd: P1,000

What will happen next as the season continues to wind up? Stay tuned to Mineski.Net to fin out, and once again congratulations to all the winners and participants!

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