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The Philippines’ Best Shot at Gold! The eSports Olympics!

Dexter Ancheta

After years of toiling upon Philippine soil, the first fruits of labor have now come to materialize. The Philippine e-Sports Organization (PeSO) has cast in stone the first ever International eSports Federation (IeSF) qualifiers for the Philippines which seeks the best competitive gamers in the country. The host city for this debut event will be Cebu in the Visayas region.


Director of the Mineski Events Team, Marlon Marcelo, has stated:

We at Mineski extend our full support towards this event and we encourage the entire Filipino gaming community to rally behind this cause. We firmly believe that this is the start for a brighter future in Philippine E-SPORTS which is through standardization and formalization of the growing competitive gaming industry.


The following is the official press release of PeSO:

This August 25-26 2012, Philippine e-Sports Organization (PeSO) will be hosting the International e-Sports Federation World Championship 2012- Philippine National Qualifier at the SM City Cebu Northwing Atrium. This event will gather over 500 eSports Athletes from all over the Philippines to qualify for the eSports – World Championship in Korea this October 3-6, 2012.

Electronic Sports, better known as e-Sports, is a growing global culture and worldwide phenomenon. It is an athletic competition that showcases skill and talent without being limited to height, weight or age. Over 40 Countries like South Korea, USA, Singapore, China, Japan, Germany, South Africa and many others have taken part of this cyber event and the Philippines, already recognized internationally for its cyber athletes, will be taking center stage in hosting international events.

The event aims to be one of the biggest tournaments in Cebu e-Sports history with players from all walks of life gathering to compete in StarCraft II, Defense of the Ancients 1 & 2 (Dota), and Tekken 6. Aside from these games, there will be a Costume Play (COSPLAY), RIG Display (PC Equivalent to a car show), exhibit and Photography competition.

This event is brought to you by SM City Cebu, Province of Cebu, Ngenius IT Hub, MSI, Steel Series, iTech, istorya.net, Cebu City Sports Commission, City of Cebu, Mineski, Pyroworks, PLDT, bibo, Arcanys, Game Developers association of the Philippines, Salon De Rose, Rose Pharmacy, Hattori, Gamevolution, Cheap Rigs, Online Marketing Philippines, Killerbee.

The International eSports Federation was founded in 2008 by 8 countries Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Romania, South Korea, Spain, and Switzerland &aims to standardize eSports worldwide via joint development. The Philippine eSports organization was founded to provide growth and standardization of eSports in the Philippines. 

For more information please contact [email protected] or you may visit www.esports.com.ph or facebook.com/philesports