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Zerg players dominated GMPGL 4-7 StarCraft 2

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Richardson Jacinto

The most exciting clashes of keyboard warriors just recently concluded and as cliche as it can be, BenQMskiStellar still dominates the Class S division while Pacific Esports' NUKS and Alice were the newly crowned Class S players for GMPGL SC2 4-7.


Pacific Esports dominated Class A

The newly formed Pacific Esports StarCraft 2 team is showing their might as Pacific players dominated the Class A division. 4 Pacific players made their way on the Round of 8 defeating 7 other players on the group stage. The highly favorite, MskiWaningMoon didn't make it to the top 8 as he was eliminated by his head-to-head score on the group stage.

The former Class S Pacific.NUKS and the former DOTA player Pacific.Alice (formerly known as Heartz) faced each other in the finals with Alice defeating the veteran Pacific.Heathen.

NUKS relentless pressure and great strategies bewildered Alice as NUKS defeated him to claim the Class A division championship.

Name Place Prize
Pacific.NUKS 1st P2000
Pacific.Alice 2nd P1000
Pacific.Heathen 3rd P500



Dramatic comeback

What happened last Sunday is like what happened last WCS SEA finals. BenQMskiStellar was down 2-0 and was sent to the Loser's bracket and stormed his way up to the finals.

Fans may think that it was his all-time rival, BenQMskiJaBi, who sent him down the loser's bracket (like he did on the first PPC) but you are wrong. The one who sweeped BenQMskiStellar  is none other than MSI Evolution Gaming Team's MSIEvoGTDane.

The former Mineski member, Dane showed that he is ready to take the championship as he pressured Stellar on their first match. Dane proved to the fans that he is indeed the MMA of the Philippines (im not talking about his CC of death) by using MMA's famous build against Zergs, Mass Hellion to Cloacked Banshee. Stellar fended the attack off but the damage has been done and the strong Bio + tanks push of Dane sealed the deal for the first game.


Next game is the relentless assault of bio army of Dane took stellar by surprise on the 2nd game resulting Dane sweeping Stellar.


But Dane didn't pass through his "sensei". BenQMskiJaBi's TvT is too strong for Dane to handle and BenQMskiJaBi sweeped Dane and sent him on the Loser's Bracket.

It was payback time for Stellar. He was now facing MSIEvoGTDane once again but this time Stellar was ready for all his tricks.

Stellar showed that same things won't work on him twice as Dane's favorite build was countered by Stellar's Fast lair to Mutalisk harass. Dane was surprised to see a very fast lair from Stellar resulting his cloacked banshee from not doing anything. This made Stellar so ahead in economy and map control resulting on his army swarming Dane's.

Dane is in desperation on the 2nd game as he tried an Hellion-Marauder All-in on stellar but Stellar is ready for that attack. Banelings exploded on Dane's SCVs and Mutalisks fended off the No-Anti-Air army of Dane resulting to Dane's elimination.


Long time rivalry.

BenQ's product ambassadors once again faced each other at the finals. BenQMskiJaBi and BenQMskiStellar fought each other for the nth time at the finals but this time JaBi is ahead due to the advantage of being the Winner's Bracket finalist. But Stellar showed that it's not on his disadvantage as Stellar sweeped the 3 games claiming the Class S division championship (once again) and defeating JaBi with 3-1.


Name Place Prize
BenQMskiStellar 1st P4000
BenQMskiJaBi 2nd P2000
MSIEvoGTDane 3rd P1000


For the Swarm.

As the dust was settled, 2 Zergs were crowned Champions. Pacific.NUKS and BenQMskiStellar were the champions of the GMPGL SC2 4-7. Find out who will take them down (or can somebody can?) next GMPGL StarCraft 2.



Dane vs Stellar Game 1
Dane vs Stellar Game 2