GEST Recap

Wilson Astorga

After having lapses and eventually ending up being the second place during the previous legs of the Gigabyte™ E-Sport Tournament International DotA Cup 2012 (GEST IDC 2012),  iZone.Gigabyte, one of our country's representatives, finally breaks their curse, and grabbed their first-ever championship title against Gigabyte.iDeal during an epic 3-game series for this month's finals.

Here's a short statement coming from Kel Concepcion (captain), Earlwin Libre, and Jhoven Pancho of iZone.Gigabyte:


On behalf of our team, I would like to thank our sponsor GIGABYTE, and also to Mr.Danny Chang for supporting our team. Also, we would like to thank Ate Lein and Sir Jayson who never left us from the very start since our team was formed. And lastly, to my girlfriend "Kae" who's always there to support me during our games.


Of Course we're very happy and fulfilled after our short comings during our mission of becoming the champion team since GEST's start last February.


Thank you to our team's sponsor, GIGABYTE, and most especially to Mr.Danny Chang. Shout-outs also  to "Brainstorm Computer Shop" in Karangalan. (laughs)

GAME 1: (replay here)

  iZone Picks: (Sentinel)  iDeal Picks: (Scourge)
  Dark Seer   Puck
  Invoker   Templar Assassin
  Ancient Apparition   Windrunner
  Morphling   Earthshaker
  Crystal Maiden   Naga Siren

GAME 2: (replay here)

 iDeal Picks: (Sentinel)  iZONE Picks: (Scourge)
  Templar Assassin   Slithereen Guard
  Anti-Mage   Earthshaker
  Crystal Maiden   Grand Magus
  Tidehunter   Morphling
  Dark Seer   Puck

GAME 3: (replay here)

 iZone Picks: (Sentinel)  iDeal Picks: (Scourge)
  Undying   Bounty Hunter
  Crystal Maiden   Batrider
  Morphling   Windrunner
  Puck   Venomancer
  Templar Assassin   Earthshaker

Congratulations once again to iZone.Gigabyte for making the Philippines proud! Will this be a sign for their team in their continuous glory, or will they succumb again to the curse later? Stay tuned for more updates of the Gigabyte™ E-Sport Tournament, International DotA Cup 2012 to find out!