NCCL Second Leg Recap

Wilson Astorga

After a successful first run of the second leg of the National Cyber Collegiate League (NCCL) last July, the second leg was in perfect motion. A total of 126 student teams participated in all Mineski Infinity branches to show their determination of representing their school pride. Here's a quick rundown at some of the NCCL tournaments that commenced last August 5 and 12:


Milp.Perps Back-to-Back champions of Las Piñas

With strong hero combinations and a never-say-die attitude by Milp.Perps (UPHSD), they've sky-rocketed their way through the tournament. However, during the finals, team DFC (PMMS) gave them a difficult situation as they forced a game 3 do-or-die match. But with their core hero choices (Lanaya, Dark Seer, and Queen of Pain), Milp.Perps managed to overpower DFC's core heroes of Anti-Mage and Axe at the end of their match.

In Morayta, ELT.Bleach stuns defending champs TSW

After having a perfect run during their groupstage, the defending champs, TSW (FEU), managed to advance to the finals after the single-elimination semis. However, during the single-elimination finals, team ELT.Bleach (FEU), a team coming from the same group stage as TSW, managed to shock everyone that watched their match inside Mineski Infinity Morayta by winning against Rara and his teammates, and taking this month's top spot away from the favorites.

Pino shared the same fate as TSW, Hangover 2 champs in Taft

After advancing to the finals with a zero loss record during both the group stage and single-elimination semis, Pino (CSB) eventually let their guard down, as they faced and loss against Hangover 2 (CSB), a team that also had a  zero loss record like them, during the finals. And making Hangover 2 the new Taft team.

MI.Crusaders grabbed two consecutive titles in CDO

Team Crusaders (XU) was the top dogs in the CDO leg, and they showed their championship composure during their groupstage matches by having a zero loss record, and defeating MIST (MUST) during the semis. Team POP (XU), on the other hand, also got a zero loss record during their groupstage matches but was eliminated by team Virtus (LDCU) during the semis for the last spot at the finals. Finals came and MI.Crusaders showed no signs of slowing down as they topped Virtus to grab the title once again.

TBU... For the second time around in Cebu.

TBU (CIT-U) showed their fellow Cebuanos that grabbing a win from them is something that must be carefully planned. They've reached the finals slot without having any defeats, and only one slot in the finals was left for other teams. Team Ninjutso (UC) was the team that defied all odds after winning against Otenianz (USC) during the semis. Finals came and team TBU showed their flawless performance during the game, which eventually led to their second championship title.


Vargas champs once again in Tuguegarao

Having a total of 8 participating teams from various universities in their area, team Vargas (FLV) and team Wisdambul (USLT) were the two teams that made their way to reach the finals. And during the single-elimination finals, Vargas showed Wisdambul that their will to win is greater than them, making them the back-toback winners of the Tuguegarao leg.

Two-in-a-row for ScaryTobyCute in Shaw

After a grueling set of groupstage matches for the 14 teams in Mineski Infinity Shaw, ScaryTobyCute (RTU) successfully outlasted the other by having a zero loss record during their groupstage matches, and winning against Bomba (JRU) at the semis, to advance into the finals. Greenet (JRU) also had the same zero loss record like ScaryToby during their group stages, and successfully won against Mousehole (JRU) to grab the last spot in the finals. When the finals match between the two remaining teams commenced, ScaryToby showed their championship composure against Mousehole during their fight, eventually gaining their momentum, and winning against Mousehole for a back-to-back title.

Vicente, the champs of Dipolog once again

There was a noticeable difference in the number of teams signed up for dipolog, but what they lacked for numbers they definitely made up for talent which they showcased during their matches. Fans inside Mineski Infinity Dipolog were amazed by the amount of skills that they've possessed and eventually Team Vicente proved that they are the team to beat, as they've regained the title once again from the other three teams during the Dipolog leg.

Wilson grabs their second consecutive title

Coming from the same groupstage, team Wilson (TUA), having a zero loss record, eventually faced the second seeded team of Is Here (NEU) for the finals match, by winning against Neturalsz (NEU) and Khalifa (NEU) in their respective single-elimination match during the semis. Wilson, showing signs of not letting go of the title that they've won last leg, continued to show their prowess of skills by defeating Is Here and claiming the title once again.

Congratulations to all the winning teams during the 2nd Leg of the NCCL Season 2, especially to those teams that grabbed a back-to-back title! Can they defend their hard earned title in the upcoming 3rd Leg and retain their top spot? Or will there be a come-from-behind win or upsets against a most-favored team?

Stay tuned as we give you updates of the most explosive and the most prestigious inter-collegiate DotA league in the Philippines, The National Cyber Collegiate League!

For more information regarding the standings and points earned by the collegiate teams at the NCCL, just click the NCCL tab here in our website, and the scoreboard will immediately pop out for your viewing pleasure.


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