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Wild.TnC first ever 3-time GMPGL LoL champs

Wilson Astorga

80 participating teams, 10 brackets to endure, 6 Top twelve matches, 3 finals matches, only 1 champion; that’s the  Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro-Gaming League League of Legends Tournament. Last Sunday, July 19, summoners from all around the Metro competed in grabbing the monthly championship title. Here’s a complete summary of what has happened during the GMPGL LOL tournament:

GODS1 crushes Pagibig.TNC, MLA advances to top 12

During the 10 bracket matches that commenced at Mineski Grounds, one of the biggest upsets in the PH LOL scene happend as Pagibig.TNC fell short and got shut down by Gods1 during their semis match at bracket F. On the other hand, The Manila Aguilas (our country's LOL team) successfully passed each challenged that they've faced in bracket D, up to the bracket's finals when they've faced Kanang Tsinelas for the top 12 spot. Eventually, Pagibig.TNC came back at the tournament with the name of Wild.TNC to avenge their early defeat.

Top 10 teams advance, finals within their grasps

When the top 10 teams (XPC, Justice, Na Justice Dre?[LXIX], MLA, Gods2, Gods1, Rerun, Eclipse Pro Gaming, McRory,  Wild.TNC)  were determined during the bracket matches. Things were much more serious as all of them were a step closer to the top. And as teams went one after the other, The MLA, considered as the top contenders of the tournament, was eliminated by Wild.TNC for the spot at the semis.

Wild.TNC goes Wild! Their unorthodox line up was too much for TMA

Game Recap provided by MET Director Marlon "Chunkie" Marcelo 

In a very surprising move Wild.TNC opted a very risky invasion for TMA's Red buff (Lizard Elder Golem). They were successful in invading thus forcing TMA to regroup and proceed to their usual laning with 1 top (Jayce), 1 mid (Galio), 2 bottom (Ezreal + Leona), 1 jungle set-up (Udyr). However to the shock of all spectators and players Wild.TNC made another risky strategy of pushing the top tower with 3 of their heroes occupying the top lane (Graves, Taric, Lee Sin). They were successful destroying the tower under 2minutes of the game as newly enlisted TMA.Snoy can't do anything with his hero Jayce.

With Wild.TNC Shin (ADR carry) getting early gold the suprise is not yet over as they shifted back again to the usual double bottom lane while Wild.TNC Jord took over the top lane with his Malphite. By the 12 minute mark Wild's strategy is obvious. Let TMA's Jayce farm all day at the top lane while they kill and push all middle and bottom towers.

TMA had its fair share of runs but it was only in the top lane as TMA Snoy, considered to be one of the best top laners in PH smashed Wild.Jord's Malphite killing it two times in 1on1 combat a truly amazing feat. However it was also frustrating as TMA Snoy cannot push because of the early tower down in the 1st turret. If he pushes, he risks himself overextending and potentially getting ganked. 

One summoner skill prevailed on this match. Wild.Jord's teleport on his hero Malphite was the big difference. With this spell combined with Malphite's Ultimate (Unstopabble Force) ensured that every potential clash would favor team Wild. Since TMA Snoy is farming top, it is always a 5v4 situation. This strategy was used into Wild's advantage and eventually would win the game for them.

Lanes Summary

Top: TMA

Mid: Wild.TNC

Bottom: Wild.TNC

Jungle: Deadlock

Dragon Kills: Wild.TNC

Baron Kills: Wild.TNC

Meanwhile, Gods1, the team that brought Wild.TNC down at the bracket matches, were also eliminated by previous foes in their bracket Pag-Ibig.TNC during the early stages of the top 12 matches. Gods2, McReroy, and Rerun all breezed their way to the semis as they've won against their opponents in the top 12.

Best-of-Three Finals, Wild reclaimes title.

When Wild.TNC and McRory won against Rerun and Gods2 repectively to have a shot at the championship tilte in the finals. And during the best-of-three finals, Wild.TNC showed their consistency after winning against McRory in the finals without having any defeat at all, and proving to those present at Mineski Grounds that their win against Wild.TNC, The MLA, and Gods1 was caused by their sheer determination to get back in the finals.

We would like to thank all the summoners that were present during the 7th leg of the Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro-Gaming League LOL tournament, especially to Wild.TNC for grabbing their 3rd title. See you all next month for the next leg and continue to be legendary as always!