Dreamz back to back champs amidst typhoon

Juno Reyes

Nearing the end of this year's GIGABYTE Mineski Pro-Gaming League season, the stakes are getting higher and higher every month. 

Last weekend, 28th-29th of July, several teams from all over Luzon weathered the storm, and made their way to various Mineski Shops to compete for glory in this month's rendition of the GMPGL (4-7). 

To find out what transpired in one of the most exciting GMPGL DotA weekends thus far, read on below!


Trojan.TnC enters Class A and takes control

With the inclusion of two more shops (MI Legarda, and Mineski Grounds), even more teams were able to participate in the tournament, thus making the journey to the Top 2 spots and the Class S spots. 

But the number of competitors, it seems, did not matter to Trojan.TnC and Apple Park B, as they made their way to the finals, from the Winners Bracket and Losers Bracket, respectively.

Having finally secured seeds for next month's Class S tournament, Trojan.TnC and Apple Park B both did not let up, they faced each other in the grand finals, where Trojan.TnC won convincingly.


Champion - Trojan.TnC (P 5,000)
1st Runner-up - Apple Park B (P 3,000)


Pmski vs Pacific LAW postponed due to typhoon

Class G, on the other hand, continues to see more and more action, as once again the number of participating teams increased this month. 

The initial nine participating teams were divided, 5 and 4 for groups A and B, respectively. From group A, sister teams Pacific iChill and Pacific LAW were the ones to get out, with the latter being undefeated. Meanwhile, PMSki and Pugak Chx emerging on top, with PMSki's record unblemished.

The two undefeated teams, Pacific LAW, and PMSki, were able to defeat their respective opponents in the semis, paving the way for their finals showdown. 

Unfortunately, finals will be postponed until GMPGL 4-8, because of the turbulent weather.


Champion - TBD (P 2,000)
1st Runner-Up - TBD  (P 1,000)


The dream lives on

The main event. The top 8 tournament. At the end of the day, it is here, in the Class S segment of GMPGL Luzon DotA, that champions are made, and legacies are sealed.

This month saw MSIEvoGT come out of their group almost uncontested, with a 3-0 record. Dreamz Ledion SS and Pacific Palit, had to face each other in the group's last match, in order to decide who will follow MSIEvoGT into the playoffs. Dreamz won, thus relegating Pacific Palit to the consolation bracket.

The other group, meanwhile, saw 3 teams tied with 2-1 records each: two-time champion Pacific EMAXX (Badburn), Class S mainstay Sweetopia, and last month's Class A champion and this month's breakout team Tsong XP. Due to the time rating tie-breaker mechanics, both Pacific EMAXX and Tsong XP were able to proceed, while Sweeetopia fell, and had to fight for their Class S berth.

At the playoffs, Dreamz once again went into overdrive, as they secured the twice-to-beat advantage in the grand finals, by conquering the WB. They were then followed by MSIEvoGT, which had come from the LB. 

It would seem that after their initial loss in the group stages, Big Dog J's players have figured out Kimo and co. as the former beat the latter in the grand finals, to secure their second straight GMPGL Class S title. Dreamz Ledion SS is now this season's second back-to-back champion, and is placed securely atop the GMPGL ladder, followed by MSIEvoGT.

On the darker side of the spectrum, Pacific Palit and Ledion TurboRatz fell to iZONE125 and Sweetopia, respectively, and thus are demoted to Class A next month. 


Champion - Dreamz Ledion SteelSeries (P 15,000)
1st Runner-Up -  MSI Evolution Gaming Team (P 5,000)
2nd Runner-Up -  Pacific EMAXX   (P 2,500)
3rd Runner-Up - Tsong XP     (P 2,000)
4th Runner-Up - iZONE GIGABYTE   (P 1,500)
5th Runner-Up - Sweetopia     (P 1,500)
6/7th Runner-Up - Pacific Palit     (P 1,500)
6/7th Runner-Up - Ledion TurboRatz    (P 1,500)


As this season's Gigabyte™ Mineski Pro Gaming League is nearly on its finish line, next month's leg will surely be an unpredictable leg. Will there be a break-out win from the two top Class A teams for this month? Or will there be another three-peat just like last year? Congratulations to all the winners, and see you next month!