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Philippines vs New Zealand for AEC spot

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Jhudiel Lopez

Another sign that eSports is starting to be accepted worldwide has shown itself. CyAC in conjunction with Rapture Gaming has announced the Asian eSports Cup, and it is already in full swing! Qualifier signups have been sighted and are currently on going for the following countries in the game of Starcraft 2:

India India rAziel
Vietnam Vietnam ThuoClao
Thailand Thailand / Malaysia Malaysia MiTH.RedArchon
Taiwan Taiwan  GAMA.Sen
Australia Australia  iM.MaFia
singapore Singapore / Indonesia Indonesia  [TBD]
Philippines Philippines / New Zealand New Zealand [TBD]
Japan Japan [TBD]

Each of the countries will be holding their own qualifiers, with the exceptions for [Thailand x Malaysia], [Singapore x Indonesia] and [Philippines x NewZealand] who will all be in joint competition. 8 Slots are alloted for the tournament and the winners of each of the qualifiers will earn the right to travel to Tokyo for the Grand Finals in Tokyo Game Show 2012!


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Tournament starts this Saturday 12pm PHT / 4pm NZT

Chat Channel: AEC PHNZ


Notable names have already been seen registering in the tournament which ensures this is going to be one of the most challenging fights our players will face.


(by: Richardson 'LighT' Jacinto)


You can't ignore the fact that after winning the GMPGL CDO 4-4, he made a name for himself and his consistent top rank in Class A showed that he has the potential to do it.


The newly seeded Class S of GMPGL is also competing on this tournament. Placing 2nd on the Class A last GMPGL we can say that he also got it.


Even though Waningmoon didn't make it to the Class S last GMPGL we can't deny the fact that he has the skills and experience to make it far on this tournament. Being one of the top protoss player in the Philippines, He surely can warp his way up on this tournament.


The only one who defeated the Filipino Bonjwa last GMPGL and a consistent top 4 Class S. He showed the fans that his TvZ is at that of international level.


Next only to Stellar in the Philippine scene, JaBiTo is a dark horse on this tournament. He had already won international tournaments and got the skills and experience to win this.


One of the 3 best Protosses in the country and also a top-tier Class S player. There's a time in his career that he was tagged as the top 3 player in the country next to Stellar and Jabito.


The pride of the South. The WCG 2007 Philipine representative for Broodwar is a name you can't ignore. Kespa players is doing good in SC2. Can By be like them?


The Filipino Bonjwa. With countless Philippine tournaments under his belt, he is unargueably one of the favorites to win this tournament. Stellar is also the WCS SEA champion.


New Zealand

One of the best players of New Zealand, Stallion has been consistently playing Master's cup and doing well in online tournaments.


Few is known on this player but his run on the WCS NZ made eyes focused on him. He is the 2nd placer of the WCS NZ. He's actively competing MLG open brackets and 2012 MLG Winter Championship. He also defeated a known korean, GuMiho on Playhem. One of the dark horse on this tournament.


A dominating figure of the New Zealand scene. JazBas is the WCS NZ champion and also the player who took out Stellar on Dox cup. He's also a favorite player to win this tournament.



My top 8

If i have to choose the top 8 based on what i know about these players i'll choose: (in no particular order)


BenQMskiStellar BenQMskiJaBiTo MskiPobbes KnighTLighT
xGKingJazBas MSIEvoGTDane MskiWaningMoon SQL.Stallion


Finals Prediction: BenQMskiStellar vs xGKingJazBas

I think the finals will be a ZvZ showdown between the top players of each nation, BenQMskiStellar and xGKingJazBas. With what they've been showing this past tournaments i can easily boil down to these players but we can't ignore the fact that MSIEvoGTDane, BenQMskiJaBi and KnighTLighT will step up their game and might took both this players down.

I really can't wait to witness this tournament.

When: Saturday-Sunday, August 18-19, 2012, 12:00PM PHT (noon)/4:00PM NZT

The players will be fighting for a $5000 Prize pool (just around 225,000php). They will also be recieving free tickets and accomodations, not to mention travel allowance, for the tournament proper themselves, not a bad deal, eh?

So what are you waiting for? Rev up those macro and micro skills. Registrations for the upcoming Qualfiers are already up over at CyAC, just head on over there by following this link:


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Tournament starts this Saturday 12pm PHT / 4pm NZT

Chat Channel: AEC PHNZ


photos courtesy of http://www.asiaesportscup.com
player photos courtesy of their photographers