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BenQ-Mski.Stellar to rep PH in WCS Asia

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Richardson Jacinto

(left-right) Stellar, Revz, RedArchon


The grand Blizzard World Championship Series is fast approaching and now we're one step closer on knowing who's the best StarCraft 2 player in the world as the SEA representatives and the Singaporean representative were already been chosen.


BenQ-Mski.Stellar bests SEA Open

The South-East Asia Nationals is the next stop before the Blizzard WCS. From hundred of players from 3 countries, four of the best players from SEA region battled out at the WCS SEA championship in Singapore for the 2 slots for the Asian Championship in China.

The final 4 players were BenQ-Mski.Stellar and BenQ-Mski.JaBi from the Philippines, Duskbin.Cobo from Malaysia and MiTH.RedArchon of Thailand. All four players played a staggering Best-of-3-all-round-Double-Elimination Tournament where in the top 3 received cash prizes and the top 2 will be sent to China.

It's a tough ride for the Filipino players as Stellar have to fight JaBiTo at the first round. It's Stellar who've prevailed and faced a familiar foe, RedArchon. RedArchon then defeated him 2-0 and sent Stellar on the Loser's Bracket. On the Loser's Bracket, Stellar faced JaBiTo once again as JaBiTo defeated Duskbin's Cobo. Stellar defeated JaBiTo for a shot of revenge on RedArchon. Stellar needed to win 2 sets of Bo3 to claim the title and succeeded to do so. He defeated RedArchon with 2-1 and 2-0 score to claim the WCS SEA champion title and the $1000. RedArchon sat 2nd place with a a slot on the China tournament and $500 while JaBito placed 3rd with $300.

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Place Name Team Prize
1st BenQMskiStellar Mineski WCS ASIA FINALS SLOT + $1000
2nd MiTH.RedArchon MiTH WCS ASIA FINALS SLOT + $500
3rd BenQMskiJaBiTo Mineski $300
4th Duskbin.Cobo Duskbin  


Flash.Revz to represent Singapore

On the other hand, Another slot for the Asian finals is given to the winner of the Singaporean Nationals where 16 players qualified for the chance to compete for that slot and the whooping $10,000 pot money.

The Singaporean Superstar, Flash.Revz, is highly favored to win this tournament as he is always dominating the Singapore SC2 scene and he just came back from his training in Korea. He stated on an earlier interview that he aims to win this tournament without any loss and a lost will be a letdown for him, but his competitors proved that they can give Revenant a tough fight despite his Training in Korea as they took 3 games from Revenant. But  Revenant still won the whole tournament as he defeated Yekke on a ZvZ finals earning him the Singaporean Championship title and the $4000 prize.

View Brackets here


Place Name Team Prize
1st Revz Flash Esports WCS ASIA FINALS SLOT + $4000
2nd Yekke Eve $2000
3rd Kyzer Flash Esports $900
4th drakE Flash Esports $500
5th/6th ProAnn eehan Timing $300
5th/6th nirvAnA aLternative $300
7th/8th River eehan Timing $300
7th/8th Blysk Flash Esports $300
9th/12th Fiery   $200
9th/12th sMoke   $200
9th/12th Sweet   $200
9th/12th Ease Eve $200
13th/16th ChoseN   $200
13th/16th dempsey   $200
13th/16th Dougy Eve $200
13th/16th Snow Eve $200


BenQMskiStellar, MiTH.RedArchon and Flash.Revz will compete at the Asian Championship on China . They will face 29 other players from Taiwan and China for the chance to represent Asia for the Blizzard World Championship.