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DN: 4v4 Format to be replaced with 3v3 + 1v1

Juno Reyes

Greetings, Filipino defenders of Altera! Mineski-Events Team (MET) would like  to announce something that will rock your world!

In order to address the constant evolution of the international competitive Dragon Nest (DN) scene, MET has decided that for the next event of the GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League (GMPGL) DN, the battles will no longer be done in the 4v4 format. Instead, a 3v3 + 1v1 tournament setting will be implemented.

Mr. Eljon Pancho, the Dragon Nest eSports manager of MET, released the following statement regarding the transition:

Based on intensive reviews of the past GMPGLs, it seems that there is something wrong. This is why we conducted a survey all over the country, and what came out is that yeah,  most of the players can't adjust to the 4v4 format, since they were all accustomed to 1v1 and the international format which is 3v3. Because of this, we decided that, despite the season nearing its end, we should adjust to their needs, in order to make room for more competitive matches. That's all. Good luck to all the participants this coming GMPGL! Bus 'yan!


On the other side of the spectrum, Mineski was able to catch a short interview with Norberto Cruz Ramos III, captain of Tiwala Lang (reigning GMPGL DN champions), to get to know what he feels about this change:


9001: Good Evening. Before we begin, would you like to introduce yourself to the readers?

Oyie: Hi I am Norberto Ramos (Oyie) from Team TIWALA. I play the role of Mercenary from our team, the SA(superarmor) breaker.

9001: By the way, congratulations to your team for coming out on top and emerging as champions in the most recent leg of the DN GMPGL. How did you feel when your team finally emerged victorious in the finals?

Oyie: Well, of course we were really happy. We had our share of hardships, even from going to the tournament place itself (inulan at binaha pa kasi kame haha). But most of all its really good to see that our hardwork has paid out. We practiced alot for this tournament!

9001: Well, I'm glad to hear that you and your team's hardwork has paid off. But now, we move on to your future DN ventures. For the next leg, the GMPGL will shy away from the 4v4 format, and incorporate 3v3 + 1v1 instead. How do you feel about this news?

Oyie: To be frank, I'm happy about it. I've been following the international tourneys held at KR and CN, and I'm glad that we are adopting this format already, though an addition of the 50cap and KOF style settings would be better too. On the other hand I am also sad that our journey as a group of 4 has ended so quickly. We only built our team last month so it was quite a short-lived moment for us.

9001: Woah. You were only built last month, but you already managed to make it all the way to the top? That must be some intense training you and your teammates went through. Speaking of which, how do you plan on practicing for the new format?

Oyie: We are really just open-minded as a team. We take criticism and make the most out of it, and we play as a group at the same time, trusting each other's individual skill (TIWALA). About the new format, we are currently looking for new strats/lineups as of now. We are hoping to find a winning strategy to take home the next 1v1 + 3v3 DragonNest GMPGL championship.

9001: Glad to see that you're open to the changes. Best of luck with your future DN competitions. Any shoutouts you'd like to give, before we conclude the interview?

Oyie: I'd like to thank Gabriel Isabelo(Lolishock from the VengeanceX Guild) for helping us practice everyday, thanks bro! Also for all of those who joined, making it a successful tournament. I would just like to greet my bro Meeko Elijah Ramos, a noob friend of mine, Rysher Magbanua, and our very hardworking Priest, Wilfredo Magsino. Kita kits sa nxt MPGL! TIWALA LNG :))

9001: Alright. That about wraps it up. Thank you for taking the time to have this interview!


With that announced, good luck to all you aspiring DN competitors! See you all on the next DN GMPGL event, and stay tuned for further announcements!